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Amazing Time Tracking Software That You Are Looking for

Amazing Time Tracking Software That You Are Looking for

For PR consultants that are independent, it is important for all of you to know that your time should not be wasted. Hence, you should treat your time as a valuable commodity. Being busy is not a good excuse to avail a software for time tracking. Even for the people who are not paid per hour, the time tracking tool is effective. A good conduct of tracking time has a huge impact on profitability and productivity.  It does not matter if a person is currently doing a project that is good for a short or long period of time, it is still necessary to record the time that was spent on the project. This will enable the person not only in tracking the purposes of billing, but also in providing the significant information for future projects estimation.

The user of the software will then notice that the tool he is using is made for proposal development. A good tool for tracking time is capable in increasing the capabilities of the proposals made by a worker. For an instance, a worker proposed a tactic on how the project should be done, it will be recorded in the program and it can be reviewed to integrate some necessary developments.

There is no best method in tracking your precious time, but there is only best time tracking software created to help its user in his everyday tasks. Some business owners rely on classy online applications, software, and systems, but other employers just rely on simple pen and paper or MS Excel spreadsheets. The reason we are here is to give suggestions for picking the right tool of time tracking.

Recommended Time Tracking Tools

Listed below are the tools for time tracking that are suggested by famous businessmen and critics. These software will help the company track time effectively.

  1. QuickBooks– This is specially made for small companies. This is a good software for business accounting. This tool is good in helping its users to conserve time regarding on the invoicing and billing of the company. It also enables its user to track expenses, purchase orders, manage invoicing, and track expenses. Even the recording of transactions and printing of checks. The software has free trial available so the user may see the content and benefits he can get from the software.
  1. FreshBooksThis software allows invoicing, time tracking, accounting, payments and reporting collected in one software. This time tracking tool has a timer in it to monitor the activities per client and projects. Not only for clients that rate per hour but also for retainer users as well.
  1. Harvest– the time tracking software available online which offers reporting and invoicing options. This software provides a service in tracking time easily to its users. Devices like cellphones, computers and Apple watch supports the software so that the user can easily get notifications even if he is not in his office. This tool also supports the multi-currency invoicing online, management of data, export and import functions of data, integration of Google Apps, backup of data and some add-ons on third-party.
  1. Klok– This is a software for time tracking which is intended for personal use. It offers good quality features like timesheet exporting, dashboard reporting, invoice creation and syncing with Cloud and mobile. The user may also connect this software to numerous system of time tracking that is popular today like Freshbooks and Harvest.
  1. Timely– This is an online scheduling tool for time tracking. The software completely syncs with your mobile or computer calendar which automatically saves your incoming meetings and client calls. Timely can also sync with the real time calendar like Microsoft, Google, and Apple. For users that works with more than five projects at a time, an option for free is entitled for them.
  1. Toggl– Everything that this app offers are available for free such as its basic package. The reporting and tracking features for projects that are limitless are offered for free too. The software also supports the company groups that is composed of five members and above in tracking their time individually and as a group. The software also allows its user to view the exact time that an employee spent on a specific project. It can be seen through the use of mobile devices or computers. The colors indicate a particular time for each project.

Additional Options for Time Tracking

  1. Fanurio– This billing and time tracking software is also created for both independent and dependent entrepreneurs. The user of this software may use this in multiple platforms like Google that utilize multiple currencies. It also enables its user to export and import his data.  The user may choose to manage his task whenever he wants to, track the company expenses, and analyze the performance of the company faster and better.
  1. My Hours– The time tracking software that is intended for team and solo entrepreneurs which is used for invoicing functionalities. Do not worry about the price for solo entrepreneurs because there is a free version available for you which gives its user an access to track unlimited tasks, clients and projects.
  1. Paymo– The only tool for time tracking that provides a good quality of tracking time even if it is for free. It has an app which is the web timer where the user can simply record his time that was spent on doing activities or projects. Every entry that is saved in the system has an ending and starting time included in the task. It also provides a data timesheet, team management, reports, invoicing, and capabilities of collaboration.
  1. Ronin– An app for invoicing online, software for client management and tracking time specially made for small companies. The app includes complete collection of tools that are used for sending estimates, tracking expenses and many more. This is available for free and the user is entitled with all plan features.

Reducing Wasting of Time

There are tools available for helping its user to uncover the areas where he is distracted and to see the root cause of his procrastination. In addition that, these tools are also necessary for workers who cannot concentrate much on his work. Consequently, these software should not be ignored otherwise the user will never see the real effect of these tools. He should consider to add any of these in his arsenal:

  1. RescueTime– This program helps its user to track and monitor his activities online to understand his daily habits for the reason that the user may increase his productivity when he has the complete and detailed report of his activities. This software is capable of tracking the exact number of minutes that was spent on various applications or websites. RescueTime is also capable of blocking the websites that distract its user and it provides detailed and complete reports according to the user’s daily activities.
  1. I Track My Time– this is an application for time tracking that enables its user to analyze and track his day to day activities in order to increase his overall level of productivity. It is specially made for independent workers to reflect on their own works upon reviewing his past activities which is recorded by the software.

Value of Time Tracking Tools

Though most of the successful businessman like Bill Gates believes in firms included in PR Pro Solo which says that all company consultants should also track their time, everyone should know that we are not saying that they should stick in billings that are time-based. It is well known that the values that we provide to projects are not determined by the time a worker spend in doing it, rather the strategic thoughts and insights that most of the successful businessman advice to all.

Agata Solnica, a business critic and writer, says that it is essential for a company to have at least one good software for time tracking to save time that should be allotted for important matters. When time is properly managed then the productivity of the company is increased and the management is effective. She also advised that no matter how good the software is, the user must able to use it right because everything will be useless if the software or program is not manipulated well. Not only time is wasted but also the effort and money that was used in purchasing the product.

Scott Ambler, is a senior consultant of Agile Modeling, says that time tracking is valuable to businesses and companies that are just building up. It will hasten up the matching of the company. The capitals will surely be taken back within months and the tax credits will not be an issue anymore. To make these things possible, a good entrepreneur will use software to give a quality services. When a user find out that the software is a handy tool for businessmen, then it will give a good feedback upon the product as well as the performance of the company.

To be a good leader means a lot of responsibilities. Do not let doubts to kill every opportunity that an entrepreneur needs to be successful. To know more about time tracking software reviews visit This site will never let you down in giving the best time tracking products everyone deserves!

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