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8 Benefits Your Business Can Get From Email Management Software

8 Benefits Your Business Can Get From Email Management Software

 Managing an email can be difficult, especially if there are plenty of emails coming in, which makes it more confusing and challenging. In addition, the needs and preferences of every customer are dynamic. In order to cope with the ever-changing customer demands, businesses use email management tools for an instant, quick, and low-cost communication. Online organizations normally use emails to effectively communicate with their clients.

The use of email as a means of communication become widely popular because of its convenience and capability of collaboration. Using an online communication removes the geographic barrier and allows customers and businesses to communicate with each other.

Engaging customers through email is a cost-saving and time-efficient way of communication. Here are some of the benefits in using email management software.

Conversation History

The use of an email software allows an employee to view the entire communication with the customer. According to VisNetic MailFlow, it gives the assurance that all conversation will be in context. Customers will no longer need to repeat their concern or explain the details of the previous interaction. As a result, customers feel valued by the company. If the customer needs to contact the company in the future, the next employee can easily check the previous notes for reference. Understanding what happened on the previous contact with the customer will help you provide the proper response. If the customer has an unresolved issue or inquiry, you can quickly look for resources in order to provide a resolution on that contact. If a customer used an online form to contact the company, employees can make use of the information provided by the customer to access the conversation history.  This also helps the employees provide a more personalized and accurate response to the customer. Thus, increases customer satisfaction.

The conversation history feature is also very useful to ensure that employees are following the company rules. It increases the accountability of the conversation. Customer disputes can easily be verified just by checking the interaction. The majority of the legal disputes is about what was said, who said it and when it occurred. These questions can be answered through tracking the history of the conversation. Getting involved in legal issues can be costly and can take a lot of time, so having a proof of what had happened can save your company time, money and far from trouble. It is important that all messages will be stored in a safe place to avoid any security breach.

Email Alert

One of the benefits of using an email management tool is its capability of sending notifications. It will send an alert when a customer responds to a message, if an email was assigned to you, when the volume of email is too high or if the response time of an email did not meet the standard of the company.

The real-time notification helps manage the operation of the business. It aids in increasing the efficiency and productivity of the company. This feature is essential so you can always be ahead of your competitors. Time is one of the factors that customers look into before they do business with your company. Customers want to have an assurance, that the company that they are dealing with, will always be there for them and can answer all their questions as soon as possible.

Email Reporting

The email reporting of email management systems ensures that the organizations will always have the latest trend and updated report of the efficiency of their communication. It provides the ability to easily detect any problems before it can create an impact to the customers.

This is one of the features that needs to be considered when choosing a business software. It is crucial for any company to have a real-time update of its performance. It allows the companies to make the right decision and necessary adjustments if needed. Accurate email reporting gives you a more competitive advantage against your competitors. You can plan for strategies that are one step ahead of them to have a lead in sales and increase your return on investment (ROI).

Email Rules

The company policies and standards can be integrated into the email to decrease liability and increase the consistency of the company standards. Depending on the company rules, disclaimers and notices can also be added to all outbound messages.

You can also use an email list management software to engage the customers via opt-in newsletters, announcements, and group discussions. The software can automatically handles subscriptions, bounces, archives, and sign-offs through a built-in best practice of the industry.

Email Routing

It effectively routes any incoming email messages and the forms submitted via the web to its specific queues such as emails sent to [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected] This gives the individuals or groups assigned to every department to quickly see the email and respond to it accordingly. Routing the emails to the right group enhances the productivity, increases the resolution rate and improves customer satisfaction.

Email routing can be customized based on the demands of the business. It can be configured based on a web-form, subject lines, email content, category and automatic response.

The web-based forms are efficient in capturing customer data that can be used to effectively answer customer queries and, at the same time, can be used for marketing strategy.

Email Tracking

The email tracking software gives you the ability to track both incoming and outgoing messages. All emails are automatically tracked to ensure that all emails are stored and nothing is overlooked. You can also save time and money since you no longer need to make a call to check if an email has been received. The software will automatically do it for you.  It can track if an email has been successfully delivered, bounced back, or was marked as spam.

The email tracking capability is a great advantage, especially for marketing. It can monitor when the recipient received the email and when it is opened. It can also track if how many times the email was opened. If an email is opened multiple times, most likely the customer is interested in the product or services. It’s a good start to keep the customer engaged. It can also track which links on the email that customers clicked, this can give you an idea of the interests of the customer and how to approach them. Your marketing strategy will now base on the customer preferences. The software helps facilitate and provides a more personalized interaction with the customer. This can normally turn prospects to customers.

The top email tracking software has the capability of reporting the delivery rate, the number of emails that has bounced back, subscribers who unsubscribed, the rate of spam complaints and the number of subscribers who opened and clicked the message. Email tracking software reviews are helpful in determining the different features, strengths, and weaknesses of the software.

Knowledge Base

The software can be used to store answers to frequently asked questions. You can make use of the software as a knowledge-based, which can be accessed anytime by the employees. Having a centralized knowledge-based gives you an ease that all information provided by the employees are precise. This improves the productivity and the access of information whenever they need it for review or training purposes.

Some software has a predefined workflow which is an advantage in order to accurately resolve simple or complex inquiries.

Web Access

Most of the business email management solution offers a web-based access to emails.  This provides access to email anytime and anywhere. You just need an internet-ready device and an active internet connection.

There are other benefits that you can get in using the software depending on the software manufacturer. Take time to read the reviews on email management software so you can compare the benefits that each provider offers. The software must be reliable to minimize any downtime with the service. According to Rackspace Support Network, an hour of unforeseen downtime per month will cost a company of over $250,000 in a year. The interruption may also cause a damage to the company’s relationship with the customer. It is important to verify the support options of the email marketing services before making a contract with them. Their support must be available 24/7, you should be able to contact them immediately and they should have different ways of support depending on what is convenient for the company.

Keep in mind that aside from having the best email management software, you also need to consider the individuals that will handle the email inquiries. They should meet the customers’ standard to prevent losing customers. Their main goal is to turn potential leads to customer and retain existing customers. It is expected that all employees should respond to customers efficiently and accordingly. They should be held accountable to every interaction they had with the customer.

Do you think the software can help your business? Check the list of email management software at to learn more about the benefits that you can get from the software.

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