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Avoid Social Media Mayhem With Social Media Management Software

Avoid Social Media Mayhem With Social Media Management Software

There are now many more ways to market your product and services online, thanks to the variety of social media platforms you can use. It is both simple and complicated to utilize social media for marketing, and it is crucial for businesses to use it appropriately to maximize its potential. Now that social media managers are using different social media channels at the same time, it is best to use social media management software to be more efficient in achieving your objectives and goals for it.

Social media is now more than a trend, but a phenomenon. From just being aimed at nurturing networks of people that will help them build relationships among diverse cultures, it has now adopted businesses who wanted to take advantage of its reach and influence to people. Social media services now span to giving opportunities for businesses, big or small, to strengthen their relationships with their customers, increase their profits, and cater to a wider range of audiences through content sharing that is relevant to their needs.

However, the irresponsible use of social media for marketing can make you lose all the opportunities and profit benefits that you could’ve achieved. Worst, it can incur damages over your reputation and credibility for the long-term. And it could waste your investments by causing harm to your business instead of helping it grow.

Any kind of endeavor would entail a sound business plan at the beginning, in order to minimize the risks in social media marketing. It is not enough that you simply join where the crowd goes. Not having a plan will eventually get you lost in the process. Using social media for marketing is full of great potential to accelerate your business growth in so many ways, but lacking on the right strategies will cause you to miss its benefits and fail.

Whether you are a startup, a small business owner, or a seasoned businessman, avoid these social media marketing mistakes at all cost. Included also are the ways you can do instead, which can be best achieved, too, in know what are social media marketing tools and how to use it to your advantage.

Not Devising a Set Plan

You create your accounts, fill it with interesting information, users began to flock, and when all of the activities soon pile up, you get overwhelmed and you start missing to respond. Many businesses that use the social media for marketing start great but end it badly. Its either they find it too tiresome to do, or the management part is very challenging to keep up. Either way, the culprit might have been the lack of sound planning.

Fundamentally, your social media marketing plan should include a team (or a social media manager), resources such as financial and time commitment, strategies, and your goals.

A social media marketing campaign requires your continued engagement with your customers by sustaining their interest on a daily basis. And to be able to stay aligned with your objectives, you must have a set plan to follow, which will also guide you as your followers and activities start to grow. Not having a plan for this will yield a surefire disaster, a sad ending to your supposedly great beginning.

No Integration With Other Digital Marketing Campaigns

Doing social media marketing alone will not maximize its true benefits. To experience the most impact of social media marketing to your business, you must use it to empower your other digital marketing strategies by integrating it with their systems.

Social media marketing goes well with content marketing. It allows you to promote your own content (from your own blog), or share other relevant information you see online to help your customers become informed ones. A timely posted and well-structured content also sustains the interest of your followers, making them look forward to what is next coming from you.

Establishing a brand through social media will also require you to tie up your accounts to your other marketing engagements such as its website, blog, email newsletter and even to your offline marketing collaterals and media. Initiating branding is by having a harmonious relationship among your marketing initiatives. Achieving unity in your engagements enable your brand message to be sent out clearly so that your target customers will understand it well. It is also important to keep up with social media marketing trends to help you stay on track with your styles and approaches.


Bombarding your followers with posts, and sharing all sorts of content no matter how relevant it is more often than regular is already considered spamming. Flooding your followers’ timeline will annoy them, and might end up un-following you.

Using Multiple Profiles in a Single Social Media Site

Creating more than one profile in a single social media site will confuse your followers, and will not maximize your time and efforts in sustaining it. This is perhaps one of the most commonly done social media marketing blunders, and it rather hurts your credibility instead of building it up. It is best to focus on building up a single social media profile and make it official. This will help direct your customers to be truly connected with your company, and target real people for your followers.

Very Little to no Interaction

Setting up your social media accounts across multiple sites is not the end of the campaign. It requires you to be consistent in nurturing your followers and your network by providing something that will interest them on a daily basis and most importantly, by properly responding to their concerns and in having a regular interaction with them. What’s unique about social media is it can provide you with a two-way communication platform for you and your customers to engage in. With little to no interaction, you defeat the opportunities to promote your customer relationship and losing their loyalty.

No Real Followers

Number of followers, likes and mentions are useful metrics to measure the success in your social media marketing campaign. It also serves as proofs of your existence, reputation and trustworthiness in the online realm. While the numbers can speak for itself, users and even search engines can now recognize the quality behind the numbers, rather than looking at the quantity alone. It is now easy to create fake accounts to increase your followers. Amassing such great number of followers when you just created your social media account, and when you aren’t a big brand yet will send out some doubts on your customers’ part.

According to Brandwatch’s compilation of social media facts and statistics, there are an estimated 81 million Facebook profiles that are fake.

Adhere to best practices involved in slowly building up your social media networks by targeting real people, which are also most likely to be converted as customers, and not just an additional account to the number of your followers. Make no mistake in resorting to dishonest tactics, as social media algorithms can now trace these activities through low engagement rates. This puts your account at risk for facing limitations in terms of access, or even suspension.


Consistency is the key to stay on track with your social media marketing efforts. Some social media accounts of businesses start well, but the by making it inactive (no posts or interactions) for a long time will make you lose all the good results you achieved at the beginning. Again, social media marketing is a continuous process of nurturing your online presence, engaging customers and sustaining their interest. Inactivity will make them think you don’t have anything else new to offer them, and most likely, will let them try other your competitors instead.

Not Properly Allocating Resources

With so many marketing campaigns to manage nowadays, it is increasingly challenging to strike the balance in allocating your time and resources to the ones that yields you more positive results. This is where a good social media management tool will provide its best benefits, by letting you manage your social media channels with ease.

Social media management tools allow you to compare the performances of all the accounts you use, side by side, and assess which ones are worthy to be kept or would be better to let go. Focusing on those that communicates your brand better, improves your traffic, and increases your revenues will give your business the best ROI. It will also save you time and effort, making you more productive and efficient with your social media-related tasks and activities.

Not Integrating Content with Related Visuals

Images and videos are simple, yet powerful way to enhance your content, increasing the interest of your followers. In fact, a popular social media site Twitter, found out that adding videos, images and links boost the number of retweets that one tweet yielded. Visuals influence engagements in a positive way, so it is important to integrate it your content. A word of caution though: make sure that it stays relevant, image quality is optimized, and videos are not too long and must load fast.

Overuse of Hashtags

Using hashtags is a “cool” way to add an element of being on trend nowadays. And it is also a useful method of measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns by associating each with a hashtag message. This way, you can see how many conversations include your business, and which people are most likely to become your target customers too. However, some tend to overdo hashtags that it takes away the professionalism of your posts. And it can be annoying too.

Too Much Sales Pitching

Doing social media marketing can be quite tricky, as you should be doing sales, but you can only do it discretely. The market behavior is an ever-changing element, and you must understand that digital marketing works because it is the consumers that call the shots – almost all approaches are customer-oriented, and consumers will only engage with the businesses they are already interested in. Doing too much sales pitching might turn-off your customers. Instead, you include call to action (CTA) statements to encourage them in inquiring more about the products and services that you offer.

Not Measuring Your Performance and Results

Social media management software is a host of powerful features that not only enable you to manage your multiple social media accounts with ease, but also give you insight from your customer data. Analytics gathers data and turns it into detailed reports with the help of metrics. These reports can give you insight about your customers’ preferences, areas on where you can improve your services, features they want to see in your products, where your customers are located, and ideas to incorporate your future innovations and developments. Not measuring means you miss out on improving your business and make it more appealing and helpful to your customers.

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