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7 Important Features You Need in a CRM Software

7 Important Features You Need in a CRM SoftwareYour company needs a customer relationship management software to help maintain a great relationship with your customers. But with hundreds of the software out there, which one would you choose? In this article, we’ll take a look at the seven important features you need in a CRM.

What does CRM software do and what can it do for your company? This software helps you in determining your customers needs and makes sure you have strong customer-company relationships. Below are the vital features you need in a CRM for your company.

Effortless Integration and Simplicity

Purchasing online should be easy. If there are barriers in buying in a website, or if there are too many steps in the buying process, it reduces the chance for your customers to continue purchasing the product. The CRM tool interface should be easy to use and can be understood and used by all. The software should also be easy for you to use. It should have a template or a quick how-to-guide that can help you with the software even without any

 There should be a balance between function and simplicity. Simplicity doesn’t mean that you have a lack of choices, but having the essentials required in the software. You would like to get a user friendly and straightforward interface software. The more complex a software is, chances are the more functions it has, but you do not need those additional features. Or sometimes, even with great features added to a software, but you’re having trouble in using it because it’s too complex, it would defeat the purpose of getting it in the first place. Just pick a software that you and your customers can use on a daily basis that is simple to use. The Best CRM Software should be managed with data and brand integrity and is customized for your business needs.

Integrated Analytics

Having integrated analytics helps your marketing and sales team in getting a competitive edge by using analyzing and collaborating data. This data can give you valuable insights and recommendations that would help you be more objectively driven to make fast and effective choices. They collect data by using advanced methods by using algorithms. The data would depend on what your business needs, but typically they gather information such as your customers profile, products and services purchased, Return of Investment (ROI), customers location, and usage.

Integrated analytics organize the volume of your data using different methods. It allows flexibility and gives out data representations or models. It can also gives out a forecast of future sales and revenue calculation. This data can be distributed to your company to make sure everyone is on the right track and is well-informed on the latest trends.

So how does this collected data be helpful in making your business decisions? You can use it as a basis for your business, especially in sales and marketing. It focuses on the target market, determine the most applicable way to reach out to them and provide strategies to make sure that they stay as loyal customers. By having CRM software, it would lessen the time for you interpret and analyze customer’s data that that would help you save time in your decision-making.

List Management/Master Data Management

The best customer relationship management software should have a list or master data management. Why? Every business should have a record data stored, from marketing, customer service, finances data and so forth. A list or master data will help you find out what your customers purchased or what products or services are in demand. It helps you keep track on delivery schedules and find out if your marketing strategy is effective. It greatly improves your ROI. This can be done by making sure all transactional data is recorded in one place.

Most list or master data gets the tasks done quicker while using fewer tools. It can give a consolidated bill to avoid any confusion, saves time and money and provide customer satisfaction. It has the ability to check and cross-reference if the customer has an overdue bill and reminds you if their account needs to be transferred to a collection facility or agency. It also keeps track of supplies that need to be replenished or make sure to get products that are in-demand instead of those that does not sell well.

One thing to note about list or master data is that it should always be a 100 percent correct. Even the smallest mistake can cause big trouble in the future. For example, if the address was typed incorrectly, the shipment will be delivered to the incorrect address, causing delay in delivering the product and making the customer angry. Another example is the wrong credit card number. Entering the wrong credit card number can lead to chargebacks and you paying for more.

Flexibility and Customization

Most of the software can be customized depending on your needs. But not all has a lot of features. Sometimes they have more options than others. Some can have restrictions in viewing private data. Some has permissions to edit customer’s data or other transaction details. Some can allow a specific group of people to utilize administrative functions. You have to choose the one that allows customization using your customer’s data needs. By customizing, it makes sure it can improve the business productivity and provide quality customer service for your customers. It can also enhances sales and reduce operating costs.

You should have the ability to change customer’s data by having custom fields in place. You should be able to control your customer’s data in the issue or tasks management process. It should empower your company by making sure it shows your company’s brand and culture to others. Customization usually has additional fees, but it can be beneficial for you to meet your customer’s needs. Your sales and marketing team would have less trouble in doing their sales campaigns. The best CRM software would give you choices to customize your data and be flexible in the way your employees handle the data, without having to sacrifice price.

Lead Generation and Follow Up Tracking

Lead generation is beneficial to your business, especially to the sales and marketing department. Having a lead generation and follow up tracking feature in a software helps you keep track of your customers and potential customers. They are two powerful methods to help you increase your sales volume.

Most of the time, having this software can help you provide leads to your sales team using the geographical data or product data it has collected. Once identified, it can help you update and label your leads. This is very helpful if you have a huge number of leads. It can automatically upload potential leads and their information in the database. It also generates reports on their progress and success. Aside from that, it can compile and import any sales queries you have in the different mediums you have and notify you if you need to answer them. It can also measure your ROI for the current month or quarter.

The top CRM software can do all of these with the data you have gathered. However, even with the data, to make sure you have quality leads and make them customers, contact with them immediately once you have the data. Be persistent in your follow ups and have a genuine, constant communication with your clients.

Remote Access/ Mobile Access

Wouldn’t it be great to have access to the software even if you’re not at the office? There is some software that allows access remotely or using your mobile phone, tablet or iPhone. Data can be accessed, viewed or edited easily by any location using these.

There would be times that even if you use computers at work, you would need to have remote access or use your mobile device to connect when you’re traveling. Using remote access or your mobile device will still let you transfer your files and manage them. There also should be any recovery system tools, syncing and transfer options. The system information can also be viewed. You should be able to collect any inventory or technical information such as processor details, battery status, installed software, software version and network information.

Communicating using remote access or mobile access is highly recommended. Tools that can chat or message users with a save function is one of the features it should have.

Lastly, having a secure connection even if you’re using remote or mobile access is a must for this software. An encryption secured channel and a log history is vital in any remote access or mobile access feature in the software

Using these tools can help you but make sure the software is compatible with your devices. You may need to update them regularly to make sure that all the features it has will work. You can check on CrowdReviews reviews of CRM software for a list of software that has these features.


There are other CRM software features out there in the market. Two other contenders on the list is campaign management features and a great multi-channel support system. If you have a great campaign management, it would make things easier for your sales and marketing team, especially in building leads. This would also help in up selling or cross-selling your products and services.

Having a great multi-channel support will help your customers reach you if one way of communication fails. Most of the time, chat and phone methods are very useful if you want to provide solutions in a real-time manner. If it’s not urgent, you can opt for e-mail services instead.

Just remember that each business has its own specific needs. You might need to look carefully for the software that’s right for your business, especially if you’re considering the price. If you want to get more information about the features of CRM, check out CompareBusinessProduct’s article here.

Purchasing one is like getting a house. You need to do some research and find out the differences between software. Make sure to check out the reviews of CRM software made by CrowdReviews since you now know what to look for in a CRM.

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