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How To Advertise Your Construction Company Online For Free

Advertising in construction for freeThe construction industry tends to be pretty cautious towards social media. That’s a quite common mistake that you would like to avoid, if you want to attract more traffic to your business. By advertising your company online, you will have the chance to increase significantly the visibility of your brand.   

However, establishing a solid online presence in construction is a demanding process that needs a lot of time and dedication. No need to worry, though, since we decided to save you from all this struggle and offer you a detailed oversight into how you can reach to your target more efficiently.

Before we move further, it would be a very good idea to explain briefly what will be the benefits for your company by being active online:

Affordable for small businesses

Social media can be a remarkably valuable tool on the hands of small or medium businesses. Given the fact that, the majority of these companies don’t have – yet at least- the financial resources to support big and costly advertising campaigns, that’s their chance to shine. All it takes is some time to invest and a lot of creativity.

Increased accessibility

An extraordinary element of promoting your company online is linked to the ability of  connecting easily with potential customers from all over the world. This is truly amazing, if you take into account the endless possibilities that are creating for your company. With no exaggeration, you have the opportunity to turn international before you even  become local.

Stronger bonds with your customers

The ability to connect with your customers in various ways is essential. Through the use of social media, you can keep in touch with your customers on a more frequent basis. For instance, you can keep them updated with all the latest news towards your business or allow them to participate in competitions.

More humanized profile of your company

Social media can add a different and kind of playful perspective to your company. Through the sharing of some funny or everyday moments from the office, you can build a more vivid image for your business. People appear to prefer working together with companies that remind them a bit of themselves and social media is a very good way to achieve this.

It becomes really obvious already that social media, if used correctly, can take your company to a whole new level. Let’s have a look, now, at how you can take advantage of social media in order to advertise your business for free.

Be consistent

It’s very critical to adopt a distinct and to a significant extent unified profile when you are posting something online. Visitors and potential customers should be able to recognize your brand.

Consistency refers also to keep your presence on social media active. There are plenty of tools which could allow you to do that without being constantly online (e.g. automatic scheduling of posts). All you have to do is to review your online performance regularly and answer to any comments or enquiries concerning your company.

Create your own community

Use the content that you produce as a vehicle for building a strong community around your company. You can manage to do that, simply by providing consistently interesting and well targeted content. By doing so, you will be able to acquire a loyal and well informed audience which will be easier to approach either in the present or in the near future with new offers and suggestions.

With that said, it’s now time to get a little specific and talk about how you exactly need to go about promoting your business on different social networks.

creating content in construction


Putting together content of high quality can be a great help in your effort to captivate more attention around your company. For that reason, you want to ensure that you renew your blog content several times a week and that you amplify it correctly. Choose various topics around construction and prioritize topics that you could come in handy for other people working within construction.

The conduction of detailed getting started guides is highly recommendable and can offer you a significant boost in terms of visibility. On the other hand, you shouldn’t neglect creating some more relaxing articles (e.g. funny incidents in construction). The most fundamental parameter, though, is amplification. Writing something good it’s pointless, if you can’t communicate it to your audience on the right way. You have to try extra hard and connect with other bloggers in the industry. In that manner, you can promote your work easier and reach out to a new audience.

Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is regarded as probably the strongest business and professional network online. Based on this fact, it can offer ample opportunities to you for growing your business.

A smart way to go around it is to have two separate accounts, a business and a personal one. The first one can really come in handy, when sharing news and updates that are strictly related to your company, why the latter can help in gaining new traffic and followers indirectly. We strongly recommend that you become a member in different LinkedIn groups related to construction and try to both initiate and participate to various discussions.

Invest time in Twitter

Twitter is also a very business oriented social network that allows you to easily come in contact with an exhaustive amount of businesses. A smart strategy to follow on this case would be to conduct a huge research and track down all the different companies that could help you grow your audience.

By retweeting and commenting on their tweets, you can give them a reason for start following you and enhance your online visibility. On top of that, you can have the chance to engage in a content exchange with all your different followers and their audience.

Facebook is always a good idea

It goes without saying that, every business that wants to build a strong online profile and promote its products and services efficiently should have a Facebook page. There’s no doubt that Facebook is the most popular social network and can generate tons of traffic for your company, if used properly. Add the contact details of your company and give to your potential customers the chance to connect with you directly.

Similarly to LinkedIn, gain access to construction related Facebook groups and build a stronger and more personal connection with other people working within construction.


I know that Instagram is mostly considered to be a mobile app for teenagers and for companies that address to them. But guess again! If you are smart – and patient- enough, you can see great profit to your endeavor. Instagram is your big chance to promote a different image of your company. Simply by posting a few times per week some every day moments in the office, you can come closer to your customers and build a more personal relationship with them. Thanks to that, you can make them feel part of your company’s culture and give them motivation in order to constantly supporting your company.

Forum Discussions

Our next suggestion  may sound a bit demanding but it’s not. Forums can be the perfect place to promote your company, since normally they are categorized into different topics in accordance with the interests of their members. Keeping that in mind, you can easily find forums connected to construction and try to inaugurate some thought-provoking discussions there. This is again a highly advisable technique since it allows you both to promote your company and to come closer to the audience that you want to approach. You may even make a new friend!

Quick tip: Be really careful not to advertise your company directly. Nobody will appreciate someone who interrupts a nice discussion just for promoting his/her business. Try to be polite and bring the discussion to your point of interest discretely.

QA Platforms

Another way of promoting your company, while being helpful to people that are in need of some advice is the use of QA platforms. A quite representative example of a QA platform is Quora.  By answering in questions related to construction in a QA platform, you can  establish a deeper connection with other professionals in construction and promote your business as a trustworthy and helpful source of knowledge and advice.

Reviews Site

Lastly, you have to score high in all the different online directories that are available out there. Your plan of action, in this case, should have two distinct pillars. First, you want to come in contact with as many reviews sites as possible (ideally all) and put up an enticing description of your company in conjunction with a shiny photo of your logo. When you are done with that, try to encourage your current or past customers to visit those online directories and post a flattering review for your company. If people appear reluctant to do so and the budget of your company can afford it, provide them an extra incentive by offering them a small gift (e.g. 10 dollars prize).

It’s pretty evident, then, that making your company visible online can be a great push for you. With the use of the right software solutions and a proactive attitude towards communicating the cause and the achievements of your business to your online audience, sky is the limit. Simple as that, and by paying practically nothing, you can remarkably expand your business and upgrade your online presence.  

About the author: Taylor Ryan is Head of Marketing in GenieBelt, a construction management software and mobile app, that facilitates the project management process within construction.

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