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7 Characteristics of Good Email Marketing Software

7 Characteristics of Good Email Marketing SoftwareChoosing the right email marketing software is a crucial step in your business’s success. There are many important factors to consider before picking the right one. Good thing is you need not to be a pro to be able to pick one that fits your needs. All you need is something that does the job, saves your time and is worth every single buck. Let’s face it: email is the best possible way to communicate with multiple people in a short span of time regardless of the distance between you and your recipient/s.

If you are a businessman, a manager, a dentist an artist or any other professional who always has jam packed to-do-lists, you practically don’t have all day to do just emails, but you know you need to do it and it stresses you out. To get bit of a rough idea, read through the end of this article to know the right email marketing platform that fits your needs.


Not everyone is keen with technology and web platforms. Some people may have limited idea in terms of creating and using electronic mail or Email. When choosing the right email marketing service, you need to make sure you won’t have any problems in the future. Carefully check each feature especially in terms of graphical user interface. Below is a list of things to look for in an email marketing tool’s interface:


It should be visually pleasing to the eyes. The use of cool toned mixture of colors is ideal. Colors such as green, white and blue black and white, grey and white is a good example. Avoid those using brightly colored ones. Not that color depicts the kind of service one has to offer but considering the fact that you will use this software a lot of times, you wouldn’t want to be looking at the computer screen and hurt your brain.

Detail Orientation

Details should be embodied in an organized manner where you can easily get a quick catch up with your activities. Things such as contact lists, subscriptions, status of your messages and a click-through rate dashboard should be easily accessed by the user.


When choosing an email marketing software one has to make sure that they can easily do things they want to do. It should not be complicated to do basic things such as sending emails, changing information, creating campaigns and other primary things people use these services for.

Support is Provided in a Timely Manner

Support availability is essential in so many aspects, especially when dealing with technology. Many of email marketing software do not offer technical support. Some do offer but not as many as everyone would like. Almost all the ones included in a rundown of the best email marketing software have satisfactory technical support.

If certain software does not offer technical support, try to see if they have any self-help articles. If everything is completely understandable then that would be just fine. But if instances happen that you encounter a problem and nothing in this article could solve it, the help of a human technical support is very important. According to an article, it would be best to choose those that offer self-help manuals like FAQ’s, tutorials, etc. and those that provide upfront support through emails, phone and chat.

Tons and tons of email marketing programs around the web offer enticing platforms and benefits but lack enough facility for technical support. Encountering problems is inevitable. Always consider when finally deciding the best email marketing software of your choice, that help is readily available.

Allows You to Promote Easily

One core reason why people invest in web platforms such as email marketing is the opportunity to promote their brand. Email marketing has been a proven effective marketing strategy. Email marketing services allows you to advertise your business easily and effectively without having the need to pay big time. According to an article, 99% of surveyed event managers use email marketing as a way of promoting their campaigns. Here are tips on how to write a compelling promotional email:

  1. Write an eye-catchy subject line. The subject line serves as a bait to read your email. An article says that the subject line is your email’s gatekeeper. No one would be interested to read your email if in the first place, it’s doesn’t sound interesting enough.
  2. Emphasize what your business has to offer. Rather than writing a long boring email discussing about details and stuff about your company, why not put your feet on your customer’s shoes and ask yourself; “do these things make sense to me?” It would be best if you write something that people will find beneficial.
  3. Highlight call-to-action in your email’s body. This can be done through the aid of buttons that redirects the reader to your web page.

Those are the key ingredients of a good promotional email. When choosing the right email marketing system, it is best to consider one that allows you to do those things listed above. Promoting your business’s campaigns is practically the main purpose why you invest in such software.

Increase Productivity

Almost everyone is up for the hunt on innovative ways to be more productive in various things they needed to do. Nowadays, technology has been the greatest tool in better and more efficient production. It helps a lot of fields in so many aspects including business, education, leisure and more. Email marketing as a product of technology has also been playing a major part in today’s business’ playground. When searching for the right email marketing tool, consider features that will help increase productivity. Here are things to look for:

  1. Look for one that has a user-friendly interface. You wouldn’t want to spend all day trying to figure out how stuff works.
  2. Offers a variety of email marketing templates. You will use templates a lot of times in promoting your brand or special events.
  3. Progress is easily tracked – being able to assess your progress allows you to make adjustments easily, therefore, increasing productivity.
  4. Segmentation should be easy and effortless. When done manually, it will take time depending on the volume of your contact list.
  5. It should be easy to put a call-to-action tool. Most of the time, your purpose of sending emails to clients is to make them do something like visit your page, avail promos or make a purchase. You can do it by adding call to action tools e.g. buttons.

Offers Automatic Response

As a one-man-band, responding to loads of emails is going to take up a lot of time. Good thing is, most software have email marketing option that allows you to set an auto-responder. Setting up an auto-responder is mostly easy. The only thing you need to put a little more time for is setting up your contents of your automated emails. This feature needs very little maintenance, perfect for busy people. Below are the 4 benefits of an auto-responder:

  1. Communication with clients is well maintained with little to no effort at your end. It also allows you to maintain a strong bond as it allows you to send personal greetings on occasions like birthdays, special holidays, etc.
  2. Helps in promoting your business’ identity and reach a wider audience.
  3. It gives you the benefit of having higher chance to drive sales.
  4. A great help for businesses with limited human capital and resources.

Helps You Keep in Touch with Customers

Maintaining a strong bond between you and your clients is a one thing to give great importance. There are many ways to do it but practically the best possible way is through emails. There’s nothing can beat a personalized email. Good email software allows you to address the recipient personally. Try to look for one’s that will make it possible for you to send multiple emails with each one mentioning its recipients. It is one thing to make your customers feel that they are valued. In most cases, emails without including their recipients name in the greetings section gets discarded or moved to spam box.

In order to make an engaging email, always address the recipient by their first name. Secondly, only send contents which particular recipient will find helpful or relatable. Third, keep everything short but on point. Lastly, keep everything in a personal tone. Avoid putting too much detail; you do not want to bore all your readers to death. It’s best to write in a casual, inviting and straight-to-the-point tone.

Higher Return on Investment

In any type of business, return on investment is very important. It measures the capacity of you and your business in rolling up your invested resources. It also reflects the status of your business, whether you are gaining or losing. ROI is also applicable if you invest in email marketing.

When choosing your desired software, take time to carefully think which ones to go for. Try considering looking at reviews on email marketing software online to see if people are actually gaining returns or not. According to statistics, 60% of surveyed marketers say the email marketing is producing satisfactory ROI for their business. Another statistics show that email marketing has an ROI of 4300%.

Wrap Up

Those are the 7 things you need to look for when choosing your desired email marketing software. Together with thorough research and careful planning, you will be able to soon venture in the field of email marketing.

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