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Benefits and Challenges of White Label PPC Management

Among internet marketing agencies and firms, outsourcing paid search services to a white label PPC management agency is a common practice. The re-branding practice is universal, as it makes business sense.

White labeling—which allows service providers to rebrand specific services as their own—helps internet-based services firms and agencies to circumvent the investment warranted for resource development, acquiring hardware, time spent during the learning curve, and worst of all, failure to achieve in-depth expertise.

Moreover, white labeling does not just benefit the firms that outsource services; it helps everyone involved in the chain: the clients, the agency, and the white label PPC management firm. The clients get to leverage the expertise, the agency could expand portfolio, acting as a one-stop solution, and the PPC management firms can get an unhindered stream of work and projects.

However, like everything else in life, white label paid search services come with its own sets of challenges. And we know them first hand since we are a leading white label PPC management company with experience to serve agencies of variable scales. Here we discuss some of the challenges we encountered and mastered.

What are the challenges for white label PPC management?

#1. Adoption of working style and strategy
Every agency follows a different strategy, and sets of reporting metrics and formats. When multiple PPC accounts are managed, lack of clear approach, be it strategy or reporting, can lead to misalignment of the services expected and delivered. The situation often is compounded by poor communication. A secure and transparent multi-level communication channel should be in place before the work starts on the accounts, else over time, often small mismatch grows to be a limiting factor for a long lasting partnership.

#2. Access to Campaign
While providing label PPC services, access to the account becomes a huge factor, as the intent is not to reveal the identity of the real campaign managers to the client. If the partner PPC agency logs in with a different e-mail address, a single Google search would disclose the identity. The solution, however, is easy: using the mediating agency’s login credentials. However, information sharing is not always smooth, as it seems, especially when a number of high-value accounts are involved. The best way to avoid such operation hiccups is to establish confidential information sharing protocol.

#3. Instilling Confidence
The internet offers an avenue for sub-par PPC agencies to compete against genuinely experienced and skillful agencies. Therefore, instilling confidence among intermediate agencies had been hard. However, the Google Partner badge, which is earned by exhibiting skills in managing accounts and qualifying examination by Google, had changed everything. A Google Partner status is a gold standard in the search engine marketing. We are a Google certified company service provider, it establishes our expertise in the field.

#4. Flexible contract
In PPC management, the demands of clients vary, and thus, not all factors can be accounted in a service contract. We have experienced that a rigid contract transforms into a roadblock often, from both ends, and therefore, we offer flexible contract, which could account unforeseen service situations.

Once a PPC management agency masters the challenges, it becomes a cherished resource for white label paid search management, providing following benefits:

  • Access to expertise: Search engine-marketing skills, unlike other skill sets, are not a part of school curricula, or at least mainstreamed, professionals more often acquire proficiencies while working and attending training sessions. White Label PPC Management agencies offer access to the expertise, which is hard to get.
  • Portfolio Expansion: Partnership with a white label agency opens new business avenues for both intermediate and partner agency. With such agency on board, one can reach great growth with minimum investment.
  • Save investment: Resource development in PPC industry is expensive and hard, as it requires professionals with dual capability: data analytical skills and advertising aptitude. With a white label agency, you do not have to invest anything at all.
  • Great ROI for clients and agency: PPC management equipped with “know-how” can execute the campaign to make the most of it. As they have the experience to work with clients of variable background, the most successful strategy is implemented to bring the results and ROI.

A white label agency indeed is a great resource that can transform the fortunes of an Internet-based agency. Finding a skilled and experienced service provider, however, is a different task altogether. We recommend having a strict vetting process in place before hiring an agency.



VP-Paid Search at Wildnet Technologies
Waseem Ahmed is the vice president - PAID services at Wildnet Technologies, specializing in PPC management & White Label PPC services. He loves to share his opinion and informative stuff through the blogs/articles. Also, loves music, traveling, adventure, family and friends.

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