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7 Indications That You Chose the Right VoIP Software for Your Business

7 Indications That You Chose the Right VoIP Software for Your Business

Choosing the right VoIP software is actually a subjective question. With many types of business available, in different industries, located in varied areas around the globe, there could never be one best that can fit every need. It is highly favorable that the marketplace vying for the top business VoIP tool  is offering a wide range of options and solutions for different scenarios in the business world. Over the course of time, many different VoIP business models are being developed. All our customizable still, and still have more room for improvements.

The wide array of choices sometimes makes the whole task of comparing and choosing the best VoIP business provider for your business can be downright daunting. It is wise to analyze first what is the current business model you are following. From there, you can list down your basic needs, with further noting the uncompromisable from the least priority. There is also the issue over the cost and the budget you can allow for its implementation. From the list you gathered, make a detailed evaluation of a number of different business VoIP service providers and compare it against the criteria you have. For help in evaluating the different VoIP service providers through comprehensive user feedbacks and reviews, click here.

Also, to help you further, you may consider some of the general factors that you should be looking for in a reputable VoIP service provider:

  1. Reliability – Are there issues of downtime in the past, and if there is, how was it addressed?
  2. Flexibility and Scalability – Are their packages, flexible enough to sustain every phase of your business? Can it accommodate a changing number of users?
  3. Mobility – Can it enable you to freely move away from the confines of your office without missing an important call, or a call conference meeting?
  4. Customer support – Is it responsive to accommodate further inquiries after the software has been installed and implemented?

The above list should at least comprise your most basic factors to consider in getting the right and top business VoIP tool for you. When after careful evaluation, weighing of the pros and cons and seeing the list of reviews of business VoIP tools you decided to that top business VoIP tool in your list, here is the list of indications that you chose the right VoIP software for your business:

1. Your Business is “Trending” Online (highlights the role of social media as a valuable feedback to your business)

In this age of social media dominance, user feedback is one important barometer in the growth of a business. There are two compelling reasons why a user would post a feedback over a certain product or service in social media: either they rate it excellently, or they rate it very poorly. Under normal conditions, unless asked, would a user will give feedback about it. When you were given an outstanding feedback by quite a number of users that you just catered or already catering for some time, it is a valuable indication of a successful business model.

In another perspective, as mentioned as one of the important factors to considering in choosing the best among the list, excellent customer support is one clear indication that your business VoIP software is working for you. Customer support makes use of the user feedbacks, even complaints, to learn more about how to improve further the business’ service to its clients. It means that the business values the client’s interest first and foremost.

2. Lower Telephone Bills

Or you even considered cutting the phone lines completely. One of the features of a VoIP business software is it makes overseas calls cheaper than using the conventional telephone system. Unlike the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN), the VoIP technology doesn’t need to build expensive infrastructure for it to function. Analog voice signals are converted into digital signals then travel over the Internet gateway. Since it is in digital form, which means that voice have been coded so it can be transmitted and received with integrity and with less to no interference over the network. The transmission is also faster and more reliable. And with most VoIP platforms, you can even see the person you are talking to, with clarity and crisp moving image that as if you are talking face to face! Talk about functionality that is power packed with features.

Some would argue, since a VoIP needs power to operate, isn’t it a drawback, and a gain by conventional telephone system, wherein it is not dependent on power or electricity to use? Thankfully, this former problem of the VoIP systems was solved by back-up generators in case of power outages over wireless networks.

3. You are a certified multi-tasker

Replying to an email while attending a meeting with investors across the globe through video conferencing? Your VoIP software transcripts, or turns the voicemail content into a readable form and email it to you automatically while you are in the flight on your way to meeting an important client? These and more features were now being bundled with certain VoIP business software packages available from certain service providers. Aside from the basic features that already brought significant convenience for your business, the integrated value added features will make you even more flexible. You can now better time manage, and do more with less time. The multi-functionality features of your VoIP software may also take in some of the roles you used to do your own like call monitoring.

With added mobility feature, you can now access the same features of your VoIP software in your mobile phone. Most smartphones and tablets can be downloaded with the corresponding application, so you can manage your business continuously and seamlessly even if you are out of the office.

4. Increased Productivity

With the multi-tasking capabilities that you now have since the integration of the VoIP service in your business, this also translates to increased productivity not just for you, but for your employees as well. With some of the roles that you were able to “delegate” to your VoIP software because of the certain features that comes from it, for example, having a virtual receptionist that lets it sort out calls and connect it with the person the other line is calling. The email transcription features act as your virtual secretary, which translates your voicemails into written form and automatically emails it to you (or can be fetched when you want it). You can now access its content anytime that is convenient to you. Moreso, you can even file your voicemails, much like the call log or record feature.

With other things that your VoIP can now take care of for you, you and your employees can now focus more on the higher numbers in your priority list like day to day operations, sales output management, auditing, etc. There is a significant increase in productivity in the workplace, so you can focus more on the matters for growth and expansion.

5. The Added Cost is Negligible (benefits outweigh the extra cost of VoIP business tool integration)

It is better to have an idea what does this “cost” comprise. Usually, it covers subscription fees and minimal hardware installation purchases. The total cost also depends on the specific package that you will get, that differs in its type of implementation delivery:

  1. Whether it will be managed solely by the service provider with all the needed hardware installations be leased to the company;
  2. The company owns the hardware and the system, and is solely responsible with its operation and maintenance;
  3. Or the company purchased the hardware and system, but the service provider is the one managing the operation and maintenance.

In the earlier stages, when you are conducting an evaluation of the VoIP service providers that will suit your business, one of the more important considerations is definitely the cost. While there is also quite a number of free to use VoIP business tools in the market, it usually offers the basic services only. Many businesses go for the premium versions that find the added features that comes with the package. The higher packages usually include the most number of “free” value added features, but may require a more expensive monthly or yearly or a contractual subscription fee. The upfront and continuous fees might be cost efficient to have in the long run, considering the tremendous benefits it provides for your business.

6. There is no hindrance in your business’ expansion

According to a survey in 2015, conducted by Software Advice about the top VoIP buyer trends for small businesses (with annual revenue of 50million dollars or less), many small businesses are currently using and relying on the conventional telephone system, but are seriously considering shifting to the VoIP bandwagon. The wide range of people that is using the mobile technology attracted the entrepreneurs to utilize its technology in favor of their businesses. One advantage, as it is prevalent that the world is gearing deeper with the digital age, is adopting the trend earlier would mean you will go with the mainstream technology. It can mean people will be able to adapt to your business management tools.

Another advantage of having a future ready mindset for your business is that you make plenty of room for its growth and expansion. The VoIP business service is flexible enough to adapt to the shifts and growth of your business. It can also be scaled up or down anytime because of its user friendly interface. There is indeed no stopping in any direction that your company will go into.

You are in control

Adopting the VoIP technology in your business would mean getting all its advantages that already worked for a number of businesses across the globe. Specifically, choosing the on-site and full managed VoIP business software for your business means that you have the freedom to customize it as you choose, and to what it will suit your need at a time. Gaining all the advantages of reliability, flexibility, scalability, multi-functionality and mobility will make you stay on top of your business.

Choosing the best business VoIP software for your business should be given enough time for a comprehensive comparison and evaluation. To help you find the right choice, here is the run down of’s reviews of Business VoIP Tools.

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