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How to Build Bug-Free Mobile Applications?

Mobile app development industry is growing rapidly and is considered as a lucrative business. Thousands of mobile applications are launched on a daily basis in different app stores. But all the apps that are launched on different play store don’t play successfully for a long run! Certain aspects are responsible for enhancing the quality of the app and to enhance the user experience that finally makes an app to achieve massive success.

Prevent The Apps From Rejection On App Stores!

As app users interact with different apps, it is essential for the developers to integrate the best functional features within the apps and to enhance its quality. The app users need an error-free experience, and this is what the developers need to achieve by deploying high efforts.

Utilizing the available resources, the developers always want to give best results but sometimes due to constraints of timelines and budget, the developers opt to cut corners that end up in developing the apps that fail the expectations of the users, and the app gets rejected.

Develop High-Quality Apps

It is essential to develop mobile applications of high quality and make sure that apps are free from all bugs. A small hitch can convert your investment of mobile app into the loss. A mobile app with too many bugs can never be able to achieve the success of the app stores. In general, a comprehensive mobile app testing must be done after the mobile app is developed and before the launching of the app in different app stores.

But this can be controlled during the ongoing development process and assure the high quality of the app. Below featured are the excellent and proven tips that can help to build a bug-free mobile application with high proficiency.

5 Most Essential Tips That Would Help In Developing High-Quality And Bug-Free Mobile Apps

1.    Beta Testing
The process of quality assurance must be incorporated into the app development cycle from the starting phase. Alpha testing checks the quality of the app when it undergoes through the testing process. This is an in-house type of testing that is performed by the developers and QA testers.

The ultimate objective of this test is to fix the bugs and hitches that are prominent. A large set of beta testers can be utilized for the QA process and closed beta tests can be performed for smaller groups. Beta testers have an effective edge as it allows to validate the concept in a faster way. This also verifies whether the app is being developed in the right way or not.

2.    Opting For Automated Testing Services
Numbers of automated testing tools, services and forums are available online. These can be very helpful to generate the detailed reports for the performance of the app. The automated testing tools and services simulate as well as tests different actions of the users that include different gestures as well as the performance of the apps on various platforms. It can save a lot of time for you.

3.    Securing Apps From The Ground Level
An app must be developed with secured features. While developing the apps, the developers must be sure that it is not vulnerable to different threats. Sometimes an app can be vulnerable to various threats due to the fault of the developers, threats of hacking or because of code testing failures. Running the source code and scanning the codes can be tested to detect vulnerabilities. The app code must be encrypted which create some barriers to prevent the unauthorized access of the app.

4.    Add Google Analytics
For enriching the app with data and to improve performance analysis of the app, the developers can add Google analytics to the business app. With this incorporated aspect, it is easy to understand your audiences, their behaviour, app characteristics, actions, ad revenue and in-app payments that can help to customize the app as per the generated reports. With Google Analytics, it’s easy to get the data about retention rates and active user base on a daily basis.

5.    Assistance Of Expert App Testers
Building an app with high quality is essential. Consulting expert app testers can be helpful in a long run. Consulting app testers having specialization in offering high-level advice and handling consultancy projects can help in achieving success, and the output of that is a bug-free application. Developing bug-free applications ensures excellent end-user experience across several devices as well as mobile operating platforms.

Following the above-specified tips, it is easier to develop a bug-free mobile application.


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