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Be Wary of This: 5 Things SEO Agencies Should Not Do

Be Wary of This 5 Things SEO Agencies Should Not Do

Why Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies fail is a question that seems ironic because they ought to be expert in their field and yet they do not succeed. Why is that so? Failing does not mean that you are not good. Sometimes you are doing something that keeps the client away. This article will discuss that are the characteristics that both the digital agency and the businesses should stay away from to ensure a successful output.

Those who are in the field of SEO must stay away from using too many jargons because not all clients are familiar with the technical terms you are using. If you are the client, find someone who knows how to give a timely update regarding the status of your project and is willing to help you improve it rather than putting the blame on you for all the weaknesses you have done in the past. It would also be wise to be on the lookout if the agency really knows everything about in their chosen field or they are only adept in doing one aspect of SEO.

Why Use of SEO Jargons Should Be Avoided

Experts who speak using jargons and highfalutin words may be trying to impress the people they are talking to – it is their way of showing that they have authority on their field. However, feeding a client with all the SEO-related terms like back linking, white hat, page ranking, inbound links, and conversion rate will only leave them off the hook especially if they are not familiar yet with the said words. Doing so will serve as a signal for clients for SEO companies to avoid.

Using jargons may have worked at some point because they are able to show clients that they are knowledgeable enough in their field of expertise, but it does not mean that they are good service providers. In fact, using jargons is seemingly flattering but it can hurt your business. No client would want to communicate with someone who speaks a language that he cannot understand. How are you going to explain technical aspects if you are not to use jargons? Try to think of a different word that can be easily understood by other people because this is how SEO agencies should work.

One who is well-versed in his own field would be able to find a simpler term for a jargon that is people-friendly. If you cannot explain a technical term by using simple words, then it might be time for you to re-think about your understanding of the concept, because real experts can manage to make other people understand their point using simple terms. There are instances when there are no other simple terms to replace a jargon; make sure that you are able to explain it in a way that even a kid or a grandparent would understand.

While use of highly-technical terms on your field may help establish your credibility that you are adept in it, excessive use of it may have a negative effect when talking with clients. As a consumer, would you be encouraged to hire a service provider who cannot explain the concept to you in a way that you would understand? A client would be left out in the blue guessing what you really mean every time you speak with a jargon.

The Importance of Keeping the Clients Updated

What would keep the clients satisfied? Is it enough to give them an excellent product of service? Those who are in the customer relations department would agree that providing the best customer care means understanding the client’s point of view. Businesses, like SEO agencies, need to go an extra mile to make sure that clients are aware of the extra work that you are putting forward for their satisfaction.

How would clients be aware of their importance to the service provider? A constant updating plays an important role here especially in projects that involve top SEO agencies. Business owners hire SEO firms to do the job for them because either they have no time for it or they do not have enough capacity to do it. When a client asked for an update, make sure that it will be taken care of to let them know that they are considered valued clients. Time of response is crucial because no service provider would let their clients be left on the loop without giving any updates.

Clients should look for SEO outsourcing for agencies that can give the latest update to them even if they did not ask. This will make sure that the project is progressing the way you expect it. Based on the 2011 American Express Survey, poor service is the reason why 78% of consumers did not push through with their transactions.

Point the Weaknesses but Offer Your Help

Getting your business page optimized for search engines is not an easy job and you need to know the top SEO agencies to handle it for you. The way the SEO works may have changed nevertheless, the job of SEO firms are still crucial for your business to make sure that your page will be on top and yield positive results for your business. Finding the right company to do the job for you could be a trial and error. As a precaution, stay away from service providers that can only see the lows of your business page with regards to SEO.

In reality, it may sting a bit to know what your weaknesses are, but it is also good to know them. Doing so will provide plenty of doors for your improvement. You get to know your flaws and find a way to improve it. However, there are companies who cannot get enough of your weak points that it is all that they talk about. Whether it is your fault or the previous SEO provider that you hire, it is not justifiable to discuss that the whole day.

What SEO companies do is to help the businesses have a great ranking and optimize their page for the search engines. As such, they should be able to point out your current flaws and offer what they can do to improve it. Look for someone who can make you better rather than making themselves look better by pointing out the weaknesses in your SEO plan.

Do Not Focus on One Aspect: SEO Have Many Facets

At a glance, many would think that SEO is all about page ranking. While it is partly true, there are different aspects involved before you could emerge on top. The SEO Specialized Studies Program offered by University of California, Davis Extension will give you more ideas about the said field. On the other hand, a professional in this field should consider not only the page ranking, but other aspects as well like keyword research, SEO reporting and analysis, off-site and on-site SEO, link-building strategies, and more.

It is not a good indicator if the digital agency you are transacting with only talks about one aspect of SEO. This might mean that they are not really that well versed with the different areas of SEO and knows only to work on a specific aspect. A professional in this field should be able to demonstrate his expertise in the diverse areas and is able to identify and present to the clients what they can do to help the business. SEO outsourcing for agencies is common these days and you should be careful in choosing the one among the pile of SEO agencies out there.

Are SEO companies worth the money? When you have doubts regarding this, it will help to read reviews of SEO available at to get transparent insights from real people who are in the same position as you. The feedbacks are unbiased and includes both the positive and negative aspects concerning a SEO firm. With SEO agency reviews, you will have a better idea on what company you should hire – a company that is not just promises and sales talk, but the one who is proven to deliver the services most suited for your needs.

Check if They Have Good Communication Skills

Due to the advances in technology, it is now possible to hire a digital agency abroad. The SEO professionals in other countries offer their services at a lower cost. Some businesses are aiming for this for a lesser expenses on their side and it is not bad. Even if they are abroad, a professional could deliver the SEO services that you want. However, make sure that you are transacting with someone who has good communication skills.

A good communication entails that both of you understand each other. It is not a matter of fluently speaking English, because there are native speakers who are having difficulty in expressing themselves and understanding what the other party wants. Save yourself from all the hassle and find an agency who knows how to communicate well with its clients.

You could say that there is an abundance of digital companies and yet some are still wondering which right SEO firm to hire. Stop worrying about this and start reading the reviews on SEO found at to help you filter the reliable agencies that could answer your SEO needs. The characteristics of digital companies mentioned here will also help as a guide for you when you choose. If you were already on the hunt, it would not hurt to seek the help of reviews from other people to know which SEO companies are scam.


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