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7 Social Media Tips For Your Ecommerce Website

7 Top Social Media Tips for Driving Traffic to Your Ecommerce Website

ecommerce social mediaThe importance of social media in ecommerce can’t be overlooked given the fact that social media is an unmatched influencer of buying decisions online today. A recent study indicates that paying attention to and actively manging social media sites, can drive sales for eCommerce sites up by 71%. What’s more interesting is; social media sites continue to increase their market share of eCommerce referrals higher than any other online platform today. Since you now know how important social media is today to your eCommerce site, let’s focus on what you should do to take advantage of this amazing trend.

Below are 7 steps to increase eCommerce sales with social media.

1. Optimize your social media posts
Contrary to popular belief, keywords aren’t for search engine optimization (SEO) only. Keywords also help you reach your ideal social media audience better when they are used in the title as well as body of your social media content. Remember, social media sites are also search engines so you need to use popular and targeted keywords in your posts to get the most visibility.

2. Share worthy content
To get tons of social media traffic to your eCommerce site, you also need to share worthy content and not just any type of content. Social media users have the power to block/ignore any person or brand that doesn’t add value to their social media experience. The importance of sharing worthy content can’t therefore be overlooked. Your focus should therefore be on sharing content that puts the needs of your target market above yours. Instead of sharing direct sales pitches, share content that is educational and informative to your target customers on social media. A website blog is a great place to start.

3. Leverage on social sharing buttons
Social share buttonsThis is one of the most effective but commonly overlooked tips for growing your eCommerce website exposure. You should have easily accessible and usable social media share and like buttons in your website to allow easy liking and sharing of your social media content. Social sharing buttons are a great way to gain website referrals from social media.

4. Include visuals in your content
Research studies indicate that visuals increase people’s willingness to read online content by over 80%. As a result, you must include visuals in your social media content for you to attract the highest readership rate and traffic to your eCommerce site. And don’t just post any kind of visuals. They have to be high quality and relevant to the content.

5. Engage your social media followers
It’s also worth noting that it’s not enough to post social media content. You need to respond to social media comments, participate in discussions, host live chats etc. to have the biggest impact. Engaging your social media followers is one of the best ways of building brand loyalty. If your followers feel they know you and they can reach you on social media, they won’t have restrictions buying from you.

6. Be consistent in your social media efforts
To be able to harness the immense power of social media to grow your eCommerce business, you must also be consistent in all your social media efforts from posting to engaging your followers. You don’t have to post daily but make sure you post every time you have something valuable to share. You should also respond to comments consistently i.e. on a daily basis. If you’re not able to respond to each and every comment, you can at least post a blanket response. There are many tools to help you be consistent on your social media. For instance, you can schedule your posts in advance using marketing automation.
7. Don’t forget paid social media advertising
Social media sites are the most popular sites after search engines so it goes without saying which paid ads you should be paying for if you don’t want to pay for search engine ads. Furthermore, social media sites like Facebook have access to priceless demographic data as well as other vital info (i.e. interests) on their 1.7 billion + users which makes targeted advertising very effective. Social media ads are also cheaper.

The above tips should help you grow your eCommerce exposure and sales using social media marketing.

It is however important to note that there is much more to social media marketing then discussed above. Furthermore, implementing the above tips perfectly requires an in-depth understanding of how to use various social media sites to market your eCommerce website. Luckily, there are great social media marketing companies like KO Websites that can help you in your social media marketing efforts.

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