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What Are Best Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Professionals

What Are Best Personal Trainer Software for Fitness Professionals

Going to the gym on a regular basis can be exhausting at times especially if it is a little far from home. It can be a hassle sometimes or you tend to forget about gym appointments and schedules. And what if you are out of town and you would have to skip your several days a week gym routine? Again, hassle and exhausting.

Being able to do fitness routines and programs at home and at your own pace can be a very tempting idea. You can get in shape without commuting to the gym every time you need to burn excess carbs. Everywhere you go, even during travels out of the state or abroad, you can bring your fitness program with you. That is exactly what a personal trainer software does.

For fitness professionals, using a personal trainer software in your business can help you work more efficiently, especially if you do not have enough staff who can work on fitness appointments with your clients.

Personal Trainer Software Overview

For people who are tired of going to the gym and for those want to improve their fitness experience, having a personal trainer software is an excellent investment. You do not have to coordinate schedules with your gym and fitness instructor manually or rush to the gym after a busy day job. You can now have access to your fitness program at the comfort of your own home.

Common services and features in a personal trainer software include service-designed fitness routines and programs, standalone workouts, recipes and nutrition guides, goal-tracking feature, video streaming and downloadable video tutorials.

The fitness programs in a personal trainer software usually consist of several areas and types that suit various needs. These include fitness programs with difficulty options, workouts for cardio and weight loss, strength training, muscle toning, and competition preparation training. Some are also designed to cater for pregnancy, post pregnancy, senior fitness, yoga, and Pilates.

Personal Trainer Software Reviews

A lot of personal trainer software are now available in the market. Choosing the right and best personal trainer software for you can be a bit tricky. To help you find the ideal one that fits your needs, check out the best personal trainer software reviews below from a list of highly preferred trainer software.

Appointment Plus

Back in the day, paper and pencil were the norms of communication and appointment setting. Aside from this being time-consuming as you need to do it personally, schedules and appointments written on paper can sometimes be lost and forgotten.

However, as these systems evolved through time, customers are given more freedom to do the task of scheduling in a way that it is convenient to them. Online scheduling is the new and innovated scheduling system. This is offered by Appointment Plus to its users.

Appointment Plus is a cloud-based scheduling system where your customers can access and schedule appointments online by visiting your website or via an e-mail link in your marketing campaigns. Using Appointment Plus will also allow your customers to access your scheduling system through social media like Facebook.

Letting your customers book their own appointments through the internet will lessen your work in sorting out schedules for each client. There is also an added convenience for customers if they can change or cancel appointments whenever they need to.

In using Appointment Plus, all your data, like customer lists and appointment history, are stored in a central system where you can track information easily. You can generate sales reports and analysis since all data are stored in one system. And since this is a cloud-based system, you can access it anywhere and anytime through various devices like tablets and mobile phones with an internet connection. Read Appointment Plus reviews to know why users prefer this trainer software.

Zen Planner

Another personal trainer software solution that many users approve of is Zen Planner. It is a smart software solution that can help you in your fitness business. It is an all-in-one trainer software system that is easy to use for your membership management, scheduling, payment processing and business marketing.

Its intuitive features include online scheduling and member attendance tracking, simplified automated billing, integrated website with e-mail marketing, belt and skill tracking, and workout tracking. It also provides a self-service feature for clients through their kiosk iPad app and member mobile app and has time-saving automations for customizing reports and analysis.

Workout solutions and features available in Zen Planner include dance fitness, affiliate gym, mixed martial arts, personal trainer, traditional martial arts, yoga, and Pilates.

According to PC Mag, Zen Planner is one of the best designed and thought out membership management solutions available. One feature of Zen Planner that many users value is its free 45-minute session with a personal fitness coach. Also, it features a staff app where fitness instructors can view and access their class and appointment schedule for the day. This software solution eliminates scheduling conflicts and confusion as well as double bookings.

Read Zen Planner reviews for more information. If you are still unsure if Zen Planner is the right one, you may want to try it personally thru its 15-day free trial.

Fit Clients

Fit Clients is a personal trainer software that holds your clients accountable to their own fitness and workout goals.

It is a trainer software solution that helps you market your personal workout and fitness program. This is made easy by collecting and displaying online and offline before and after photos of your clients. This software will also run and manage fitness transformation challenges for you where it can also track the results instantly.

Fit Clients serves as the middle ground system between you and your clients. It takes care of tracking your client’s progress and goals and sending you weekly reports. If they are or are not on pace to achieve their fitness goals, you can easily follow up with them. It also features email notifications if their goals are not met. This will save you time and effort which also gives your clients faster results.

Although Fit Clients in not available as an app where customers can download through their mobile phones, it allows you to create a custom URL where you can upload your logo to make it look like it is your own software program. You can read Fit Clients reviews to know more about what other users think about this trainer software.


Trainerize is a personal training software solution that has the best tools to improve your fitness business while also improving connection and communication with your clients.

With Trainerize, you can build your online training and workout plans and send them as homework to your clients. You can customize workouts using your own fitness videos, manage your client’s calendar and measure their progress. This will also make it easier for your clients to check-in and access their workouts and communicate with you anytime and anywhere.

Trainerize also allows you to widen your paid services by having add-ons. This can be online meal plans and nutrition tracking which your clients can subscribe to as an additional service. Trainerize also features wide accessibility of your system. You can access it through various devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. You can have your training system on the go, accessible whenever and wherever you are.

Trainerize also offers a 30-day free trial of their system. Read Trainerize reviews for more inputs of current users.

Choosing the Best Personal Trainer Software for You

Online fitness services are as effective as those you can find in the gym as long as you follow them to the core. The trick is finding the best personal trainer software that can fit your needs.

If you need to regularly workout but are traveling constantly, find an online trainer software that allows you to access your fitness program anywhere and anytime. This involves having an access to it through different devices such as tablets and mobile phones to give you choices for whatever is more convenient for you.

If you are working out and need a diet program to go with it, you need to find the trainer software that has features and functions that can offer you nutritional guides and analysis. You may also want to add a wide array of recipe database.

Whatever you need in a personal trainer software, make sure you have it to achieve your fitness goals effectively and make the most out of your software solution. Also, depending on your available budget, you can choose the software that offers monthly membership. This is more cost-effective compared to traditional gym memberships. Find the software that has all the functions you need in order to achieve your goals without necessarily breaking your savings account.

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