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A Guide to Finding the Right Email Service That Fits Your Needs

Being a business owner, you certainly understand the importance of having an efficient email marketing tool to help you succeed.  With so many people with an access to the World Wide Web, it is a market that you cannot afford not to tap.

A Guide to Finding the Right Email Service That Fits Your Needs

According to a study done by The Radicati Group Inc, a market research firm based in California, the estimated number of email users worldwide is at 3.2 billion.  It’s a staggering number of prospects considering 91% of those people check their email at least once a day on an average. With that many possible customers, running an email marketing campaign is almost inevitable.

But before you start shopping around for the email marketing software you will be using, it is essential that you have a full understanding of this marketing technique first.

The Basics of Email Marketing

Email marketing is similar to Direct Marketing in the sense that both strategies involve direct contact with consumers. In Direct Marketing, brochures or fliers are printed out and sent via post to customers. But with the onset of modern technology, more and more companies are choosing to send promotional materials via email.

This strategy is more cost effective as it doesn’t require the additional costs of printing and postage. It is environmentally friendly as no paper of any type is used. The savings made by using emails help companies manage their marketing budget more efficiently.

Marketing emails are any form of correspondences that promote a product or service. So, this includes newsletters, coupons and notifications. These need to comply with laws that protect consumers from spam and false marketing.

One of the bases of success for email marketing campaigns is the customer list that can be used. These are often collected by the company directly at physical locations or through their website. These can also be provided by a third party company that specializes in providing leads. With the combination of new and existing customers, a business can have an extensive database to get an increase in profit.

Email marketing helps to increase profits as the brand is promoted through the correspondence. These emails could be sent out to strengthen the relationship between the company and an existing customer. These could also be used to spread awareness about a product or service that falls into an individual’s spending habits. It is possible for folks who have never done business with a certain company to receive marketing emails.

However, all consumers who do get emails should have opted in at another website or survey. This opt in option means they are open to receiving promotional emails.

This strategy has become popular because it is easy to track which allows companies to manage their marketing budgets more efficiently. They can easily track which campaigns have the highest ROI and which ones are not quite successful. This is made possible by innovative email marketing software developed to address these business needs.

Making a Smart Choice

Because so much depends on the service that you will be choosing, it is important to know what features are available. You can check email marketing software reviews to see which ones can offer what you need. Below is an overview of what you can enjoy with these different providers.

Multi-User Accounts

An email marketing service often allows you to create different users in one account. This will make it easier for your team to collaborate on ideas. The number of users usually depends on the type of service or membership that you avail yourself of.

Email Real Reports

In order to efficiently manage your email marketing campaign, you will need to have access to important numbers. With this feature, you can easily check how many of the emails you sent out were opened, how many were directed as SPAM and how many bounced back. Reports also often include the locations of your customers to help you understand the demographics of your marketing strategy.

List of Contacts

The success of an email marketing strategy of course depends on your contact list. This feature allows you to import email addresses as well as the necessary forms to ensure that you are legally compliant.  Some advanced features of this kind also allow you create segmented lists so you can efficiently send out the appropriate emails to the right people.

Preview Emails

This feature comes in handy when you’re creating your email marketing templates. To ensure that it will appear exactly how you want it to appear, you can look at a preview of your message. This is displayed in different versions such as desktop and mobile. This will ensure that your emails look as how you envisioned it when your customers open it.

A/B Split Testing and Reporting

This feature turns you into a virtual email marketing campaign guru. This enables you to test which templates will yield the best results which translates to a higher profit. From subject lines to the content, you start measuring and comparing results even before you send out a single email.

Auto Response to Transactions

This automated feature allows you to maximize your potential sales. You can configure settings to created emails that are triggered by specific transactions. For example, you can program an email to be sent after a customer has completed a purchase. This correspondence may include a thank you note for the purchase and have recommendations of other items that they might be interested in purchasing as well. It uses your customer’s purchase history and website activity to create more sales.

Custom Professional Templates

Your emails will help build your company’s credibility. So, poorly constructed templates can have a detrimental effect on your image. With the customizable templates, you can simply add your logo, tagline and brand colors to create a look that’s uniquely yours. The already prepared templates will allow you to send out emails much faster and increase yours and your team’s productivity.

Social Media Integration

Your Email Marketing Software can also help you maximize your social media presence. So, your marketing budget spent on emails get spread out to social media platforms as well. This advance feature can help you test out your campaigns. It also ensures that your email and social media marketing strategies are coordinated and aligned.

A Match Made in Cyberheaven

The numerous features that are available to you with the various email marketing services mean that you will able to find the best solution for your business challenges. Issues with your marketing strategies can be easily addressed by picking the provider that has the feature you need. Below are some examples of challenges you may currently be experiencing and the features that can deliver the results you need.

  1. Low Repeat Customer Business

While you are able to attract new customers to your website, you notice that you don’t have much business coming from existing customers. You notice a drop in revenue when it comes to your current customers. When you check your customer feedback, you find that they were happy with their transactions with you and have even expressed the desire to do business with you again. But the numbers are just not reflecting that.

There are two email marketing services that you can use to address this. You can create an email that is triggered by your customer’s onsite activity. If you find that they are browsing often but not purchasing, an automated email that has an ongoing exclusive promotion on the items they are looking at can be sent out. These can be free shipping or discount offers. A well timed email such as this can encourage your happy customers to go ahead and make a purchase.

Another feature that you can use is to send out a scheduled email to let them know of new products or discounts that they can avail themselves of. These correspondences can serve to remind them of your brand and encourage them to visit your website again.

  1. Low ROI on Marketing Promotions

You’ve started a marketing campaign on free shipping but have not seen any considerable response. There aren’t a lot of sales with the code you’ve assigned nor is there a lot of traffic coming from the link on the email sent out. You want to know what is causing this slump so you can fix it.

The source of this problem can be easily identified by checking the email reports on your email marketing service. With this feature, you can check the demographics of the response so you can run a different campaign for areas where the free shipping is not working. In addition, you can also check if the emails you sent out have been opened or have the customer’s email clients tagged these as SPAM. With the report feature, you can identify what’s causing the low response to your promotion. By knowing the numbers behind the marketing strategy, you can quickly make adjustments.

  1. Negative Customer Feedback on Marketing Emails

You’ve received quite a few unhappy comments from customers who are receiving either garbled messages or duplicate emails of the same promotion. They are complaining that you are sending them SPAM and harassing them into doing business with your company.

This is a serious feedback that may have a lot of detrimental results. To address this, you can use a couple of the features that are available from your provider. The first one would be the Email Preview. This can help you see what the customers are seeing whether they are viewing it on their mobile or desktop/laptop. By being able to do so you can quickly fix what they are receiving so as not to cause any more confusion.

The other feature you can use is the Contact List advanced feature. This allows you to create segmented lists as well as review for duplicate entries. By checking these lists, you can ensure that your customers do not get duplicate emails that can be considered as spamming.

With all these benefits and business solutions that you can enjoy from an efficient email software, it would be no wonder if you’re now starting to look around for the perfect provider for you.  Check the list of top email marketing software available at CrowdReviews so you can get started with your enhanced campaign soon.

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