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Published Sep 26th, 2017 by

Why Domain Authority & Page Authority Are Important for Your SEO Strategy

Imagine you are sitting at the DMV. You need to renew your driver’s license, but first you have to take

Published Aug 02nd, 2017 by

3 SEO Tips to Address Your High Bounce Rate Problems

In search engine optimization (SEO), there are three little words no one likes to hear: high bounce rate. Bounce rate

Published May 03rd, 2017 by

Google Mobile-First Indexing Shakes Up SEO

If your SEO game is good, and you want to keep it that way (or it’s not so great and

Published Apr 03rd, 2017 by

Google Posts Puts Your Content Directly in Search Results

Recently Google announced it’s expanding the Google Posts program – a.k.a. “Posts on Google” – to a wider audience, including

Published Sep 16th, 2016 by

Should You Publish Blog Content on LinkedIn and Medium?

If you publish original blog posts as part of your content marketing strategy, then you may be wondering if some