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Artificial Intelligence and CRM—A Match Made in Heaven

When we think about a match made in heaven, we usually imagine a couple who complement each other or a dish which has harmonious components. The key to anything being termed as a match made in heaven is for it have a balance of elements that work together perfectly. That is the reason why I chose to term artificial intelligence (AI) and customer relationship management (CRM) as a match made in heaven.

AI and CRM are both complex systems that can really simplify customer interactions. A lot of us have experienced what AI is capable of. This involves the auto-complete features, the search history based predictions and advertisements, etc. We have also witnessed how CRM systems have empowered companies to personalize their interaction with customers. Both AI and CRM are strong innovations which are almost infallible when together.

The AI Factor

Most of the popular CRM solutions make use of AI to deliver on the promises of boosting sales, enhancing customer experience, increasing productivity and revenues, etc. These include pioneers like Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, etc. So, the question is what else can we expect in the future. Here, are a few service aspects that might pop up in the time to come.

Automatic Requests: This is not really a future agenda, it is still practiced in a controlled way by organizations. But, in the time to come, this will be widespread. Based on customers e-mails or typed comments, CRM systems will be able to understand the kind of service that is requested and an automatic ticket will be generated to take care of the issue at hand.

Automatic Interactions: Critiques have argued that the human touch renders personalization to the interaction. But, the fact is that a customer wants the work done irrespective of whether it is dealing with a human or a machine. Companies are incorporating AI to make interactions more pertinent and human like to complete work efficiently and quickly.

Automatic Leads: The Internet of Things (IoT) is estimated to grow and it will be a crucial connector between AI and CRM. IoT will enable sensors to share data regarding a product or service and the customers will get automatic reminders or service calls for the product or service that is due for payment or a visit repair.

Automatic Predictions: Another advantage of IoT is to conduct an analysis of the appliance and share data with the host at regular intervals. This can come in handy in predicting issues or failures in advance saving the customer the trouble. These predictions are welcomed by companies in order to serve their customers better and also boost their revenues.

You must follow every step discussed by experts of Microsoft dynamics CRM development company in this post It would be incorrect to say that all of these advances are the future. Many of these are still in practice. But, the future will hold these automation at a higher and more polished spot only to make customer interaction a flawless experience. AI and IoT are just a few advances that complement CRM and can make it better. While companies wait for more innovations, customer wait for better experience and services.

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