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Alternate Uses for Recreation Software

Online recreation software has been developed with Parks and Recreation Departments in mind, but many other types of organizations have found it to be a perfect match to suit their needs.

  1. Churches – Many churches rent facilities, offer classes, sell tickets to concerts and events, and/or run recreation leagues. All of these activities are difficult to manage without an all-in-one resource like Recreation Software.
  2. Aquatic Centers – From Swim Classes to Season memberships, aquatic centers are eager to give their public an easy way to join in the fun and integrating Recreation Software to their website is the perfect fit.
  3. Schools – Public and private schools, and especially their PTAs, offer students after-school clubs, fundraisers, dances, and more. Often volunteer-led, Recreation Software can take the pen and paper out of organizing these activities.
  4. Community Centers & YMCAs РBoth Community Centers and YMCAs function very similarly to Parks and Recreation departments, but on a smaller scale. Online Recreation Software is scalable to the size of any organization.
  5. Studios: Dance, Music, Yoga, Karate – Class registration, Instructor Management, and Payment Processing are priorities for Studios that are the bread and butter of Recreation Software.
  6. Sports Leagues – Featuring modules dedicated to League Management, Recreation Software can help with tournament scheduling, drafts, team assignments, field management, and more.
  7. Summer Camps – Camp Registration and Payment Processing are easily done in the Activity Registration Modules of Recreation Software.
  8. Senior Centers – From memberships to activity registration, senior centers often have similar needs to Parks and Recreation departments.
  9. Fitness Centers – Instructor management for Personal Trainers, Fitness Class sign ups, Gym memberships, and more are easy in Recreation Software.

These are just some of many examples that have the same needs as a Parks and Recreation Department. Activity Registration, Facility Reservations, Memberships, League Management, Ticketing, Point of Sale, and more are utilized throughout numerous industries – Recreation Software may be the perfect solution.





Director of Marketing at REC1
Since 2007, REC1 has been an industry leader in Online Recreation Software. Based in the Atlanta-suburb of Alpharetta, GA, the REC1 product was designed and developed from the ground up specifically to meet the needs of municipal parks and recreation departments. REC1 strives to provide recreation departments and their customers (the public) with a modern, intuitive interface that is powerful, well-managed, and actively supported.

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