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Answers to All Your Java Framework Related Questions

Java Framework

When a developer seeks out to work on a Software, he or she has a lot of thinking to do before starting the work. From a third person perspective, it seems that so many platforms and development kits would ease the work that a developer has to do. Although, this belief is not completely wrong, the effort that goes in selecting the right platform is often undermined. The available options lend a lot of flexibility and at the same time add to the difficulty of making a choice.

This blog will try to answer your queries regarding Java frameworks based on the experiences from the industry and why you should choose it above the other popular choices like .NET framework, Selenium, etc.

Why Choose a Java Framework?

The prefix Java to the framework adds a lot of credibility to this platform. In simple terms, a framework is expected to facilitate coding and related issues (like overriding or specializing). A Java framework does this like all other frameworks but you get a lot of flexibility because there are many Java frameworks, each with its own advantages.

What Features Should I Look for While Choosing a Java Framework?

If you a Java development company, the feature selection would depend on the requirement of your client. The client might prefer one thing over another so make sure you are aware of their requirements before proceeding with the framework selection. There are a plenty of features that you can watch out for while selecting the right framework. Here are few.

  • Extremely scalable
  • Deliver high performance at high speed
  • Easy to work on (simple interface)
  • Version compatibility
  • Ready-made modules
  • In-built testing tools
  • Integration with other frameworks
  • Compatible with the programming language you intend to use

Which Java Framework Should I Choose?

To answer this question upfront, I would say, I don’t know. The fact is that there are a lot of Java frameworks available and each has some advantages and some disadvantages. The one that will suit you best depends on your expectation.

You will get different answers from different people for this same questions. This is because everyone selects a platform on the basis of their requirement. So, for example, I choose Play because I am well-versed with Scala. So, if you ask me which is the best Java platform, I would say Play. But, when you start working on it, you realize that it is not ideal for developers who are not good in Scala.

Having said that, there are some popular Java frameworks though that you can choose from.

What are Some Popular Java Frameworks?

Some of the most popular Java frameworks are:

  • Spring
  • Eclipse
  • Hibernate
  • Play
  • Vaadin
  • JSF
  • Struts
  • Grails

I am sure there are plenty more options there and the ones I have listed here are just on the basis of popularity. You should certainly explore the market if either of these do not fulfill your requirement.

A framework helps you develop a Software effortlessly. Nowadays, the requirement for a framework that helps developers create applications that meet the industry standards is at all-time high. An enterprise might approach a Java development company for developing an app or might have an in-house team dedicated to Software development. Irrespective of who is using the framework, it’s importance cannot be neglected. Java framework stands among the top three popular frameworks so choosing it as your framework will not be a bad decision.

If you have been using any of the Java frameworks, please share your experiences listing the pros and cons so that others can learn and make a wise choice.



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