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An Introduction for Selecting Your Campaign Management Tool

An Introduction for Selecting Your Campaign Management ToolYou’ve just started a new business and you are starting your campaign management. You’re looking for the best campaign management software out there to help you with your business. But, where should you start? In this article, we’ll talk about five types of campaign management platforms there is out that for you to discover which would be the best for your business.

Multi-channel Marketing Automation

The first thing on the list is multi-channel marketing automation. It’s how you are able to react to your clients. Having a multi-channel marketing automation means that it has two or more of the following: Digital marketing, campaign management, advanced analytics, response attribution and advanced execution.

Digital marketing has the ability to expand your marketing means. Aside from traditional channels, it also focuses on new technology channels not just the web but also video, mobile, email. They also should be updated and anticipate on future channels.

Campaign management is having the ability to create workflows, execute campaigns and have segmentation capabilities.

Advanced analytics deals with statistics like predictive analytics. It also helps in optimization of your campaigns.

Response attribution helps in circumstantial planning and executes optimization for marketing mixes. They also have the ability for analysis in marketing attribution.

Advance execution deals with outbound and/or inbound marketing programs that help in immediate decision-making and event triggers. They also have the ability for content management and next-best offer management.

Other features you have to consider is having email distribution, real-time alerts, built-in software integration and incorporation of online and offline platforms. Always have a comparison of campaign management software because each multi-channel marketing automation is different.

To find out if you need a multi-channel marketing automation, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have the ability to keep track with the quality leads you currently have?
  • Have you the capacity to track your leads in all marketing channels?
  • Have you the ability to scale your lead nurturing methods?
  • Is your sales and marketing team aligned with the same goals?
  • Do you have an existing method in providing new and prospective leads?
  • Do you have a well-organized content marketing strategy?

Choose the software that would benefit your company’s goals. You can find more insights about what type of marketing campaign management tool to use by reading MyCustomer’s article.

Social Media Management Tools

This is now becoming the most popular tool at the moment. Since there are a lot of social media, to be able to keep track of them, one must use social media management tools. They help in preparing and publishing your social media material, storing and archiving your posts, managing multiple social media accounts, suggest content, share posts and answer any questions or comments your market has.

The two most important part of having social media tools is having social media analytics and the ability to create forms and surveys. Social media analytics help you in finding out how to gather more information about your potential clients and finding out what their needs and wants are. Social media analytics can contribute greatly in your business decisions. Forms and surveys are great ways to survey your target market by asking specific questions.

To find out if you need social media management tools, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have time to check out all your campaign’s social media?
  • Can you keep track of multiple social media platforms?
  • Are you able to compare each social media platforms in your campaign’s success?
  • Do you want to use tools to give you insights in your social media interactions?
  • What do you want to achieve in social media management?
  • Where do you spend time most in social media?
  • Do you know your customer satisfaction score?
  • Do you need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) management software?
  • Do you need to increase inbound traffic?

Social media can promote brand awareness and be able to build your company’s reputation faster. To know more about Social Media, check out what SmallBusinessComputing’s has to say in this article.

Find out which social media is important for your business for you to be able to generate leads and boost your company’s visibility. Also check out Reviews of Campaign Management Software for Social Media, as it is constantly changing.

Lead management and lead scoring.

Lead management and lead scoring go hand in hand. Lead management is how your marketing team handles your leads. It is a long process where you first attract, acquire, evaluate, maintain your prospective clients and then apply your sales tactics. Lead scoring is how you score or measure the leads you have before your sales team takes over. Key factors in scoring are: Industry type, position in the company and the number of employees in the company.

There are five factors in a great lead management tool. These are lead segmentation which categorizes your leads, lead qualification where you can prioritize your leads, having dynamic content to personalize your prospective leads experience, lead nurturing where it customizes content solely for your leads, and membership management.

To find out if you need lead management and lead scoring tools, ask yourself the following:

  • Can we keep track of all of the leads?
  • Can we use lead scoring using our available data?
  • Are there too much leads that we can’t cope?
  • Are we able to use lead nurturing?
  • Can we engage our leads in a timely manner?
  • Do we have a strategic method for lead management?

Choosing the right Campaign Management Software for lead management and scoring would help you determine when your leads become “sales ready.” It will maximizing the effectiveness of your sales team and save you time and efforts. Additionally, you’ll have a better collaboration between your sales and marketing team.

An effective lead management tool would be able to keep a record of all your data and have a back up of it. It captures more significant leads and efficiently sort them out. It also makes your sales and marketing team to have a valuable collaboration. SiruisDecisions have an awesome article about Lead Scoring here.

Analytics capabilities

Analytic capabilities are more about gathering facts and figures about prospective and current clients. This is suitable for marketing teams. Most of the data they get are from online tracking, email campaigns, phone records and other channels. Analytics measure the success of your campaigns. Analytics reflects on every marketing effort that used in all platforms in a specific period of time. This will help you in making important decisions and execute your business plans. You can find out more about analytics capabilities by reading Birtanalytics article.

The best campaign management software for analytics capabilities should have data management and marketing analytics. Data management is a fast and efficient way to clean up your data for you to acquire precise results and statistics. You’ll be able to get the most updated data regularly. Marketing analytics on the other hand make sure you are on the right track in your campaigns.

To find out if you need analytics capabilities tools, ask yourself the following:

  • Is my marketing strategy performing effectively?
  • How can I improve my analytic capabilities?
  • Will I have to utilize predictive analytics?
  • Do I need to create analytic models?
  • Do I require automated recommendations?
  • Do I need data curation?

You will need analytics capabilities for you to have a strong edge among your competitors by increasing your sales, managing clients expectations and keeping your clients from leaving. Additionally, using past data, you’ll be able to prevent fraud and preserve your business integrity.

Analytics capabilities also has the ability to report on past campaigns, analyze your performance currently and make predictions on future ones. It pinpoints your campaign’s flaws and corrects it to right fit your clients needs. If you utilize analytics capabilities, you’ll be able to generate more revenue and profits. To read more about Reviews of Campaign Management Software for analytics capabilities, click here.

Content marketing tools

Content marketing tools are tools that attract potential clients by creating compelling content. It is normally in a form of a story, facts, infographics, experiences and a lot more. There is no direct selling involved and prospective clients are not forced to purchase anything. By giving accurate information regularly, they would want more.

There are four key elements in content marketing tools. You should be able to track your website activity. This will help find out prospective clients demographic location, the time they spend on your website, the content they often visit, and alert you when you have a sale or a significant event.

Campaign analytics is also an essential element in your campaign management marketing. This gives you a thorough assessment of what you need to do in order to have successful campaigns.

Inbound marketing and the ability to create content is a crucial factor. This will help you encourage prospective clients by creating custom and exciting content, and at the same time promote your products and services.

Finally, we have the landing page management where it makes applicable changes in your landing pages to find out if your strategy is effective.

To find out if you need content marketing tools, ask yourself the following:

  • Do you have the technical know-how in SEO optimization?
  • Are my buyer personas efficient and accurate?
  • Do I have a business plan for my content marketing?
  • Do I have a brand story?
  • Will I be able to focus on my channel plans?
  • Would I be able to incorporate innovation in my campaign?
  • How will my content marketing be documented?
  • Would I be able to effectively my content marketing strategy with the resources I have?

The Content Marketing Institute have written a comprehensive content marketing guide here.

So there you have it. This is just a premier of what kind of campaign management software you can use for your business. All of these can be found in TechTarget’s article. You can also check out CrowdReviews’ Campaign Management Software Reviews to find the campaign management tools  that will best suit company’s needs.

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