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Advantages of Video Conferencing Software for Your Business

Advantages of Video Conferencing Software for Your Business

Top online video conferencing software made businesses better with their employees’ productivity and growth through sales. Video conferencing software for business may sound common, but the ongoing development of the software’s features made it reliable over time. One of the reasons why video conferencing became more in-demand is its availability in mobile. You no longer need desktop access to keep in touch with your team.

Instead of settling with written messages and voice calls, video conferencing will reduce your operational costs in no time. Consultations, planning, brainstorming, and deployments of projects will be easier with constant communication. Video conferencing software point to point will make this possible for you.

Relationship of Business Communication and Video Conferencing

Business communication and online video conferencing software have a great relationship, especially now that corporate technology continues to advance. According to Saylor Acadamy syllabus, good communication remains a source of better interaction with customers, addressing business issues, and quicker responses to other employee’s concerns. The syllabus also explains that better communication is a key to better customer service.

How is better communication achieved? Business communication can be achieved in different ways, such as allowing professional and friendly business discussions. As a superior or part of the team, you have to encourage communications open for improvements, criticisms, and encouragement among others. In addition to this, there must be a constant development of trust through regular, straightforward communications.

Other than that, Iowa State University’s Don Hofstrand statement implied that a part of better business communication is a discussion with laughter. There must be some sense of humor to keep the employees’ mood uplifted even once in a while. By doing so, easing the tension and stress can be very easy. Bad communication comprising attacks, frustration, and vulnerability will be fended easily.

With video conferencing, business communication can happen in a click. By simply setting up meetings online or within your organization’s private connection, discussions can easily be conducted. What is amazing with video conferencing software for desktop users is the collaboration of employees regardless of locations. Even if your team is spread from one point to another, a meeting can be constant.

Missing meetings is a common worry to employees. Now that video conferencing is available, fully participating in discussions can be easy even if you are outside, in a hotel, workstation, or at home. Collaboration in a video conference is easy with improved presence even in mobiles.

Business discussions via video conferencing are not limited to employees, it can also involve other professionals. For instance, you can conduct a seminar with an expert working overseas. You can easily connect the speaker to your people in a click. Presentations no longer require personal meet-ups. There is no need for an auditorium to set up at the same time.

As a superior in the company, you can connect with your employees on their project’s progress. Anywhere you are, contacting them would be quick and easy. In contrast, if you are an employee and needs assistance with your work, video conferencing can help you reach your managers easily. With only one click, you can easily exchange thoughts, ideas, and updates.

Business communication will be better with video conferencing since there will no longer be delays in meetings, project updates, and staff training. Video conferencing contributes well in making company operations go smoothly.

How Video Conferencing Helps in Driving Sales to Your Company

Internal communication drives sales in different ways. Primarily, it is about your team’s open communication, which should be enhanced for higher productivity.

When you maintain a regular employee communication, there will be fewer misunderstandings. Confusion will always be present when there is no exchange of thoughts, suggestions, and corrections. When each employee is open to being criticized and becoming a critic, avoiding mistakes during project completion will be easier. The more open a communication is, the more your employees will be committed to achieving the same goal.

For instance, if Employee A fails to comprehend his or her tasks and accidentally does the same task assigned to Employee B, this will definitely result to delay in activity completion. Time is wasted and so is the cost attributed to a certain activity. Remember, a business has to accumulate the right amount of time in finishing a task to avoid extra costs.

Moreover, with effective communication among your employees, transparency will always be present. No one will be left out making mistakes since he or she knows what needs to be done. Relatively, mistakes occur when one has an insufficient supply of information. According to HEC. Prof. Charles-Henri Besseyre des Horts case study, a business works mostly through employees who are in contact with customers most of the time. This shows employees must be prioritized. If you focus on addressing their issues, including communication failures, you can welcome opportunities easily.

A healthy culture in a company is maintained with better communication. Apparently, employees enjoy an environment where everyone is in good terms and making one another better. With a peaceful atmosphere in a workplace, staff will be encouraged to work and cooperate well.

The more accountable an employee becomes, the faster project finishes. Seemingly, when good communication is maintained, all will assume that the team members know what they are doing. This will then encourage workers to focus on their assigned task and finish quickly without having to worry about another.

From the aforementioned facts, the productivity of employees due to better communication will drive higher sales. According to Metropolis case study, improved productivity of employees results in sales increase. This happens when employees feel secured with their jobs, resulting to their encouragement to improve their current performance. The study showed that after motivation and extra training to associates of the company, the firm has an increase of $62,400 sales in a month.

Top Ways to Improve Business Communications With Video Conferencing

Video conferencing software for windows can be utilized properly in order to enhance your business communication. There are different ways in doing so, starting with encouraging your employees to join regular discussions on operations and miscellaneous topics.

Video conferencing will enable you to schedule meetings as early as in a few minutes. If you have an important issue to raise as soon as possible, the conference meeting can be conducted through computers. Other than that, offsite employees may use video conferencing software for mobile. By making employees aware that they can join discussions openly regardless of situations, they will be more interested in collaborating with the team.

The virtual meeting tool is applicable for any type of meetings, such as management, sales, engineering, or training-related discussions. The technology is not limited to oral discussions alone. With advances in video conferencing technology, other applications for presentations can be used during the meeting.

For instance, if you will hold a Human Resources training, it will be easier to show graphs, presentations, videos, and images necessary for the training. Video conferencing is open for screen sharing, which makes your desktop as the presentation platform all throughout the meeting.

Video conferencing strategy is a leeway to show your employees that as a superior, you enforce better communications for productivity. By holding meetings regularly, opening exchange of ideas, and listening to their concerns, you can help them imitate what you practice with their team.

By opening the possibility of video conferencing, your employees will assume that the company treasures their ideas and interest to take part in improving the operations. Some of your team leaders may consider video calls a quicker means to raise their concerns. Regardless of where you are, your staff can contact you to consult on a matter. In exchange, you can also reprimand in just minutes-long conversation.

Employee communications can obviously be improved with video conferencing. Why not use the tool for customer service as well? You will have a more competitive edge if you offer clients quicker and more convenient way of complaining, commenting, and suggesting about your products or services.

There are issues with the use of e-mails, messages, and calls for customer support. If customers use e-mails, they will complain about the time it takes a company to respond. When it comes to call, toll-free lines are often full and busy. Apparently, late responses generate poor feedback to a company.

According to Gartner statement in Predicts 2015: Weak Mobile Customer Service Is Harming Customer Engagement, it was found out that by 2018, 20% of 500 global businesses will provide video-based support for customer interaction. In addition to this, by 2017, human intermediary support will still be required in one-third of customer service interactions.

By engaging your customers via video-based chat, real-time solutions can be relayed to clients. Face-to-face interactions between your staff and customers will also build stronger trust between parties.

Customer service will always be a key to increased sales. A latest study by Ovum showed that 76% of consumers who experienced bad customer service stopped working with a company.

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