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Back End Web Development for More Effective SEO Strategies

Back End Web Development for More Effective SEO Strategies Best website development providers do not simply focus on the user interface of your website. Instead, they provide well-constructed pages with impressive visuals through intelligent programming. Web development provider is composed of web programmers, system analysts, graphic designers, web designers, and SEO experts among others.

Web programmers or coders can be categorized into two: front end and back end web programmers. There are various differences on how critical each coder is in web development. Nonetheless, both coders are essential in the website development.

Back End Programming: The Essence and Its Basics

Web development work provider will likely provide you the front end developer throughout the process of project completion. Front end development is more on the client side of development. Though front end coders analyze code, design, and debug application, they still focus on what users see. As a front end developer, you may sure the site’s design meets the user’s criteria for look and feel.

What makes back end programming different?  Back end development involves the serve side. If front end website development process works on the user interface, back end focuses on how the site functions. For instance, if you have a registration feature in your website, back end programmers will take care of how the system will accept entries, update inputs, and delete records. Server, application, and database are the three main parts back end developers have to focus on.

Why is back end development important? Without an effective programming of your site’s functionalities, you will not be able to provide a good end user experience. You may have a stunning web page, but it will only be a failure. Remember, it all ends with the functionalities of the site.

Do you know Google has been considered an ugly site? Google still earned stacks of money regardless of its less pleasing UI. The site garnered favor from end users for it provides a very useful functionality — to generate information across millions of sites worldwide.

Without good back end programming, your website will suffer from a number of issues. Issues include lots of errors, crashes, and slow functionality.

In essence, back end website programming determines the website’s competitiveness. It also offers growth for site, particularly, if it has useful functionalities.

As a back end developer, you should be knowledgeable in HTML5 and CSS3 programming, with additions of PHP, Rails, Python, Java, and .NET. It could be very complicated for a back end web developer, especially now that the emphasis is on the core functionality of the site. The programmer has to use various languages to make a website dynamic in storing database information, and processing for UI.

Back end website development provider can work in multiple platforms, such as Windows Server, MacOS X, and Linux or Unix-like operating systems. Moreover, back end programmers specialize in development, deployment, and maintenance of content management system or CMS. Other functions a back end developer has to handle include security management, reports, and backup & restore functionalities.

The Relationship of Back End Programming and Adding SEO Into Codes

The role of website development service provider is not simply integrating front end and back end website programming strategies. Instead, search engine optimization or SEO must be prioritized as well. There are SEO standards for back end covers to complete the website development process.

Primarily, a back end programmer needs to provide essential tools to help with SEO. Back end programmers also need to assure proper canonicalization of URLs. Canonicalization is the process of picking the best URL for your website. Programmers and SEO experts have to pick a URL that would best selected by Google crawlers.

Canonicalization for back-end programmers includes dealing with index pages, trailing slashes, and subpages. Regardless of the website owner’s preference in using root domain, a back end developer assures that all URLs redirect to the chosen page. Moreover, it is the function of back end developers to use slash “/” in its URL, which is most ideal for today’s browsers.

For a website of different pages, it is still most suitable to use one URL. For instance, if you have a page for t-shirt designs for female, you should just use a stemming structure in the URL. You may come up with /product/ t-shirt designs/ t-shirt designs for female. This is where the right keywords for SEO can be used.

Back end website development service provider must also focus on modifying the title and meta tags on all pages. The tags are very important places where keywords can be placed for SEO. Other tags that will make a website’s back end SEO-friendly are header tags. The tags also place essential weight to a web page when crawled by searchbots.

Image optimization is part of back end-SEO collaboration. Media files also need to be crawled with the right keywords for better chances of traffic. One of the best ways to apply SEO in inserting image is to use descriptive and plain file name. Make use of acceptable SEO keywords, such as commonly used search queries by customers. For instance, instead of naming the file as 162893939.jpg, use crossfit-shoes-blue.jpg. This way, you phrase image names based on your customer’s possible searches.

For alt tags, back end developers are also advised to use descriptive and plain English. If you have serial or model number for a product, insert it into the tags. Although you will use keywords in alt tags, stuffing is not recommended. Most importantly, do not use alt tags for all enhancing images in your website.  Alt tags are only best for images you think are important, such as for products or services.

Back end developers give relevance to navigation menus for your website. Search engines also crawl them, which is why proper internal link structures will be used for better SEO. Back end programmers will use CSS instead of JQuery, Flash, and JavaScript for the languages have issues with Google. Google may index CSS more than JavaScript codes.

Why Get a Professional in Completing Back End Web Projects?

Back end programming is complex and requires more than one coder. With several server-side programming languages and frameworks, it is best to acquire more people for better output.  Besides HTML5 and CSS3, back end programmers must at least have a coder experienced in Ruby, which is used to build complicated database side logic. Ruby programmers focus on database functionalities for high-traffic demands.

Java programmers must also be in the team. Java is a C language subset, which is platform-independent and complex as well. Java has long been used for high-traffic sites, Android apps, and applications for enterprises.

C# coders are important in the team, especially if you are looking for object-oriented and general version of .NET-developed applications.

Perl programmers may also be required in a team. Perl is a popular programming language that runs in over 100 platforms and integrates with MySQL, Oracle, and Sybase.

From this viewpoint, you can already conclude that you need a pool of programmers to complete a website. If you want to build a website, chances are, you will end up using a template that will not generate you leads. Making your website custom for business is difficult unless you have professionals to get things done.

Navigation can be enhanced with professional back end developers. Instead of simply having visually pleasing UI, assure also that your website has functionalities that benefit users. By having both front end and back end developers, you can surely have a user-friendly website.

New website development tools were made available for computer coding. Only back end developers can help you use the tools for better SEO success. Back end programmers are supposed to streamline your website development with latest technologies to receive great rankings from search engines.

Maintaining your website’s smooth operations is a work of back end programmers as well. The back end coders may work with webmasters to keep your site updated with latest trends. This will make your site professionally constructed to prevent business risks in the future.

Assigning multiple projects to a team of professional back end developers is possible. If you want to complete tasks quickly, you need a team that can provide diverse skill set. For instance, besides your content-based website, you also want to extend for an online purchasing system. This requires more complex coding not only for UI, but for database as well.

Enhancing the user-friendliness of your website is easier with professional back end programmers. Besides the usual programming techniques in making your website operations smooth, the coders would also run security codes. This assures personal information is secured and will not be used illicitly.

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