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6 Ways to Utilize Video Conferencing Tools for Teaching

6 Ways to Utilize Video Conferencing Tools for Teaching

The Education System all over the world is changing rapidly for the better. This is to prepare and improve the students in coping with the complex environment. Thanks to the non-stop technological innovations, teaching and learning have become accessible and geographically limitless. Gone were those days when learning is only restricted to the four corners of a traditional classroom. Now, everything is possible with the help of video conferencing software.

Video conferencing tools allow interaction between an educator and the students from around the globe. It has become a staple means of communication that is widely utilized in the education industry. Its advantages in removing location barriers and addressing inaccessibility makes it a very vital instrument in education.

The ability of making classroom walls invisible is just one of the numerous benefits of video conferencing. Here are some ways to utilize video conferencing tools for teaching.

Distance Education

Because video conferencing software for education allows people in various locations to communicate and share experiences, learning is infinite. Students are no longer confined to their classrooms or schools. Learning is flexible and students can study in their most convenient time. People in rural areas need not walk a hundred miles just to experience high quality education. Those with disabilities can learn new information at home which could also lessen the possibility of bullying. Moreover, an employee can work and study at the same time without having the need to sacrifice one over the other. For instance, a teacher can still continue his/her passion for teaching while enrolled in a continuing education course.

In a case study conducted by Trudie Frindt exploring the impact of video conferencing on distance education, it was concluded that distance education can be as effective as traditional classroom instruction. Furthermore, the use of video conferencing tools for schools on a regular basis has been suggested.  This research was administered in the University of Namibia examining the effectiveness of video conferencing to distance education students taking Bachelor of Education Degree.

Other research evidences show that videoconferencing software connects instructors and students. Learners also improve their communication skills through the use of multi-user video conferencing software to talk to their friends who are enrolled in other universities. With video conferencing, online universities can hire experts from other nations who will enrich knowledge of students in a particular subject-matter.

These transformations in modern learning were brought about by technological advancements. It is undeniable that technology eradicates the limits of learning.

Virtual Field Trips

Field trips are sometimes not feasible and impractical due to budget issues and time constraints. However, there is another way of seeing a place of interest where students can still learn and have fun without leaving their classrooms. Video conferencing tool brings students to another place through virtual field trip programs. The class can explore other places, visit museums and see the world with just a single click of the mouse. Free video conferencing software are available for download which are great means of making learning without borders possible. Students can be taken back in time or into the universe. This is a fun and interactive way of learning.

One particular example is the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science which implemented a video conferencing system to organize virtual field trips. Around 5000 schools in Texas were able to experience the exhibit as if students were physically present on tour. On the other hand, the happenings were recorded for the sake of those who were not able to join the video conference. Other virtual field trips are interactive which elicit the students’ interest and addresses the need of a specific topic.


Another way of utilizing video conferencing tool for teaching is through demonstration. Anyone can learn how to cook through online cooking classes. Students can develop their cooking skills by watching videos and applying what they have learned into practice. For instance, baking a cake can be done as simple as ABC at home if necessary ingredients and materials are on-hand.

Medical and nursing schools are also utilizing video conferencing tools for demonstration of various procedures and interventions. Clinical instructors can assess if the students were able to acquire the needed skills through return demonstration. This is crucial because the students will be putting it into practice later on. It could either save or kill a patient.

Reach Out Students of Remote Areas

The challenges faced by students living in rural areas are more difficult compared with those who live in urban places. The former are missing out a lot of opportunities because of inaccessibility. Number of students need to walk or commute for hours just to attend classes. Financial constraint is also an issue for some. Because of these reasons, they are less likely to attend higher education and most would prefer working in the fields than study.

To address this, online education are now existing in various nations. Rural students can communicate with their teachers face-to-face and be involved in the lessons. They can also collaborate with other students to share knowledge or work on a group project. All of these were made possible by video conferencing software.

Top video conferencing tools link students who are inaccessible due to location or budget issues to their tutors. This improves learning and increases literacy rate of a nation. The development in literacy is very vital in the economic progress of the student and the community’s welfare. Opportunities for education and employment will be of great benefit to all the sectors of the society. Thus, the effect of video conferencing tool to literacy rate improves the future of every citizen in a country.

Guest Lecturers

Not only does video conferencing improves access to students living in far flung areas, it also makes talking to experts all over the world possible. Because subject-matter experts have tight schedules, video conferencing software is of huge advantage when it comes to saving time and travel costs. Open universities are inviting specialists from various nations to teach students via video conference. The result is, a more interactive experience for students who can gain in-depth knowledge on a particular field of study.

Moreover, limitations to information can be reduced if not eradicated when students can communicate to experts all over the world. For instance, the history and culture of Europeans can be discussed competently by a historian who has long been studying the subject. In addition to that, video conferencing saves money.

Connect Classrooms

Reviews of video conferencing tools narrate how the software service benefits the global society. Through video conferencing, various schools all over the world can be connected. The collaboration with other students of various nationalities causes multicultural relationship development. Language can also be enriched when participants are talking to native speakers in a video conference.

In conjunction with video conference tools for education, there are online collaboration software which allow students to work together online. Both tools are now utilized widely in schools so that students can grasp concepts better.

Save Lessons

It is inevitable for a student not to get sick. No matter how careful you are in protecting yourself, there are days when you just don’t feel well. In a traditional classroom set-up, if a student is absent for the day, he/she can no longer replay how the teacher had explained a certain topic. Unless sit-ins are allowed, the options an absent student can do are to read the topic or let his classmates explain the concept. In video conferencing, saving a lesson is possible. When a student misses a class, the recording of the video conferencing can be played back.

Students who are living with chronic diseases can have the opportunity to learn and finish a degree despite their poor health status. The same is true to those students who have disabilities.

Video conferencing tools for desktop/laptop is very beneficial for students. If for instance, they do not understood the lesson for the day in the video conference, they could record and save the clip. The video can be played again and again until they were able to grasp the idea that has been discussed.

For the teachers, they can also record the performance of the class which is very useful in the individual assessment of the students. Just in case a parent or a student complains, they have proofs to show how the student performed in class.

It is undeniable that videoconferencing has been a very vital tool in the education industry. Its numerous benefits made learning and teaching more efficient, effective, productive, flexible and cost-effective. Video conferencing tools have been a part of our way of life. The techniques on how it is utilized for teaching brings huge improvement in the education system.

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