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Building Habit Forming Products for Businesses Around the Globe

When you build a product, you build it with capabilities that informs, builds trust and convinces users of an idea.
These capabilities decide how your product will perform in the digital world. Where 9 out of 10 products fail, 1 of them moves ahead of its time to become a part of user habit.

Building Habit Forming Products for Businesses Around the Globe

Apps like Facebook and Instagram are 2 of the many amazing apps that have successfully made their mark on the world. It will take sometime for other products to match the level of UI and UX these platforms offer their customers.
They Trigger well by evoking emotions to create curiousness. This is the reason why every Instagram and Facebook user checks his/her phone many times a day to look for notifications and updates.

Business owners launching their product wishes that kind of impact on the users!

So, how do you really get that?

At ILLUMINZ, our designers research about designs that hook users.
We have also been following the latest technologies that offer improved interface and give better results. To help designers in the industry, we have now launched a series of posts that seamlessly explains how you can build products that your users will love.

Our posts have some amazing insights from Nir Eyal’s best selling novel – Hooked.

From learning about Habits to working on user investment, you will find some great pointers on how you can built products that get maximum user attention.

Read about our post here.


With so many products launched in the market today, how will you make sure that your app is reaching the right people at the time?

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