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7 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Video Conferencing Software

7 Questions to Ask When Purchasing a Video Conferencing Software

It is no secret that video conferencing software had become a staple part of every business since it was commercially released. Because of the numerous benefits to various sectors, it is considered as one of the mainstay in communication technology. The ever-increasing developments in mobile phones and other digital devices make it easier for customers to access video conference technology.

The increasing demand of various industries such as small and big business companies, healthcare sector, law firms, and the education industry, has resulted to rapid growth of video conferencing software. There are a lot of choices available in the marketplace. One does not need to be an expert; however, a wise buyer must be able to select the most suitable software for the needs of the business.

With so many video conferencing tools out there, purchasing the system that is appropriate for your business can be a daunting task. The choice you will make will influence the communication technology of your business and its revenue. To help clients in choosing the best video conferencing software available, here are the questions that need to be answered.

What Is Your Budget?

Before clicking Install, make sure that you were able to do your assignment in exploring the World Wide Web. Enter video conferencing software in the search engine and you will find countless feedbacks about various service providers. There are many video conferencing software reviews which are very helpful in making a decision on the selection of the software that is best for you or for your company. Do not be an impulsive buyer. Take note that you must only buy that which is within your budget.

Your investment in video conferencing technology might be outweighed by its enormous benefits to savings and profit yet, there is no need to splurge on it. Knowing the necessary features which are crucial in your business will assist you in the selection process. The system can still be purchased within your budget and at the same time, the benefits and vital features are ensured. There is no need to spend on video conferencing system that offers special functions which are not necessary in your business.

Moreover, in the case of students who do not want to spend money on it, there are free video conferencing software available for download. Examples include Skype and Google Hangout which are popular among distant education students.

Is It Simple To Manage and Use?

It was often thought that video conferencing is complex but as technology advances, the use of video call had become as simple as ABC. One of the integral characteristics of a video conferencing software is simplicity. Since it is utilized in rural areas, its use must not be complicated. If its manipulation is as easy as answering a phone call, productivity is improved. The time that is consumed on figuring out how the system operates should be spent in other more important tasks.

One major benefit if the software can be used easily is the improvement in camaraderie and collaboration among workers. On the other hand, if the software is difficult to operate, there is a tendency for employees to avoid the utilization of the software.

How Many People Can Participate?

Video conferencing tools were designed to eliminate geographical barriers and to promote effective communication. One must be able to select which among the packages for video conferencing is best in reaching out people all over the globe. Moreover, the expected number of clients who will be joining regularly should also be taken into consideration.

In line with this, another question to be asked is, “How many of the participants are usually active?” For instance, Open University professors can estimate the number of students who regularly participate in online discussion. If most of the students are just listening and only few are speaking during the video conference, the professor can decide which video conference software for education is suitable.

Knowing the number of participants is a basic question that will aid in the selection process. If done correctly, it will save the company from underspending or overspending. Keen assessment and judgment are necessary.

Where Are My Users Located?

Video conferencing software for business is making it possible to communicate with employees situated in various places all over the world. Because workers of some companies are scattered, it is necessary that they have access to join video conferences. Some mobile devices allow installation of video conference apps which links the company to its clients or staff. It is necessary to know what operating systems are compatible with the software. Some providers only work for Windows. On the other hand, a number of users rely on free services.

Because video conferencing makes communication limitless, its availability to other countries should also be acknowledged. There are countries which had prohibited the use of Skype. Service blocks are either nationwide or partial. This should be included in the list of things to consider when purchasing a video conference software.

Online education faculty members who are catering students located in the nations where some services are blocked need to find other means of communication or select another video conference software provider.

Do I Need Additional Network Bandwidth?

In the World Wide Web, web site traffic is good thing. The greater the number of visitors, the higher the chance of earning from advertisements, sales, and commissions. The same is true when using blog for business marketing. In video conferencing, traffic might cause network congestion. When traffic exceeds the ongoing bandwidth, congestive collapse might affect communication.

According to Yuping Wang of Griffith University, limited internal bandwidth was one of the technical difficulties encountered years ago that is why the number of studies which explores the potential of Internet-based desktop video conferencing in facilitating instruction (oral and visual) in Distance Learning Language were few. The conclusion of his study states that improvement in internet bandwidth could result to an attainable quality video conference even at a distance.

In an article written by Logan Rivenes, he stated that network congestion is like roadway traffic. If it is severe enough, it may lead to loss of customers. Eighty-one percent of users leave a page or a video if it does not play instantaneously. Certainly, network congestion will negatively affect the company.

Video conferencing software providers must inform the client of the required amount of bandwidth for the system. To ensure quality, routers are necessary to accommodate multiple service providers and to support conferences.

How Do I Extend Video Conferencing?

The video conferencing software that you will choose must have the ability to reach your customers, partners and employees. Ensure that the software allows you to connect to a broad range of devices as much as possible. The purpose of its installation is to communicate with a lot of people. If you were not able to talk to individuals outside your firm, the investment might not be worth it.

Aside from face-to-face communication, collaboration among the members is also critical in the business. The video conferencing software must have the feature of file sharing and multiparty support to increase productivity.

How Will I Benefit From Video Conferencing?

There are enormous advantages of having video conference software in your mobile devices or desktop computers. One of its main benefits is connecting people from different locations. Keeping workers in the loop improves business processes. Aside from that, expenses are reduced specifically travel and accommodation costs. Moreover, video conferencing promotes effective communication and eradicates location barriers. In addition to that, productivity is increased which could impact sales and profit.

For students, it allows them to work part-time while studying. Distance will no longer be an issue. For the healthcare sector, video conferencing save lives! If traditionally, patients were brought to their healthcare providers for consultation, in video conferencing technology, healthcare providers are accessible even at home. For companies of all sizes, business moves forward. Success of global expansion is not impossible.

Because of the integral part it plays to the success of every industry, the use of video conferencing software had become extensive. The increasing need of this vital tool resulted to the rapid multiplication of software providers. A smart buyer must be able to determine which among those video conference software is appropriate for their needs. The given list of questions are important in the decision making process.

Put in mind that despite selecting the best video conference software, there is still a need for a dry-run before buying the service. If possible, discussing the topic with your company’s IT team is necessary. This is to make sure that your users are comfortable with its manipulation. If it is convenient to use, communication is effective and productivity is improved.

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