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Why Agile Methodology Is The Best Alternative For Mobile App Development?

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Witnessing the increasing demands of mobile applications across the globe, mobile app development company realized the need to implement strong development approach that satisfies the volatile requirements of the users. Today, more than 2 billion applications are deployed in app store out of which fewer applications have set its mark. Reasons are many for app failure but, the most important one to concentrate is development methodology. Your app success heavily depends on the way you develop your app. Earlier, app developers develop mobile applications using the traditional approach. They faced a unique set of complexities in app development as they are restricted with memory boundary, mobile screen size, app lifecycle etc. An adaptive approach needs to be implemented to build more advantageous and fruitful app. That’s where agile development approach steps into the picture. Still, there are companies working on scrum or waterfall approach. Let’s find out why top app development companies should switch to agile development approach and how it is superior from scrum or waterfall development approach.

1. Agile Methodology Is Reliable And Increases App Usage

As agile methodology involves an iterative testing loop, applications developed are reliable as a single phase is tested multiple times before its release. As we know, users are too impatient. A single loophole or bug in the application may end up in deletion of an app from user’s smartphone. So, it’s quite essential that an app must be free from all deviations to increase its usage among users.

2. Involves Short-Term Experiments And Is Naturally Adaptive

The mobile application becomes successful when it meets the volatile requirements of the users. Approach to agile methodology involves experiment for short period of time and then again re-develops the app as per users requirements and suggestions. The various testing level involved in agile methodology makes the application more serviceable and is embraced by majority users.

3. Agile Methodology Anticipated The Need For Change With The Change In Technology

With the change in technology, the mobile application also needs to go through changes and bring new updates. So, to update applications without any trouble, mobile app developers adopted agile methodology. It reflects responsive changes in an app that helps to bring easy and quick application updates.

4. Constant Interaction Between Developers And Clients

In agile methodology, at the end of each iteration, the project is represented to clients. The client will give necessary feedbacks and reviews and again the application will undergo the needed changes. As a result, development risk involved is minimum and the project can adapt to changes in quick and easy manner. Moreover, as each development iteration is exhibited to the client, a constant looping is maintained between client and the app developers.

5. Quality And On-Time Project Deliverance

Agile is a development methodology that is swift and responds quickly to change. It’s an iterative model where variables like designing, development, and testing run parallel. As each iteration is reviewed with a client and implementation of necessary changes is practiced in the loop, the project delivered will be error-free and as per the client requirement. Moreover, as the client is involved in each development phase, the project is delivered on-time while maintaining its quality.

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