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How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Provider for Your WordPress Site

Navigating your way around the world of web hosting can be a treacherous process, particularly if you’re not much of a tech junkie. There exists a plethora of different avenues you can venture down; some of which will lead you in a favourable direction, others that will have you fumbling around in the darkness.

If we were to draw an analogy, your web hosting provider can be likened to a storage cabinet, while your website is your collection of files. Hence, you want to invest in a ‘cabinet’ that is safe, reliable and well-equipped to your requirements.

These days, many users choose to set up their websites via WordPress as it is a super-simple way to make that digital transition. However, what users don’t realise is that in order to ensure the safeguarding of those precious website ‘files’, they need to select a WordPress hosting provider that can meet their distinct needs. A great hosting company will highlight the strengths of your content, keep your website up and running at all times, and increase your rates of views and sales. A poorly chosen host, on the other hand, can do serious damage, leaving you vulnerable to security problems and reduced functionality.

There are a few important features and points to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting package.

  1. The feature set: Your hosting should make the process of building and running your website a smooth and simple process on your side. Make sure that the product incorporates a full feature set that works for you, including the server access you need, admin tools and email accounts to keep things working as they should.
  2. Price: It goes without saying that price is an important aspect of this decision, but it’s a point worth emphasising. Many businesses end up spending a fortune on a highly secure and top speed server that may offer more than they need at an extortionate price. Compare prices and packages and be certain that you’re getting the best value for your needs.
  3. Speed: This is essential. Your Google ranking can suffer if your site is running too slowly, and potential customers will click away before you know it. The WordPress hosting company you choose should be able to offer you powerful hardware for strong speeds.
  4. Customer service: A great support staff waiting to help you on the other side is a must-have. If any problem arises with your website, you want to be able to sort it out swiftly. The hosting company should have staff available at all times to assist you in a friendly, professional manner.
  5. WordPress-specific: WordPress has its own individual set of challenges and functionality quirks, so ensure that the company you choose has plenty of experience in specifically hosting a WordPress site, rather than other types of websites.
  6. Secure servers: Your hosting provider is responsible for keeping your website safe 24/7. A good host will have a set of tough security measures in place to protect your site from hackers. A hosting provider that’s familiar with WordPress is especially important in this regard.

Finding a web host for your WordPress site is a crucial decision not to be made lightly. However, by following our expert guide, you can ensure that you find the best WordPress hosting company for your needs to therefore establish and grow your online exposure.

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