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How 5 Benefit for Web Application Development?

The latest 5 version takes the flexible web application development framework to next level. 5 is an open source update available in GitHub and offers cross-platform support. It allow you to develop and execute 5 apps on distinct platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Most developers find it easy to design, configure, and maintain these applications.

Your viewers demand a fast loading website. And you should not disappoint them. 5 helps you in speeding up web application development. Here is why you should use 5 for web app development project-

  • Flexible, cross-platform runtime

Developers can execute 5 applications on existing .net framework, .net core, or CLR. By developing app on 5 platform, developers can run it on another platform without hassle. It is due the common infrastructure lately introduced known as K Runtime Environment. KRE offers various services to the developed application.

  • Cloud ready

Since cloud based web apps should be light in weight, you can develop an application with the self-sufficient core framework and deploy directly on the cloud. Functions like configuration, diagnostics, session state, etc. can work locally and in the cloud. A cloud computing app development expert can make custom changes to the 5 features in to developing cloud-ready powerful applications.

  • Separate compilation expelled

As there is no requirement of compiling apps explicitly, 5 lets developers to perform faster development practice. They can save the source files and refresh their browser for automatic compilation in the back-end. As soon as your code gets completed, your application will be ready.

  • Unified framework 5 has merged all frameworks including Web API, MVC and web pages of With this step, developers are now able to build apps with unified model without worrying about their specific differences. Developers can now use a single pipeline, routing framework, and binding framework that can work with all three.

  • DI support

Now developers can add dependency injection in the whole stack, which simplify the development and testing process of the app. Developers can use controller to access services remotely.

How to speed up your app, is the next question

There are certain things to focus if you really want to speed up your application. Let’s discuss them in detail-

  • Application caching

Caching should be used as a last resort. This programming technique accelerates your app when you apply it properly.

  • Image optimization

Images put forceful impact if used in correct way on the blog. Depending on the post content, you can use images as the biggest asset in the blog post. You just need to be selective and careful while picking up the images for your blog post. Better opt for light shrink images because smaller images will allow the web page loading faster.

  • Sprites use

A website without graphics is nothing but a dull, boring, and easy-skipping page that you never wish to land on. Every website has some images. It is necessary. But again, using more numbers of tiny images will not be working. Sprites are images inside a larger image. You can try Sprites.

  • ETags

ETags are used for web cache validation which lets conditional client requests. ETags are a way for the browser to determine the need of an asset. It won’t make a request to the server to pull it minimizing requests.

  • Compression/zip

There are two ways to do compression/zip- one way is to activate compression via IIS and the second way is through an ActionFilter.

When you enable it, the server will compress the assets into single package and deliver it to the client. The client will uncompress the package and view the content.

This is how assets transferring can be performed quickly.

  • Using third-party services wherever required

You can try Disqus as it is free and requires a snippent of JavaScript. It is mobile friendly instant commenting system that can enhance your website and offer a fast Ajax-enabled experience for the readers.

Majority of these speed enhancing ways are coding-specific. You can apply these things onto your website for speedy performance. If you know more of such ways, share them with the readers here.

This article is shared by development company to explain the benefit of .net technology. If you have any doubt or want to know more about the technology, kindly comment below.


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