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Benefits Your Company Can Get From Online Video Conferencing Tools

Benefits Your Company Can Get From Online Video Conferencing Tools

Whether in a small business or a company with 5000 employees, it is an undeniable fact that video conferencing has a huge influence to the business industry. We have come in the millennium of technological innovation that makes geographical barriers invisible. With the utilization of internet and social media, business extension is possible worldwide.

In addition to that, the cost of video conferencing software is becoming more affordable than ever and the number of employees who are engaged in home-based jobs is increasing remarkably. These make video conferencing technology a very popular tool of communication among business owners and employees. Alongside the recent improvement in the digital world, making mobile devises capable of handling video calls, the installation of the best online video conferencing tools is obviously a vital key in the success of a business.

Video conferencing has been used in every industry since it became commercially available in 1982. Since then, it had become an integral part of conducting business all over the world. In line with this, the benefits that a company can get from online video conferencing tools are enumerated here.


The use of video conferencing tools in the workplace promotes flexibility which allows the business owner and employees to make plans that are suitable for both. Employers hire flexible workers who can easily adapt to the fast-changing business environment. Moreover, flexible employees can also cover other members of the company when they are ill. An example is a work-from-home type of occupation. If one of the employees cannot deliver needed task on a specified period, the employer can ask other workers to do the job.

Employees can also benefit from a flexible environment. Those who are studying can still work part-time to make ends meet. For those who are working at home, a priceless advantage of it is the improvement of work and life balance and more time can be spent with the family.

Moreover, online video conferencing tools can be installed in compatible digital products such as desktops or mobile devices. If in case a meeting is to be conducted and one of the participants was stuck in traffic, there is no need to delay. Through video conference, anyone can join from anywhere with just a push of a button.

Eliminates Location Barriers

Today employers are utilizing the internet in recruiting new employees in the company for the business to operate efficiently. Recruitment process is done through the use of online recruiting tool. Interviews of selected applicants can be executed through video conferencing software. With the use of these tools, the hiring process is quicker and less-expensive compared to the traditional way. Moreover, hired employees can undergo online trainings through online classes and demonstration utilizing video conferences.

Anyone with an internet connection can participate in a video conference. It is no secret that companies can benefit from hiring remote workers because of financial and operational factors. In addition to that, employers can communicate with employees all around the globe without the need to visit the different branches. Customers residing in various areas can access information about the products and services of the company. The elimination of geographical barriers will result to increased profit and bigger savings.

Minimizes Travel Cost

In the traditional method of promoting a company or a business product, the sales team needs to travel to meet clients. For this reason, the company has to allocate budget for travel and accommodation expenses. Nowadays, video conferences are widely used in the business worldwide. Clients and business owners or representatives can talk face-to-face. Video conferencing software for business had significantly cut back travel cost and time.

According to an article written by David Biello published by the Scientific American, the company Vanguard Truck Centers reported to save approximately $85,000 annually in travel expenses after installing one of the best online video conferencing tools. Because of the rise in travel charges, more and more companies, big or small, are resorting to virtual meetings with the use of multiple-user video conferencing software.

More Effective Communication

Effective communication is the lifeblood of a successful business. The “old-school” way of communicating via telephone call does not have the ability to examine facial expressions and body languages. These aspects can be assessed in a face-to-face video conference. Board meetings and other types of management meetings can be conducted utilizing online video conference tools making it possible for all branches to interact with each other. Furthermore, remote employees can be updated of the new policies and participate in giving feedback to new products and services.

Video conferencing software for desktop allows sharing of important files to the boss or manager and to other employees as well. It also has the feature of file attachments while the video conference is ongoing. Users of the tool can type messages to communicate with other participants alongside the virtual meeting.

Improving Work-Life Balance

It is exhausting and stressful for a sales person to travel back and forth in order to deliver a presentation. Travelling for long hours can cause burn-out. With video conferencing, the need to travel is reduced while employees can connect with more people. Travel time can be used to close a deal with another client. Because business video conferences can be done at home, people can spend more quality time with their loved ones. This improvement in work-life balance reduces stress and increased productivity. Video conference eradicates the hassle of enduring traffic and the stress of commuting. Thus, employees can accomplish more tasks quickly and efficiently.

Business Opportunities

Since the frequency of business travel is reduced, there is more time for the company to think of new ways to earn, possible clients to deal with, site branches for expansion, or other companies to establish partnership. There are a lot of things that can be done with the amount of time and huge travel investment saved. Videoconferencing makes business opportunities limitless. Competent employees can communicate despite the differences in location and time zone. This enhances working relationships and creates new business opportunities not only across the country but all around the world.

The differences in location and time zone will never be a challenge nor will it hinder the progress of a company. Through video conference, meetings can be recorded and saved. Those who were not able to join when the business conference was held can watch a playback of the meeting. Files can be shared anywhere and anytime.


A research conducted by Fraunhofer Institute shows that 70% of respondents prefer to join discussion when video conferencing is used. Eighty-nine percent of them believed that it is more effective compared to telephone conferences because the former enables them to see each other and make their focus last for longer hours. The study concluded that virtual teams are more productive when utilizing video conferencing.

All the stated benefits of online video conferencing tools above contribute to enhanced productivity. Having a control over work and personal life is vital to most employees. An ideal working environment promotes work-life balance that’s why there are an increasing number of work-from-home individuals due to its flexible working hours and flexible working conditions. When employees can choose when and where to work, they become more productive.

Moreover, meeting employees across the country or around the world at the same time through video conference enhances productivity. Not only does it make people to do their job faster, it also develops communication and solidarity among the members. These are vital ingredients of a good working relationship.

Another benefit of video conference tools that improves productivity is the reduction of expenses. Business travels are expensive not to mention, time-consuming because of the long waiting time and delayed flights. Because of the rising cost of airline tickets, some companies prefer to purchase and install video conferencing system. Through video calls, decisions are made sooner even when participants are hundred miles apart.

Wainhouse Research conducted a survey about video conferencing and it found that utilization of video conferencing is growing rapidly and enormously. The top benefit that accounted for 94% of the whole population of respondents is efficiency and productivity. This study was taken from 5000 enterprise customers all over the world. It was concluded that in order for a video conference to grow, it needs to be accessible to more people and combined with business practices.

There is no doubt that online video conferencing is crucial in the success of the company. An in-depth exploration of online video conferencing tools reviews are needed before deciding to invest in such software services. Keep in mind that the benefits of possessing video conferencing tool can justify the expenses. It is changing the way of how this world communicates. Without video conference, companies seem left behind.

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