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How to Choose the Best Document Management Software

7How to Choose the Best Document Management Software

The use of documents encompasses almost all aspects in the corporate world. From the simple job of a florist up to the complicated tasks of an employee in a large industry, everyone needs to manage their documents. This is very important because the data and information, in this generation, are proven to be a valuable tool in achieving success. This is why all the companies and firms are getting a document management solution that could help them store their precious documents. The solutions we are talking about are continuously evolving, from simple flash drives, powerful external hard drives, and emails, up to the inception of DMS or document management software.

Some businesses or agencies may require the storage, editing, assessing, and managing of sensitive information such as in the hospital and police stations. Other businesses may just need to speed up and streamline the payment process of their customers. But the bottom line here is that the purpose of using a document management system is boosting the productivity of your team and, in turn, increasing the profitability of your business. Plus, if you can still remember the traditional method of handling the document, you would have to pay an employee with the sole purpose of handling your documents. Yes, document management simply costs a lot of money, but it doesn’t need to be like that anymore. It also doesn’t need to be as hassle as rummaging through your old file cabinet in the olden times just to get a specific record.

Every business is continuously seeking paperless solutions for their documents. Archiving large pile of documents in a file cabinet is not an option anymore. The document management software is new evolution of document management and storage. However, because this software will hold an important mission, it is important to choose the right one for your company or firm. The task of finding the best document management software should be taken seriously. That is why you cannot just select the very first software that appears on your search engine. Or if your friend will suggest the current software they are using in their company, don’t ever listen to them. The reason to this is that every company has different needs. Therefore, using software that is similar to theirs will not guarantee a very good result. Your unique needs in your company also need a particular type of software.

There is no exaggerating if we say that the DMS you are going to use can make or break your business. The whole operation will depend on your software once you start using it. If the software cannot function as you expected, it could cause a lot of the damage in your business. Just imagine that your team should be used to a crappy system and the blame is on you. Plus, if your team is already using a DMS which you later found unhelpful to your needs, you will need to find another system. But if you don’t know what you are looking for, then there is a great chance that you will still end up using another useless system. The result would be the loss of a great deal of money, time, and effort. So, no one would want these entire scenarios happening to them.

Therefore, one thing that you can do to ensure the quality of the software will fit your needs in your company is to do your research. There are a lot of resources to get prior knowledge about this particular matter. You can check out for the ranking and reviews of the top document management software.  By doing so, you can gain some insights about the leading software in the market today. Then, you can also get some ideas if you read some articles or blogs about these systems. Be sure to find out what features you are looking for before you decide what particular software you are going to use. You must also read the articles about the things to consider before choosing the right DMS for your company, business, or firm.

Now, to help you in your search for getting the best document management software, here are the things you can consider when choosing the right DMS for your business.

Why Do You Need a Document Management System?

The answer to this question could vary in many different ways. Even if we say that a certain business, maybe two retail stores that need a DMS, it would still be difficult to say that their reasons for using the system are similar. They may have encountered unique problems which brought them the idea of using the system. Then, consider that there are also different businesses out there who are seeking a solution to their document-related problems. The result of all these is the birth of many kinds of document management software. Every software has their own unique characteristics that will fit a unique business needs. So, if you are the one who is tasked to find specific software for your company, you must ask yourself first: why do you need document management software?

What Are the Two Types of Document Management Software?

You can narrow your options in choosing the right document management software if you know what its two types are. These are the self-hosted DMS and the cloud-based DMS. It is important to know the pros and cons of each type in order to evaluate what best fits your business needs.

1. Self-Hosted DMS

There will be a centralize server where all the information in your business will be stored. There is no limit in the amount of information you are going to process and manage as long your server handles them. The cost for this type of DMS is only one time. This means that you will only need to pay the provider in exchange for the server. They may also charge you depending on the number of users that the server will allow to access. There are also some providers who will charge you for yearly update of the system and further customer support. Also, the package will also include the license fee and installation fee. You will also have to hire your own technician and IT personnel for the maintenance of your system.
The best benefit of using a self-hosted system in your company is that you will not rely on others just to operate your system. You have a full control over your system without depending on an internet connection. So, if the internet connection is down, you will never have a problem about it. The data you put inside your system stay inside your system. Therefore, there is also a lesser chance of security breach that will compromise your valuable documents.

The consequence, however, lies in the maintenance cost of having this type of system. Maintaining this type of software usually costs a few thousand dollars. Then, there is also the possibility of your file being corrupted, and there is no backup system because your files are not saved in the internet. This means that you should have a multiple system or other solutions to save your files to avoid these unfortunate circumstances. Many systems also cannot support multiple operating systems such as Mac and Windows computers.

2. Cloud-Based DMS

This type of system relies on the power of the internet. All of the providers with this type of software will host your DMS via internet. You can access the software anywhere you are and anytime you want as long as there is an internet connection. Your devices are also supported to access the system. You can use your laptop, tablet, and even your mobile phones. The payment system in this software is usually done in a monthly basis depending on the number of users, the kind of features want, and the amount of storage you need. It normally costs a maximum of $100 per user. There will be no charges for the upgrade and maintenance of the system because the provider will do that for free.

The best benefit is in the maintenance of the software. You wouldn’t have to hire somebody to keep your system running. The cost is very much cheaper as compared with that of the self-hosted software. You can also integrate your system to other software as long as the DMS provider allows it. With this, it would be much easier to do other tasks that involve your documents. Then, there is no problem about having a backup system because you files will be automatically saved.

The downside of this type of software lies on how the provider runs the system. Because you don’t have a full control over the software, you will just depend on their capabilities and preferences on how they will run the system. If your service provider encounters a problem in their server, you will have to wait until they can fix the system. Plus, you must also consider the reliability of your internet connection because you cannot access the system without it or if you have a weak connection. You also have to rely on the available storage that your vendor can provide. Even if you have the money for an upgrade of storage, some providers just can’t do that because their server is not capable to do so.

With all these little advices, you can now start your quest in finding the best document management software for your business, company, or firm. Just remember to be diligent enough in your further research. Also, be careful about the providers who will trick you by using dishonest advertisements. If you really want to get the best result from your future document management system, rely on your research and not to the word-of-mouth.

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