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How To Build Mobile Apps For IOT Project

Each of us is ingrained with the mobile app in a way that even though we intend to go far away from it, it won’t be possible. You always scroll those posts wherein people ask you would you like to stay in an isolated place without any tech around you for a specific amount? Well, those place shown in the post are so beautiful and you just start the imagination and hit the like button. This is the level, how much we are addicted to the tech that now people are ready to give money if we sustain their suggested time period without it.

IOT appsIt was not so before but time has changed everything and it keeps on changing. The latest trends in mobile app development is IOT and majority of the project these days are also related with IOT. Taking into consideration the ongoing trend, gadget popularity, every business should recognize that they need to catch up with time, tech and predict the future needs as well and cope with all at the same time. This brings the business to the doorstep of the digital world not only in the form of a website, or IOT or mobile app.

There are no divergent ways to the fact that the popularity of mobile apps conjoined with IOT has increased in the current year. Both these things are the future of tech industry. A research was conducted and it depicted that almost 80% of the internet users are equipped with smartphones and also with the smartwatch. Among this 80%, 50% are such who have cultivated of using these devices right from the time, they open their eyes. Seeing this statistic, 68% of the business have to stray their ways towards app development and using it in their marketing strategies.

Hybrid and react native apps for IOT

There are certain human species who just can’t imagine their life without Uber, smart Ac controls app, Thington, and such other IOT apps despite the fact they have a null idea of what the hell is this IOT. This is nothing but a simple illustration of how IOT have captured our lives without even knowing it. Well, the developers of such IOT apps are considered as the real innovators. This is what we talk about when we say on one side of app development there is innovation and on the other one, there is death. Smart companies have already observed this trend and are on the way to hire mobile app development India to launch a mobile app in co-relation with IOT in the coming year. Based on the result of the research conducted by Gartner, the demand of mobile application is going to jack up with a pace 5 times more than what IT companies can supply. Well, this forecast has started converting into a reality which has created a huge opening for react native and hybrid mobile app developers. Now, you must be faffing around which IOT app is better, react native or hybrid? Let’s have a take on both of them and then decide.

React native app development specifications

  • Why react native? It’s one of the most preferred platforms to come up with Android, IOS and windows apps.
  • Native apps can be built with diversified programming languages by developers for any platform.
  • Plenty of JavaScript developers have options with libraries and tools when it comes to native app development.
  • These apps are developed for a specific operating system which makes it functioning agile and adequate.

Hybrid app development specifications

  • Why hybrid? Because it combines features of both web and native.
  • To build such apps, ionic can be used.
  • These apps are downloaded from the app store but the data is autonomously updated. Hence, they need to have internet connection but in certain cases, it can do even without internet connection also.


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