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The Battle to Choose Free or Premium WP Themes

The Battle to choose Free or Premium WP Themes

Having too many options can lead you to “analysis paralysis.” Which means that when you have too many options, you need to troll though a lot of them to pick the most suitable theme and this might confuse you.

After converting your PSD design to WordPress, there are a plethora of  WordPress themes available. Thus, it is quite easy to get caught up in the fancy, and this might lead you to a catch-22 position where they are unable to pick a theme for themselves. Therefore, in this blog, I have shared important point that can help you to take the right decision for choosing the right WordPress theme.

A discussion about Free or Premium Themes

A discussion about Free or Premium Themes

What Premium Themes Offer?

One of the strongest reason that helps to go for a premium theme is that these themes come with updates as compared to the regular ones.

Considering the rapidly growing WordPress content management system (CMS), you must go for a theme that helps you to match pace with the advancing technology and also helps you to hop on to features that will help you to get a competitive edge.

1. Not clinched design

Another reason you need to go for premium WordPress themes is because many people have gone for free WP themes which make them quite clicked rather them making them popular. Therefore, Premium themes have not become quite common, which is why you need to choose a premium theme to look quite an effective.

2. Proper documentation

Premium themes come with a detailed description of the themes that explains the reason behind how to get the most out of a theme. Wherein you do not get a detailed documentation for all the free themes.

3. Better customer support

Moreover, Premium theme developers offer incredible support, usually through a combination of a public forum, live chat, and an email ticketing system.

What Premium Themes do not Offer?

1. Price

A premium theme will cost you somewhere around $50 to $200.

2. Time consuming

Premium themes offer an administration panel that comes with a lot of customization settings, which might consume your time to learn them and work on them.

3. Features that are not required

Premium themes come with a lot of additional features, which include slider plugins, extra skins, and a portfolio manager. Nevertheless, this is quite essential for a theme to be versatile. However, you get to have several features that will bloat the theme.

4. Check Speed of your Theme

We are well aware of the fact that fast page-loading websites not only tend to improve user experience in general but also end up in improving the user experience and conversion rates, search engine rankings, and this leads to increasing the complete conversion of the website. This is not something very new as this is a well known and you need to avoid sluggish themes which might end up eating your conversion.

5. Check Mobile Friendliness

Love for Mobile devices has indeed grown ferociously. This is the reason you need to adopt responsive themes without trolling further about the fact. Moreover, with so much having said about themes we know that all the reputable themes got to be mobile-friendly, so if you do not choose the one then be prepared to suffer heavy losses.

6. Security

There are ample of things in a website that affects the security such as plugins, hosting, and strength of your password. This is one of the prime requirement you need to consider while selecting your WordPress theme.

You cannot choose the themes from anywhere and for this you must visit renowned communities such ThemeForest, where you get to view reviews of the customers by default.

A few years back the price was a good parameter to evaluate whether the theme is good or not. The most prevalent misconception was that the free themes are not most of the time properly coded, and these did not capture sensitive data at the best possible case worst.


Both free, as well as premium themes, come with their own positive and negatives. All you need to do is to map your requirement according to the clients and pick the most suitable theme for yourself.

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