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Checklist to Evaluate Mobile App Development Companies for Your Project

Everything about your app development plan depends on the kind of decisions you make up early before you even think of getting started. Among such decisions is the one over determining whom to make work on your project. Choosing the mobile app development company to work on your project should be one of the toughest decisions to do because once you entrust them with bringing your idea to floor, you have to go with their suggestions, look into the project through their lens and sometimes even adhere to the choices they make based on their experience. For technical things – you just have to listen to what they are suggesting as they are the one who has proven knowledge in the vertical. And if it is about post-development support you just can’t do it on your own and have to go with their assistance.

Which takes you to the fact that finding the right development partner comes over everything in bringing success to your project. And that makes way for every reason to depend on the right selection.So, here’s a checklist to help you evaluate mobile app development companies for your project:

Have A Look at Their Portfolio


The very first thing you need to do is have a glace through the company portfolio. By looking at a company’s portfolio you get the idea of their past work from where you can take the cue at the range and depth of their working proficiency. This would also allow you to find if they have worked on a project similar to yours or if they have enough of practical experience of dealing with the technology niche and business vertical your project belongs to. Further, looking at the portfolio you would also be able to know the quality of work they are doing and if it fits your taste and requirement.

Check Client References

It is highly recommended to check what existing clients think about their services. For this you can go and read what they have to say in their testimonial section while you check the ratings and reviews on different projects. Among other details, you will be able to know how they cater to client requirements and how effectively they have served them with post-deployment services and in random uncertain situations. While you do this try to access client details and check their background so that you know it well if the references are reliable and authentic.

Cheap doesn’t Mean Better

As you start don’t directly jump to equations of returns and profitability. Plan at looking it from the perspective of quality and reliability. Make sure the company you are engaging with can create value for you and is expert in their niche of the craft. This way you will be moving in the right direction. Once you have shortlisted companies based on these criteria try filtering them further, based on the factors of value for money. The underlying idea is to not look for how cheap the solution turns out to be. This approach will never lead to a better solution, at least not in terms of quality.

Open to Ideas

Open for new ideas
If the company you are choosing to go with is not open to new ideas and is not receptive towards experimenting with new methods and tactics, you should better reconsider your decision. In the times when technologies and resources are changing so fast and with such emphasis and when there are so many decisions to make in every mode and facet of work and life, you have to be forward-thinking and inventive in your approach every way possible. For this, you have to work with a company that is dynamic and receptive to its methods and is not traditional and sluggish in the way it plans and executes a solution.

Platform of Choice

Platform of Choice
As you know there are several development options coming in at an increasing rate in the mobile app space, you need to make a choice among these first to get going well. If you have an earning model in mind and need to monetize your app assigning it different premium roles and controlled accesses, you should better go with iOS as a platform. Alternatively, if you want your app to reach more number of people Android will be the best bet for you. Otherwise, if you want to explore both of these options and cover as much ground possible and still have a budget limitation, going with cross-platform development should be your thing. Based on these requirements you should hire a mobile app developer who you think is proficient with platform of your choice.

Project Management

project management
The way mobile development team chooses to go with project management plays a great role in defining your app’s success rate. A development firm that follows standardized processes and commits to a high-end project management system can deliver quality solutions in time, keeping fairly close with your niche preferences. Besides, there are least chances of commotions and communication breakdown. And the best part, you get to keep close with your project with flawless tracking tools and fine reports that know how to make it to perfection.


Look for how experienced is the company in your domain and how much time they have spent in the industry delivering projects (that are similar to yours preferably). This could be determined by looking at the depth of features and functionalities in their projects, the range of product verticals they deal in and the development graph of the company over the period of time. You can also see the tie-ups, communication resources, trade policies, recognitions,they put up with as an organization. All this would collectively reflect their core efficiency and validate them as a veteran organization.

Wrapping up

With these ideas in place, you can reach the right team to help you translate your idea into a perfect app product. All you have to do is take your time researching and finding a company that meets these criteria well and then step up to hold a meeting, providing them necessary inputs and conveying them approvals keeping it all-aligned with your end project goals. This way you can make your evaluation procedure effectively covering all these points so that your final selection of the development partner is right on the mark. This way you have high chances to make it to the best you can get with your mobile app development endeavor. And this will assure you of the right way to keep it all on the right track as per your requirements and preferences.

Heena Banga

Heena Banga

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Heena Banga

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