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The Benefits of a Collaboration Software in Schools

The Benefits of a Collaboration Software in Schools

The use of technology is undeniably increasing as well as the increasing number of students that are digitally literate. Technology is essential in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) fields, so in order to prepare the students in the working field, technology is incorporated in schools.

An online collaboration software allows people to work together online. This includes creating documents together, file sharing and online conversations through email lists and forums. Collaboration enables them to share their ideas and perspective as they work together to reach their goal.

Most schools are already using the software in order for students to work together such as solving a problem and creating a project. This develops the skills in collaboration and problem-solving. The software benefits not only the people in the business field but it also benefits the students. Students need to collaborate effectively in making group projects or assignments, especially if they do not see each other all the time.

How to Incorporate Collaboration Software in Schools

The increase of technology usage also impacted how the computers are used in schools. Educators are already using the Web 2.0 tools in order to communicate to the students outside the campus and improve the way they teach.

The Web 2.0 tools are now used by students to collaborate and interact with their peers.  The software provides an authentic learning experience for the students as they learn the importance of communication. The modern way of teaching can be done with just the use of a laptop, a projector, a webcam and the internet connection. This allows the students from a different location to share their passion.

You can study how other users incorporated the software into their education by checking the reviews on collaboration software. This will also help you determine if it will support your device or if it has a mobile app so you can easily access your documents in any location.

Cost Efficient

Collaboration and organizing a project or a task can be challenging, good thing that the software can now be used by the students. The software is inexpensive and some software manufacturers offer a subscription based plan where you have an option for a monthly or a yearly subscription. Other software manufacturers even offer free collaboration software for the university students. You can either pay the monthly bill or you can set it to automatically charge your account.

An on-premise server requires an IT team to manage the server and can cost a big amount of money. But, the collaboration online tool offers a subscription plan so if you no longer need the software you can just cancel the subscription. There are also software companies who offer it for free for a small-scale and personal use.


You can access your project anytime and anywhere, whether you are inside or outside the campus. The software keeps the word documents and personal notes in one place so anybody from the group can easily access the project. You can also install the software’s mobile app on your Android or iOS device so you can access and update your project whenever you want it.

The collaborative software unlocks the collaborative potential of teachers, students, mobile devices and interactive displays. The software allows teachers to have a real-time view of the student’s contribution and learning and they can integrate it into the device of the student or any interactive display. Students can use it to write and edit mathematical equation and work together to solve the problem. The grouping feature is also available so teachers can easily group or regroup the students.


Time is essential for students. You need to maintain excellent grades, participate in activities, organizations, and events and gain experience through internship and jobs.

The collaboration software allows students to save time. You can collaborate with your classmates in managing multiple projects or events in a single tool. It will assign a task to each group member and provide the details when the task is due, this makes everyone in the group accountable for their assigned task. If there are any project updates, there is no need to scroll through your messages or emails since the software is capable of assigning the tasks, uploading and even update your classmates if there are any changes made in the project. The software allows you to check the status of a task as well as its progress.

Managing an organization is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort. You can use the software to write the minutes of a meeting and upload spreadsheets that have the information of the member and it will also update the file if there is a member who joins or leaves the organization.

Collaboration software reviews from the teachers and students can provide more details on how the software has helped them with their education. You can check when and how the software can be used to have a clearer understanding of its benefits.


The software makes group member more connected to each other. It makes it easier for students to communicate if there are any problems or issue with their project or assignment. If the students have a group assignment the software allows them to collaborate even if they are not in the same room. The live text editor functionality of the software allows students to work together real-time. If students have any questions or feedback to their classmates they can also leave a message on the collaboration tool. The software also has a feature where your teammates can see the progress that you are making with your assigned tasked whether it is completed or not.

With the use of the software, you can easily track your assignment. It equally divides the responsibility of the project among the group members so each one will have a portion of the task. It removes the confusion among members on how the task has been divided and each one will be accountable to their designated task. There will be no mix up when it comes to responsibility and schedule since everyone will know what is expected from them.

Collaborative learning software is now widely used in schools and it includes concept mapping and activity builder feature. Activity builder allows you to quickly create a fun and captivating learning activities and games. Teachers can also create several interactive educational activities and include the students in creating the lesson. The concept mapping is a highly requested feature by teachers which allows a visual organization and discovery to understand the concepts better.


The work environment requires collaboration and problems-solving skills which can be developed when students are using the software. It allows the students to experience what it is like to be in the working world. It helps them prepare for the future as they work together to finish their project which develops teamwork. Modern students’ uses technology all the time such as creating a project that enables the student to learn the collaborative skills. According to research, 96% believe that the problem-solving is the most important skills in the workplace and followed by the ability to collaborate with 95%. These are the two essential skills that are needed to be learned by the students to prepare them for the work life.

Educators used to put more importance in cooperation. However, they started to realize that collaboration is more complex compared to cooperation. It allows the students to step out of their comfort zone and developed their skills according to collaboration. Collaboration equips the students with the skills and knowledge to make them a constructive leader. This makes students to be globally competent and collaborative to meet the needs of the stakeholders.

The best collaboration software is also used by teachers and students for education which makes learning more engaging, interactive, fun and effective. It empowers them to optimize their resources, drive visibility, standardize processes and promote transparency. The online collaboration tool removes the geographical barrier, allowing people to work together as if they are in the same room.

If you plan to get the software, consider how the functions and features of the software can help you on a daily basis. It should offer mobile apps, so you can get updates quickly. Look for a software that has recovery options so if something has been accidentally deleted you can easily restore it to the previous version. It is also important that the software offers a high-security feature so you will have a peace of mind that your data is protected online. Choose a provider who can give you control of where you can store your data, how the software is configured and when you can upgrade the software. Consider the price of the software, you should be able to change your subscription plan if you have to in order to meet your needs. Compare the plan and the features available for each software, so you can maximize its use. You can check the CrowdReviews list of the collaboration software manufacturers to help you choose the best software that you can use for your education.

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