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8 Common SEO Mistakes That Leads To Poor Ranking

8 Common SEO Mistakes That Leads To Poor Ranking
Nowadays, most marketers, bloggers and webmasters merely focus on leveraging their website’s SEO by wading through the ever complex rules and algorithms embodied with it. Going through the ever changing rules of SEO is never easy especially for the inexperienced ones. What you know today may not be applicable in the future anymore, and thus, may result to commission of burdensome mistakes.

Many neophytes to SEO commit mistakes due to the lack of awareness about some factors or the lack of in-depth knowledge about it. Lucky are those who can immediately absorb the learning of SEO as well as adapt to its changes. To be on the safe side, people choose to hand the job to their local SEO agency because they know leaving the job to the professionals would give a quality output. Either way, all people whether a newbie or a pro, both aim for a better search engine ranking.

This article will give you a brief summary of some common SEO mistakes people unknowingly commit. Read through the end to see if you are doing SEO right or wrong and find ways to correct it.

Not Using Google Keyword Tool

Most people tend to forget about the importance of using keywords. On the aim of publishing great content, many will forget about allocating time to thoroughly think about the best fit keywords to use. Keyword analysis should be given enough time. There are many keyword tools to use to help you come up with the right ones to use; Google Keyword tool is a good example.

According to an article 10 SEO mistakes that weaken your rankings –, many people believe that using Google keyword tool prior to making the content is a form of cheating. It is actually false and only a misconception. Google keyword tool actually gives you a hint of what search queries people use to find an article similar to your content, thus, making it easier for people to find your website. Another common mistake about using keywords is that most people tend to go after the popular keywords on the belief that it will drive more traffic where in fact is impossible due to the competition.

Having Common Title Tags

Not having a unique title is probably the most common and the biggest SEO mistake ever committed. Although creating a title unique among the others is quite difficult due to numerous competitors, it is still one of the many factors to weaken search engine ranking. In addition, people also neglect to take note of the rules in making the title.

Moreover, having appropriate description is also very important. It should contain 150-160 characters (not words). This description is commonly known as the Meta description; a brief summary of the article. The Meta description should be true and relevant to the content of your article; if done right could drive a higher click-through rate to your page.

Lack of Social Media Management

Social Media nowadays has become bigger and bigger as a community. Almost everyone has a Social media account e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more. Facebook alone has over 1.7 billion users all around the world as of the 2nd quarter of 2016 according to Twitter as the second largest Social media platform has over 300 million active monthly users according to statistics conducted by Social media as a massive community is also a great avenue for business owners and webmasters to promote their website. Many web marketers do agree that Social media as one of local SEO strategy that drives good traffic to a website. Therefore, being inactive to at least one is a big pitfall.

It would be ideal to participate in one or two Social Media platforms. Choose the right channel that fits the kind of content your website has. Having a Social Media page allows you to establish good reputation in your local niche and build trust and strong bond among your audiences. Including Social Media in your local SEO checklist can bring up many benefits to you and your website.

Too Much PDF Contents

There are instances where you will need to incorporate PDF files on your posts. However, jump packing your page with PDFs can affect your websites local SEO ranking. If possible, choose to include HTML rather than a PDF to your posts as it can be optimized easier. PDFs are more likely to have a bigger file size and could affect your web site’s speed and usability. Having a slow loading web page could affect your audiences impression of your website; having to wait for your site to complete load time might lead for your readers to press exit and look for another site that could provide answers to their queries with a faster speed.

No Google Verification

In boosting your website’s SEO, one of your main goals is to build trust among your audiences and authority between your website and search engines. One of the many ways to do this is by availing Google authorship by Google+. If you have a Google+ profile, you may link that together with your contents and if done properly, your picture will appear next to the content on search query results.

Establishing authorship with your content and building trust among readers is essential not only to your website’s SEO but also to the credibility of your website as a whole. Implementing it is not very difficult or technically complex to do; you just need to follow a few steps and you’re ready to go. It is actually a huge mistake if you choose to not take advantage of Google authorship verification or any other verification tool.

Slow Site Speed

One of the main things that could affect a websites ranking factor is its speed. Improving your website’s speed is not as simple as ABC however it would bring massive disadvantages if ignored. Many people won’t choose to rather wait for a page to fully load; more often than not they click exit if it takes too much time.

A bigger volume of traffic can be driven to a website that has faster speed and will eventually lead to more sales. In addition to that, if you have advertisements on your website, it will have higher click-through rate as well. Hence the fact that improving a websites speed is quite difficult; the best option you can do is to outsource it to the experts and look for a reliable local SEO agency around your country.

Inconsistent Publishing

Whether you publish content daily, weekly, twice a month or whatever, the important thing is that you publish according to your schedule. You should decide ahead when you plan to publish and follow that schedule consistently. You may also opt to volume up your contents but it is not recommended to decrease your content’s volume.

According to an article Bare minimum content: 3 things you have to do – QUICKSPROUT.COM; having inconsistent publishing of contents can hurt your website’s traffic and to recover traffic loss can take up a good amount of time and effort. Many marketers who can’t promise to keep up in publishing contents according to planned schedule choose to outsource the whole job to a local SEO service because they can follow the schedule accordingly since they are paid to do it.

Investing to the Wrong SEO Firm

Most cheap local SEO professionals use black hat techniques. According to, black hat SEO refers to practices to increase a site’s search engine ranking through techniques that clearly violates search engine terms. There are various black hat SEO tactics used nowadays, below are some examples:

  1. Paid links
  2. Spam comments
  3. Spinning of articles
  4. Content duplication
  5. Cloaking

If you choose to outsource your website’s SEO rather than DIY, it is essential to only choose a service that adheres to your site’s needs. You need to thoroughly think about what local SEO service can offer. You may look up a few reviews of local SEO agencies to see authentic feedbacks. Remember to choose only the ones who commit to provide a quality service and guarantees to help you leverage your site’s SEO.

So there you have it! Those are some of the common SEO mistakes that marketers and web masters easily commit which can affect a site’s search engine ranking. There are many things you can do in order to improve your site’s search engine ranking. Getting the top spot at Google is never impossible only if you do the right things for promoting SEO. Knowing the common mistakes of doing SEO is important for the purpose of instances that can happen where you bump into a new SEO strategy that promises to make you get the top spot in search engines but on the actual fact, it will actually put your website to risk.

If you are on the look for people who can do the SEO job for you with no fail, check out reviews of local SEO agency from to see what service provider people have been raving. And also see the latest recap of the best local SEO agency.

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