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Avoiding Online Scams: Tips to Spot a Fraud Web Designer

Avoiding Online Scams: Tips to Spot a Fraud Web Designer

Efficient web designing plays a significant role in the success of every business. Designing a website is no easy job. There are important factors which need to be considered so as to generate a web design that will fit the business. Hence, it will take a good amount of abilities, effort and time for someone to know how to do web designing correctly.

Business owners hire web designers to create designs suitable for their business. These designers are also needed to make websites operational, easy to navigate and appealing to site visitors. Since bad web designing obstructs business performance and reputation, it is crucial for web designers to be flexible and creative in doing their jobs.

But in today’s technological progress, with many computer applications and step by step tutorials to help anyone learn how to design websites, looking for the right web designer may be as hard as scrutinizing someone on a blind date. A number of deceptive web designers have been lurking around with their promises to maintain your business site the best possible. This article will help you spot a fraud web designer, learn the ways to avoid them, and pick the right Web Design Providers for your business.


Portfolios are among of the eminent methods of scrutinizing a possible candidate for any kind of work position. This goes the same when hiring a web designer. A web designer’s skills are manifested through their portfolio. See if the designs they created look as professional as possible. Also, pay attention to the designs of the websites attached in their portfolio. You should set specific standards on the design you want for your site, and evaluate whether or not the web designer meets your goals and visions.

In an article released by, there are specific elements of a good web design that business owners need to notice before they go grabbing a web designer. Among the mentioned characteristics of a good website design come as follows:

  1. Graphic Layouts – this refers to the elements needed to attain a systematized visual flow for the part of your website visitors. Check out the website designs found in your prospect web designer and see if he or she is capable of creating designs that are easy to the eyes.
  2. Home Page – in most cases, a home page is where a website visitor will land first. For this reason, a website designer should be able to design a compelling home page to catch the attention of your possible customers.
  3. Content – a good web designer should be able to create a web design that is fit for the contents of your website.

All these things can be observed from the website links on the web designer’s portfolio. The websites attached to your possible web designer’s portfolio are your key to unraveling if he or she can do the job well for you and your business. Take note that sample web designs should be easy to use, rational and receptive. Keeping these basic reminders in mind will save you from getting deceived by any fraud web designers and from their false promises of service.


When hiring competent web designers, you are basically paying for their skills, as much as you are paying for their time. In order to avoid swindlers from penetrating your business website, check the skills of the web designer. Designing a website does not only demand a creative mind but also a knowledge and in-depth understanding of dynamic programming languages like JavaScript in order to give a good web design service. Also, a knowledge of the primary applications of web design, an aptitude to give close consideration to detail, and a level headed mind, which possesses problem-solving abilities and a rational attitude and commitment to the craft, is a must.

Apparently, all these are not learned overnight. A web designer will have to spend a good amount of time studying and familiarizing specific techniques and terminologies in order to master web designing. There are web designing courses available that can help students to develop and enhance their designing competence. Among of the skills a web designer needs to have involves familiarity with the whole process of the design – this includes the color, spacing and other matters to consider. There are web design tools to make web designing more efficient.

In today’s era of electronic innovations, there are a lot of tutorials and guides available online to make learning web designing easier. Although there are web programmers who know how to design websites, the knowledge and service of a true and able web designer will be worth your payment. The difference in the skills of a professional from a fraud web designer is very far. By the skills manifested by an authentic web designer, a fraud can be easily spotted.


There is still another method to keep your site away from frauds, which you can also use when looking for the Top Web Design Providers to sustain your website’s needs and maintenance. You can ask for testimonials from other website owners about the service of the professional web designers. After all, word of mouth is among of the best ways to evaluate any form of services. There are Web Design Provider Reviews that you can use as a reference when looking for a proficient web design service to fit your business.

The testimonials are a wise indication to check what the previous clients have to say about the designer’s work and service. You can visit the designer’s website and try to get in touch with a few of those who gave testimonials. This will guarantee that the testimonials found on the designer’s website are authentic and are given by actual customers.

How to Avoid

The most common scenario inflicted by fraud web designers involve sudden disappearance. In most cases, a website owner will likely to find a designer who bids an affordable pricing in exchange for the promise of a good quality service. However, after the down payment before the work is firstly done, the web designer suddenly disappears. There are still other situations done by swindlers who victimize site owners.

Here are a few tips to guard you against getting deceived by the schemes of fraud web design services provider.

  1. Contact the designer yourself – as much as possible, do not get in touch through a consistent exchange of emails alone. Contact them through phone or video calls. Ask them questions that will reveal their skills, and not just the customary queries like asking if they are capable of doing the job well, etc.
  2. Avoid super cheap pricing – keep in mind that an affordable pricing is not similar with cheap pricing. An affordable pricing refers to a reasonable amount of money paid for a likewise justifiable amount of work. There is a high possibility that super cheap pricing is a scam.
  3. Do your research – this is perhaps the best possible way to avoid from getting scammed by swindlers. Ensure an intense research by reading reviews and asking trustworthy companions who will help you find the right web designer for your business.

By following these steps, you can avoid the deceptive rip-offs caused by swindlers of the vast online community.


To sum up, web designers truly contribute a lot to business sites. There is an eminent need for businesses these days to create online websites as it is a convenient form of getting a close contact with the consumers. With regards to this, there is a need to hire a capable web designer or a web design company to let the consumers know what they can expect from the business by simply looking at the website’s design. With the rise of this craft, a number of frauds have also appeared in the picture. The best possible solution to this is to keep in mind that being cautious is still your best protection from the harms they will give you and your business.

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