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6 Ways That a Campaign Management Tool Enhances Your Business

6 Ways That a Campaign Management Tool Enhances Your Business

A brilliant business idea must be matched with an equally brilliant business plan. Your business is an extension of your goals and ambitions, so it needs your focus and attention to make it successful. As the owner, the success of your business will rely in your smart decision making, creative pursuits, and risks taken. But still, it is also achievable through the collective efforts of all the members of its organization. Using reliable and effective business tools also contributes significantly in improving and enhancing overall productivity, efficiency, capabilities, and work functions. Overall, a successful business connotes balance in creative ideas, innovative product, efficient employees and use of technological business tools.

Successful Marketing Campaign

The marketing is one of the most crucial members of a business organization. It works collaboratively with the research and development department, which is in charge of product development and innovation. There should be an understanding between these two departments, to ensure that the needs of the customers are met with the right technology, and improvements are to be implemented in the product upon customer feedback. The R&D is important to marketing because it is the one which supplies information about how the product or service works, as well as other technical specifications and functionalities. Both roles are important towards a successful business venture.

Marketing campaigns base its structure from its purpose; whether for brand awareness, new product introduction, to increase sales, or to “hype” the product’s popularity. Marketing campaigns can also be in different forms. From simple flyer distribution, an invitation email, a social media fan page, a TV commercial, or a booth in trade shows – these are some of the usual means of promoting products and services, and there are many more that vary in complexity and implementation methods. A marketing campaign contains many facets that must not be overlooked, as well as it needs to be delivered in an appropriate and timely manner. It should also not be a one-sided implementation; it needs the right technology, as well as the customers should also be comfortable with it.

The many aspects of implementing a successful marketing campaign gave rise to the development of campaign management tools. While the purpose of marketing is to reach as many potential users or consumers as possible, it involves a lot of market studies and a big chunk of the budget. Return of Investment is important in gauging the success of a marketing campaign, although it is still subjective, strategic planning and wise decision making may render a more accurate idea about it. All department goals must be aligned in order to achieve it on time. There should be an effective campaign management system that will support this goal setting.

Effective Campaign Management System

An effective campaign management system calls for a central administration of all marketing functions, streamlined workflows, integration of all communication channels and marketing campaign sources, and a common work language to ensure a smooth flow of work processes; for the ease of real time monitoring, analysis and action. Without the use of technology, all of these are time consuming and labor intensive work which also needs quite a number of workforce from the IT, advertisers and market analysts. A campaign management tool is an efficient solution that assumes the tedious tasks like data mining and data analysis, as well as marketing performance evaluations. It also efficiently streamlines all workflows by unifying all marketing processes in one single platform. Through technology, all the works are automated, and you can also monitor how the marketing campaigns perform, in real time.

The implementation of a campaign management software in your marketing system doesn’t require sophisticated hardware or complex software. In fact, it can effectively integrate with all forms of communication channels, even the legacy telephone systems. Its user interface is also easy to use, visually pleasing, and intuitive. The software also integrates an email marketing system, which contains attractive templates and other usable buttons for a more effective email. Learning to use the system is not complicated, and full implementation can take effect faster than the traditional way of marketing, thanks to the roster of technologies embedded in it.

An ad campaign management tool boasts of many useful functions and features, and here are 7 of those ways that it enhances your business:

  1. Excellent Email and Marketing Collateral Content

Usually, a business employs third party email marketing managers to focus on making relevant and targeted emails for email subscribing customers. The effective use of marketing emails will make customers be engaged with the business promotion activities. It also enables existing and potential customers to actively participate in making improvements in the product or service.  Ethical and effective marketing campaigns focus on the timely delivery and appropriate content of the emails they send. This can be achieved through careful study of consumer behavior in various means and types thereof. Accurate and reliable information can be achieved through data mining and customer profiling, using another business tool, which gathers all customer data from all communication channels used by the marketing as ways to communicate with their existing and potential clients.  A campaign management tool recognizes the benefits of email marketing to businesses, and it generously integrated an email marketing technology in its system, to be able to come up with a more effective, targeted, and relevant email content.

A recent market study revealed that 60% believes that email marketing is more effective, performance wise, than social media marketing. But it is also important to note that the remaining 40% believes that these two are incomparable, and actually has its own sets of strong and weak points when it comes to marketing. In reality, social media marketing is actually used in product/brand awareness as well as audience engagement. On the other hand, email marketing is more targeted and relational type of campaign that denotes more personal and directed content to its recipients. It utilizes the technologies of data mining and data analytics, to come up with a more rightful and timely delivery of email content. An email marketing campaign is also an effective sales and leads driver.

  1. Generates More Leads

An email marketing campaign is also an effective sales and leads driver, where 66% of the respondents in a market research in 2013 said that an engaging email driven them to make purchases. The rise of mobile technology, or the popularity and affordability of smartphones and tablets have made consumers to find it convenient in opening their emails. That is why, more and more consumers are attracted in signing up for email subscriptions in a company/product website. They wanted to know more about promotions and updates from their favorite brands, and be delivered automatically in their inboxes. This is ease and convenience brought about by an email campaign management tool.

