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On How To Avoid Google Adwords Account Suspension

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Joe Balestrino

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Adwords violation tipsNothing is as frustrating as having your Google Adwords account suspended. When this happens, many people get surprised. Essentially, Google has a no tolerance policy.

If you happen to violate their terms of service, you won’t be able to get another new account under the same name. In addition, you’ll not be able to channel traffic to the same domains via Adwords. Prevention is the only sure way to avoid Adwords account suspension. Here are some of the powerful tips to prevent this from happening.

Adult Content:

Since Google ad network is considered safe for family use, it means they do not allow any advertiser to place ads that contain graphic or pornographic materials in Google Adwords. Ensure you delete from your site any materials that you feel uncomfortable viewing at work or with your family members around. If such materials are on your site, your account may get suspended.

Fraudulent Items

Selling fraudulent or counterfeit items on your account may earn you a suspension. Google is pretty wary of fake items, so if you sell a designer item at a much lower price, you may raise eyebrows. In case Google is wrong to think that you are involved in selling counterfeit products, make sure you contact them to prove that your products are authentic.

Open An Account When You Are Completely Sure You Are Ready

Ignorance is the main reason many Adwords accounts receive suspension. Before opening an account make sure you are fully aware and understand the rules. Go through Google Adwords landing page and carefully read all the policy guidelines from the first to the last one. Ensure you are aware of all you need to do to prevent your Adwords account from getting suspended.

In case you’ve already opened an account, make sure you go back to the guidelines and go through them carefully.

Avoid Contents advocating Against a Group, an Individual or an Organization

If you post in your site contents that bully or harass someone or inciting materials against any group or individuals, your account will get suspended because Google prohibits any kind of such website content. Just be sure that your page does not advocate harm against another individual, party, company, community or group.

Do not open many accounts

If you are not a large advertiser with different divisions, be careful when you consider opening more than one Google Adwords account. Another common reason for Adwords account suspension is targeting same keyword to different URLs.

As an advertiser, if you decide to run similar promotions across different Adwords accounts to different sites, you can receive suspension. Although your intentions may be genuine in opening several accounts, chances that you are likely to create crossovers or promotions that are similar are very high.

To run a legit Google Adwords account does not have to be that difficult: you only need to be honest. One important thing to remember is run your business with clarity and transparency. Also put in extra effort to exhibit this in your ads as well as landing pages.

If you stick to the above suspension tips, not only will you avoid the Google’s robot wrath but you will also end up with happier clients who will appreciate your business for a long period of time without Adwords suspension in sight.  You can always hire a company that helps remove Adwords suspension and violations.

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