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7 Most Useful Tips to Transform Your App into an Addictive Tech Program

The mobile revolution has taken over and our lives have been accustomed to the modern way and conveniences from mobile applications. The dependency on smart devices has increased in the past few years. The tasks, which once required a physical presence at the event venue, can now be accomplished with a tap on the smartphone’s screen.

The mode of operations allied to technology has brought this ultimate change in the society. People are now more tech-savvy and look forward to accomplishing their series of daily tasks with modern equipment and smart ways.

Crunching some numbers here will make the situation even more evident that urban society is moving forward with a tendency of being addicted to apps. Not all, but there are few major categories including utility, games, social and entertainment that have kept users glued to their respective apps.

According to a survey by mobile analytics firm, an average adult accesses apps 60 times a day while the user checks his/her smartphone approximately 110 times a day.

The number of smartphone users is expected to rise to around 2.5 billion by the end of 2019 compared to 1.5 billion smartphone users (recorded in 2014)

These numbers are absolutely staggering indicating how the world population has made a shift to the digital landscape. The smart gadgets have emerged as a solution provider, a personal assistant, a tool for endless entertainment and much more.

With the increased dependency on smartphones, expectations tend to rise as user’s urge to own more continues to grow. This is where the load on developers start to rise. It’s more of a challenge to make it better with an added creative and innovative angle. The task of keeping users engaged and coming back to relive the same experience is even more difficult.

Not all applications can share the same level of addiction but as a developer or a designer, you can introduce out-of-the-box appeal to the app, which entices the user to come back and enjoy the same experience- making your app addictive than the rest.

Comparing a utility app with a game or an entertainment application, which already has a high addictive quotient isn’t justifiable. Each application has its own pros and cons that can never and can’t be compared with a different app of a different category.

Here, we list down best possible ways ensuring your mobile app will surpass other prominent players in the market.

1. Keep it simple

This is the best possible way for users to repeatedly use your app- ‘make it simple’. The simpler the app will be, more are the chances of it to outclass the competition. Nobody likes complicated things and as far as mobile apps are concerned they are intended to make our lives easier. Then how can you expect a complex app to perform well?

Simplicity is the key to winning million hearts. The user base is vast and lots of people will be accessing your app once it goes out in the app stores. This makes it even more important for you as a business owner- to focus on simplified solutions rather than complicating things by adding trivial features, navigation and content. Addiction is the byproduct of a simple and easy-to-go application. Get the basics right and rest will automatically follow.

2. Impart Intuitive Character

Imparting an intuitive character to the app is normally tough. Designers need to understand its importance in attracting and engaging users. Easy-to-comprehend designs never fade while trying to put a lot of creativity can possibly move users off the app. It’s important to understand where to experiment and where to follow standards.

UI is the core aspect of the app as user interaction is done through it. So a blend of standard elements and creativity for modernizing things can play well for you. If users are able to soak in your design elements then no matter to what extent you have put in creativity and experimented on an innovative level, it’ll be praised and will keep users coming back to your app.

3. Ensure it is attentive to respond quickly

Another important technique to increase repeat customers is ensuring a quick app response time to the requests made. Users are impatient, and with mobile trend, everyone wants to get things done really quick. Failing to achieve the speed and responsiveness will keep users away from your app and push them towards other smarter solutions available in the market.

The faster your app can respond to the user’s command, more are the chances of the user to get back to your app, making it an addictive piece of technology.

Acquiring a space on user’s mobile device, it’s obvious that your app will be accessed irrespective of time and place. Therefore, it’s necessary to build an app, which doesn’t demand more effort and time of users than they’re willing to invest. Slow apps witnessed a higher uninstallation rate than others that respond quickly.

4. Granting power of taking control

Users like to manage or control things on their terms. It’s important to grant them the power of controlling things- be it app’s theme, color, font or any other aspect of the app unless its performance and functionality are affected. The illusion of controlling features and layout can make them feel special and they’d like to come again and again to explore more exciting features your app offers.

Hence, the goal of increasing user engagement to your app can be achieved. Although, the goal isn’t limited to addiction but to offer a seamless experience that keeps them glued to your app, no matter how strong the competition is.

5. A virtual experience

Apps can be really addictive if they leverage users to live in a virtual world, which they desired ever since they started dreaming. Usually, in the case of games or fantasy applications where users are allowed to mold things as per their desires or wishes.

Who doesn’t want to live in the world of dreams? Everyone aspires to live his/her fantasies and if you can empower your app to serve such a purpose, then you have already put yourself in the driver’s seat with several passengers on your vehicle. A sumptuous virtual experience will drive users to visit again not only once but several times in a day.

6. The enforced loop

The-do-it again task brings users back to the app without you intimating them on every occasion. Apps, having the ability to create this enforced loop, can trigger users’ brain to hit the app. The enforced loop can be defined as the process of learning, executing and rewarding.

The user learns to perform a task, executes it and if successful, then receives a reward for it. Receiving a positive feedback with the completion of tasks forces the user to visit again and perform the same series of tasks. This urge of user keeps on increasing with every successful task done making them addicted to your mind-blowing technology production.

7. Innovate regularly but carefully

Revamping old things is necessary, but it proves to be a hit only if done with care. It’s important to note that innovation and creativity are necessary but at the same time, it’s important to understand the user’s perception and past habits. Usually, users tend to do things in the same way as they have grown accustomed to. So, a critical eye would be required to accomplish the job here while keeping all the aspects in mind.

Don’t work too much around the designing and look and feel of the app. Explore the creative opportunities and areas where revision can work. Don’t try to overdo things instead grow your app revenues while offering an impeccable experience to the users every time they open your app.

Say, for example, you offer cabs on-demand. In this case, innovation of imparting new functions or layout revision might won’t work. As the need of the hour here is to book a cab, get commuted and pay. Planting a creative bud, in this case, won’t act as a savior, instead, would deplete the current fascination. However, integrating an app service like Zomato (that finds users new places to dine in while they are commuting) will be a profitable idea.

Final words

Techniques mentioned above can prove useful in transforming your app in an addictive tech program. Study each aspect carefully by analyzing pros and cons of the same. Also, ensure that you put things the way they are meant to be to get desired outcomes once implemented in the real project.

In this highly competitive and customer-centric market, it’s important to note that only acquiring users won’t help. Instead, mobile development agencies need to invest most of their time in researching and exploring that’ll help them grow.

User experience holds the highest score when it comes to making an app addictive (just like your daily coffee cup). All mobile app developers need to focus on offering experience, which forces users to come back, thereby increasing repeat customers. This not only will help you in building a trustworthy brand but will also aid in generating sky-high revenues for your business.

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