This targeted and consumer initiated way of bringing the brand into the email is what drives increased lead generation, because as we all know, signing up means returning some customer information in the sign up form. This form also asks of preferences and interests of a consumer. The data retrieved can be very useful in customer profiling. The technology of a campaign management system automatically uses this information in “understanding” a particular type of consumer. And then in turn, it “looks” on its email database for an email “match” to be sent to the customer as a welcome email and regular emails. This particular email contains a personalized message, and content that is relevant to the customer preferences and interest. This way the experience, even though the whole process is automated, isn’t sacrificed and the sincerity of the service is still felt by the customer.

High lead generation turn out is an effect of an excellent communication gateway between a local business and its target audience. According to a market study by NewVoiceMedia, 45% still prefer calling in contacting their local businesses or service providers. Therefore, a reliable customer contact center is crucial in handling leads and customer inquiries. This customer contact center also serves as an information gateway for soliciting useful customer information to generate more leads. An email, is usually given as a feedback “signature”, or as contact information without divulging very personal information such as cell phone number or home address, so a potential customer usually gives an email address away without worrying for his/her privacy and security to be invaded.

  1. Interactive Customer Relations

Alongside the powerful features of email marketing, the particular emails sent to subscribers have buttons and links that are aimed for them to click. Then a customer may land on a web page that contains more information about what they were looking for, or maybe a video, or a contest mechanics, or a feedback form. The diversity of an email they receive makes an interactive customer-business relationship even stronger and proactive. At the same time, the local business gains more insights about a customer and adds them to its customer profile, to be able to come up with more personalized ways of catering his/her needs the way he/she wants it.

  1. Real Time Monitoring and Analytics

One amazing feature of a digital campaign management tool is its capability to provide real time monitoring and analytics of different types of marketing campaigns a business implements. Its user interface makes use of multiple windows that can be opened side by side, wherein each corresponds to one marketing campaign and its activities. The marketer can monitor real time changes while it happens, as well as the analytics can be applied in real time as well. Through this, reports are returned in a faster manner than the traditional method of data analytics, thus the marketer can effectively take immediate action should the need arise. Reports from analytics applied data are important in making smarter decisions, which aids in highlighting and keeping the most effective marketing campaign, higher profits, and happy and satisfied customers.

  1. Unified Marketing Campaign Management

Using a single platform for all marketing related activities and work is what a campaign management software intends to do for your business. It streamlines work flows, align marketing activities with a common set of goals and vision, and enable everybody to use one digital work language. It dramatically decreases redundancies and ineffective use of company resources and limit the use of specialized manpower, which in turn is allocated for core tasks instead. This is done by integrating the campaign management software across all marketing communication channels; whether in legacy telephone systems, company website, or customer contact center.

It can also be integrated with all forms of marketing campaigns implemented; whether across online engagements, or even to offline or traditional marketing campaign sources like flyers, billboards, TV ads, etc. A campaign management tool is a dynamic system of marketing technologies that help contribute in realizing faster and higher growth for the business, as well as give leverage in a highly competitive business environment.

  1. Social Media Hype

Social media marketing is one of the most popular avenues of promoting products, goods and services to a wider audience. The use of social media is one of the highlights in the rise of mobile technology. For example, in a survey by PewInternet in 2014, 70% said that they log in on Facebook daily, with 43% doing it several times within the day. This significant amount of interest and usage of social media makes it an effective method of advertising and engaging the audiences to try or know more about what a local business can offer. It increases the visibility of the product in the social scene, for a better brand awareness.

While hype doesn’t constitute sales all the time, it is still an important marketing performance evaluation for a more improved product or service. It is also serves as an alternative communication channel for customer inquiries and valuable feedbacks. Social media accounts are also forms of marketing campaigns and can be integrated with a campaign management system for a more effective monitoring and data analysis.

Social media usually employ a statistics-based way of measuring the popularity or audience impact of the businesses’ products and activities. Such are the terms “trending” and “hashtags” which are either measuring tools used by social media in analyzing feedback to certain marketing campaigns or business activities posted in it. In a social setting, still a lot of customers are more comfortable in raising concerns through social media, and analyzing the data from it can give valuable insights and opportunities for growth for a local business, especially for small businesses or start ups.

Effective marketing campaigns entail a strong combination of smart decision making, and smart choices for a better and effective management system and on demand product innovations. In the same manner, it is also important to have a smart business companion, like business tools, that employ technological embedded systems for increased productivity and work intelligence. In choosing the right business tool, make sure that it acknowledges the unique needs of your company, and scales as your business approaches more sophistication. It should be a reliable business partner in the long run. Best choices entail careful research, planning and talking to credible experts in the field.

Are you ready to make a smart choice? Check this link for plenty of reviews of campaign management software from professionals, as well as for the list of the top campaign management tools in the market today.

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