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Checkpoints to Consider in SEO Portfolios for Business Starters

Checkpoints to Consider in SEO Portfolios for Business Starters

 Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a widely used term on the internet with over 526,000,000 results in Google search engine. From its primitive phase in the early 90s where anything goes, obviously, massive changes had occurred in SEO. Before, excessive tagging and backlinks were common to generate high rank in search engines. However, major updates had occurred and rankings are now earned through the use of quality content that focuses on the readers. Google has set rules that are being implemented strictly.

It is a well-known fact that SEO is an effective marketing strategy. No doubt, businesses of various sizes are continuously learning on how to master SEO. Other companies are even buying SEO or investing in an SEO provider because of the numerous perks it offers. Some of the benefits of SEO services includes an increase in visibility due to online exposure, increase in sales, cost-effective marketing strategy, dominating competitors, attracting buyers and much more.

Since more and more people are now using the internet to search and shop products and services, companies should take advantage of this opportunity to promote their business online. Gone were those days when flyers and advertisements in television or radio rules because in today’s generation, websites and social media dominate.

For business starters, having their own website is one way of having a web presence. It is a method of introducing your company and the products you offer to the consumers. However, the website will not matter if only a few visitors can see it. This is where SEO comes to the rescue. By allowing business starters’ website to appear in the major search engines, it will result in an increase in traffic and helps the business to stand out through recognition.

Just like in purchasing any products or services, it is vital to shop around first to know which one is really suitable for the needs of your business. Here are the necessary things to consider in choosing the top SEO provider for your start-up business.

  1. Overall Reputation

Companies and individuals are paying a big amount of money in exchange of high search engine rankings. One way to prove that SEO providers can really deliver results is a record of their previous and present clients. If based on SEO provider reviews, most of its clients had become progressive, then that firm is reliable. Moreover, having an idea that they have done the job excellently to other clients can be a good sign that your business will be in good hands.

As a customer, business starters should establish a partnership with an SEO firm that they can trust. To know more about the reputation of various top SEO providers, be familiar with what others are saying about the company. Search the internet for impartial client reviews and recommendations. Aside from reading the testimonials in the SEO agency’s website, it is also advisable to ask the company for customer feedback. Moreover, social media sites are also helpful tools in your selection process. Read the comments of customers and observe how the administrator of the SEO firm’s social media account to interact with its clients.

Overall reputation includes the company’s online reputation. This involves reviews, news articles, social media posts, comments, and opinions. In addition to that, the business’ professional reputation also matters which is mostly focused on branding. Lastly, personal reputation is also vital. Photos should be professional and there should be no legal issues or negative press.

  1. Page Rank

The goal of business starters in buying SEO services is for their company or website to be included in the top rank of the search engine. Some firms are including a list of page ranks in their SEO portfolio. To be listed number one on page one is everyone’s goal, however, if your website is already positioned in page one that is already an accomplishment.

Check the details of the SEO portfolio. If the SEO company included a list of low ranking keywords, better think twice. As much as possible, the SEO portfolio should include phrases that are ranked in the first five pages. On the contrary, if the SEO provider is telling that they can guarantee a number one ranking for you in the major search engines, think of it a red flag. This could be a bogus assurance since only the search engines have control of the search results.

In 2013, a research conducted by Chitika revealed that the website that ranks number 1 in google search results gets almost 33% of traffic. On the other hand, the second one receives 17.6 % while the top 10 position in page 1 has only 2.4 % of traffic. This result conveys the value of website positioning in the search engine results.

  1. Keyword Optimization

Another thing to look for in the portfolio of SEO companies is the ability to analyze and optimize keywords. This means that the SEO firm can select the best keyword for the target market to attract customers and increase sales. Keyword optimization is a vital process in online marketing strategy and it was also considered as the hardest task. A survey conducted by Wordstream found out that keyword research is one of the most bothersome search marketing aspects which accounts for 32%.

Some SEO providers are offering SEO keyword research tools to find the right keyword that will drive traffic to business websites. If cells are considered to be the basic unit of all living things, keywords are one of the essential elements in SEO. These two, when put together, leads to a successful search marketing campaign for businesses.

  1. Customer Care

A good customer service shows how reliable an SEO agency is. As a first-timer, business starters need to communicate to a support team who is knowledgeable in addressing SEO concerns. Even though the owner is tech-savvy, it is inevitable that there will be instances when expert advice is required. An SEO provider that offers 24/7 customer support to its clients should be considered because time matters in business.

According to B2B Web Usability survey, 83% of customers leave the website if it lacks messages or does not contain the information that they need. Although SEO provider’s websites have FAQ pages, there will still be a need to contact a customer service representative in cases of glitches. Aside from answering calls and responding to emails, customer support of SEO firms is also considered as partners. They educate customers on digital marketing techniques and help in the decision-making process.

  1. Value for Money

For start-up business owners, an SEO service package need not be expensive. However, it should not be extremely cheap too. Before selecting an SEO firm, client reviews on various SEO providers should be explored to know which company offers the right service features for your business needs. There are SEO packages that can be purchased at an affordable price and still provide efficient services.

The cost of SEO services ranges from $99 to $20,000 monthly which depends on the size and needs of the industry. A few hours of guidance from an SEO specialist has an hourly rate of $50-$100. Project-based contracts ranged between $1000-$7500 depending on the complexity and size of the industry.

The point is when choosing the right SEO company to partner with, quality of services should matter more than the cost. Moreover, the return on investment should also be put in mind.

  1. Adhering to Search Engine Guidelines

As stated earlier, search engines had become stringent in implementing search ranking rules. Therefore, SEO providers should be aware of these guidelines and are strictly abiding by it. Google had publicly posted a Webmaster Guidelines related to ranking of websites. There are 13 techniques that are prohibited such as automatically generated content, sneaky redirects, and link schemes to name a few.

If the SEO company does not follow the guidelines and still execute those strategies that had been discouraged, your website can suffer either by having a low position in search result rankings or be banned from the search results. Any violation will result in manual action. For instance,, a website that listed SEO firms and issues monthly ratings, was “banned by Google” in 2014. However, Jeev Trika, CEO of has denied this claim and is now appearing in Google search results.


In a nutshell, the portfolio of an SEO agency should contain the necessary SEO features that are needed by various businesses. Since companies are mostly searching for reviews and recommendations online, the website of the SEO firm should already showcase what it can do for its customers including start-up business owners. These checkpoints are some of the vital things that should be considered by business starters. The selection process can be confusing and daunting but in the long run, it will be rewarding.  Keep in mind that SEO drives traffic and traffic attracts sales. There is no contest that in this tech savvy world, SEO services are beneficial in business.

Still searching for a cost-effective SEO service? Try exploring for SEO provider reviews and find out what the clients are saying about those SEO firms included in the list.


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