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7 Easy PPC Bid Management Tips That You Can Do


7 Easy PPC Bid Management Tips That You Can Do

Pay Per Click (PPC) bid management involves a lot of time doing a lot of small things. If you’re doing this manually, you’re spending innumerable hours each day just analyzing and monitoring your stats and checking the conversion or the cost of your keywords. Time is valuable, so you want to use a pay per click bid management tool to automate your process, saving you time. This article will give you 7 easy tips that you can do to boost the potential of your PPC bid management campaigns.

What is PPC?

Pay Per Click or PPC is a method in internet marketing where you as an advertiser need to pay an amount every time your ad is clicked. It is a strategy that purchases every visit to your site rather than earning them naturally or organically. Using search engine ads is a very popular form of PPC. It allows companies to promote and bid their ad posts in the form of the search engine’s sponsored links when a keyword is used. The best PPC bid management software can help you optimize your PPC bid management.

If you are having difficulty in your PPC bid management campaigns or would just like to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list for you when using pay per click bid management tools. Read more to find out what are the 7 easy PPC bid management tips that you can do right now.

1st Management Tip: Choose Your PPC Bid Management Solution and Strategies.

The PPC bid management is not an easy thing to do. Even though you will be doing mundane activities, it is a vital component of your PPC bid management campaigns. You have to look for a software that is compatible with your company’s budget, needs, and scale. Every PPC bid manager should determine what the features and methods are effective for managing their bids. If you want to know more about what kind of software can help you, read’s Reviews of PPC Bid Management Software to help you decide.

2nd Management Tip: Choose Very Specific Goals.

Determine what is the purpose of your PPC bid management campaigns. More often than not, its main purpose is to optimize your website’s visibility using good branding. Pay per click bid management software also makes sure that the traffic to your website is high and has increased conversions, making your CPC (Cost Per Click) on the bids of your keywords. This helps in lower your costs in your campaigns.

3rd Management Tip: Create a Schedule and Follow It.

Your campaign details should help you create your daily schedule. However, that does not mean you have to modify your bids on a daily basis. First, monitor your bids and adjust them if necessary. Use your collected data to analyze and then make decisions based on them. Your bid rules can change depending on the campaign. An ideal interval is about 2 weeks or so.

4th Management Tip: Budget and Choose Wisely.

Do not just bid on everything that you see in the number one position. Consider the position that has the high-quality website traffic volume yet reasonable in price. One more thing is to include the software in your budget. So find out which is the most reasonably priced yet effective software by reading’s best PPC bid management software.

5th Management Tip: Know How To Act on Your PPC Bid Management Situations.

Even if you have a PPC bid management software on your campaigns, you sometimes need to adjust and modify them manually. You still need to monitor for any out of stock items or seasonal changes. If not, your conversion rates will vary, or your results will be inaccurate.

6th Management Tip: Use Portfolio Bids.

What’s a portfolio bid? This type of strategy can optimize your campaigns and account spending to reach your business goals. They optimize your keyword bids and also forecast your keyword performance. It also compares the keyword bidding management process to your managing investment fund process. Using selected stocks, You can make sure that you get the most of your return of investment (ROI).

Your PPC bid management tools segregate your ads and keywords according to their likeness. By grouping them similarly, they can cater to a personalized, independent portfolio. The good thing about this strategy is you can merge more than one portfolios together in your PPC bid management campaigns. This will provide you a bigger range in your keywords and your target audience.

7th Management Tip: Create Rule-Based Bids.

A rule-based bid is another type of strategy you can use. This is the opposite of the portfolio bid because they use data one by one. Individually, they analyze and appraise keywords based on their performance and relevance. Once done, you can find out if you want to decrease or increase the bid.

This is made so that you can have control on what and how your budget is used. You can adjust your bid’s schedule and frequencies of your ads. This is only optional but very useful if you want to lessen your CPC costs. Managing the right PPC campaigns using this strategy can help you control your costs and give you a higher ROI.

Other Strategies You Can Consider

Day parting. Day parting is pretty new. It’s a strategy where you run your ads on certain time of the day or only specific days in order to target your audience effectively. This can help you reallocate your costing budget and focus you on other things during this time.

Rank Driven Strategies. This just means that your selected keywords should be ranked at the very top of the searches. it’s a great way to increase exposure and promote brand awareness; however, it can be very expensive. Use this option if you only have few selected keywords.

Conversion Driven Strategies. This strategy is useful if you are generating more leads and sales. It is also recommended for campaigns that track their keywords, conversion rates, and cost of acquisition. It defines your target goals based on the profit margin. Once they meet the goal, it produces an increased bid price. The price of successful keywords will increase while the ineffective ones cost less

The ROI-based bidding strategy. This strategy is used when you want to track keywords based on their weighted conversion or sales revenue value. The higher the ROI results of the keyword, the more expensive it will be

Budget-Based Strategies. This strategy makes most of your campaign’s budget by finding ways and alternatives to optimize your ad spending. Basically the more clicks and more page views you have, the higher your conversion rates. Using this strategy helps you prevent overbidding, optimize your spending and reduce your CPC.

All software has its own unique strategy that can help you in your business. Find out what works best for you by reading’s PPC bid management software reviews Now, let’s talk about a very important part of your campaigns, which is keyword research.

Things to Remember in Your Keyword Research

When starting your PPC bid management campaign, always remember that it can be time consuming yet can be very effective. PPC keyword research can make your campaigns very successful. An effective one should be:

  1. This is the most important part because you’re paying for the keywords to match your campaigns. You need to use selected keywords that bring you a higher conversion rate and profits. The keywords should always be related to what you are offering.
  2. PPC is constantly changing, and the results may differ each time. It is recommended to regularly monitor and refine your campaigns, expanding it if necessary. Make sure that you’re modifying your keyword list on a constant basis, whenever possible.
  3. Comprehensive. You should be able to do a research about your keywords first and use not only the most common but also the popular ones. There are other ways of keyword searching such as long-tail keywords, which does not have a lot of competition and is not expensive. Long-tail keywords are three or more keywords that are specifically used. Don’t be vague in your keywords, but don’t be too specific either. Too general or too vague means there are many competitors, which results to a higher cost. Being too specific can put a limit to your ad campaign exposure and not generating any views.
  4. Start Small and Then Work Your Way Up. Once you research keywords, create a handful first. Then, you can focus on the quality of your keywords instead of quantity. Make sure everything is relevant to your website content.

There are many kinds of PPC bid management software each with their own methods and strategies. It’s up to you to choose which one works best for your company. If you want to learn more, then, read other PPC bid management strategies or more PPC bid management strategies

Make PPC bid management work for you and not against you. Why would you use something you’re not going to benefit? Start doing that by reading’s PPC Bid Management Software Reviews to begin maximizing the true potential of your campaigns.

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