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Blue Light From Digital Screens May Be Killing You [Infographic]

Technology is great. It allows us to be more productive and more connected than ever before. There’s just one problem – as we start to use technology more and more (display your calendar on your refrigerator and watch a map as you drive in your car, anyone?) we are spending way too much time staring at digital screens. In the last few years alone the average amount of time spent staring at digital screens has gone from just over 7 hours a day to just under 11 hours a day, and it is causing an epidemic of serious eye problems.

Digital screens, fluorescent lights, and the sun all give off blue light, which makes up ⅓ of the visible light spectrum. The wave lengths are short and they emit high energy, which can be seriously bad news for your vision and for your overall health. Exposure to blue light can give you headaches and disrupt your sleep, but over a long enough time it can also lead to serious vision problems like macular degeneration.

Preventing blue light exposure is the one thing you have to start doing right now if you want to avoid serious permanent eye damage. Learn more about the dangers of blue light exposure from this infographic!


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