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Best Practices for Activity Registration in Parks and Recreation

There are numerous easy ways to market your Parks and Recreation activities, but be sure that you are following best practices for the registration process.

  1. Ensure that your Online Recreation Software is setup to make the registration process intuitive and easy. Setup your prompts and waivers to be done during checkout, residency requirements, and payment requirements.
  2. In all online advertising, include a clickable link to the exact program. Don’t make the public search for the activity you advertised and they are interested in.
  3. In print advertising, give a short link to online registration and clear menus to find the activity.
  4. Make login for registration as easy as possible. Enable social sign-ons so users don’t need to setup a whole new account if possible.
  5. Give immediate confirmation of registration and clear communication of what to expect (“we’ll see you on the first day,” “look out for an email the day before with instructions on where to meet,” etc.)

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