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6 Tips For Designing Great Ecommerce Mobile Apps

Before you consider starting your mobile app development project, you need to learn about some rules and guidelines that hold the mobile technology industry together. These rules are dedicated to your audience and to satisfy them, you must learn them.

Since your mobile app is for e-commerce, you need to do everything possible to meet and surpass the expectation of your users. Research has revealed that billions are made in sales from mobile e-commerce stores yearly. Over 85% of mobile users prefer to use mobile apps instead of websites.

Irrespective of the fact that people depend more on mobile applications these days, only 10% of e-commerce retailers offer mobile applications. So, if you’re interested in taking your business to the next level, you need to create a mobile app fast.

What Makes a Great Ecommerce Mobile App

1. Simple and Uncluttered User Interface During your mobile app development project, make sure that your mobile app developers create an uncluttered and simple user interface. The (UI) or user interface of your mobile app for e-commerce is determined by the size of the mobile screen and navigation. Your users should be able to locate anything they want without having to read a bogus manual. Things like the “add to cart” button should be clearly visible.

2. Avoid Lengthy Signups and Checkout Processes

No user likes a long sign up process. No one wants a long checkout process either. Mobile users are even more irritated by multipage sign-ups and checkout processes. A simple guest checkout will be just fine. Making the process easier for your visitors will make them come back and refer other people.

Information about your store and future purchases should be accessible. Users should also be able to save information during their first visit so that they don’t have to repeat the process.

3. Condensed and Consistent Navigation

Mobile e-commerce stores don’t require large mega-menus. A mobile app should have a menu that lists only the items that can be displayed effectively in a single global navigation.

4. Minimize the Number of Images

Yes, it’s an e-commerce store, and you’ll probably want to advertise your products. However, you should not add too many images to your mobile app. Most mobile app developers will tell you that phone screens load instantly. So, the only way to keep your customers engaged and not drive them to another store is to make things as simple and definite as possible. Make sure that your application loads as fast as possible. It should not require too much network for connection. Remember that images will increase the load time of your mobile app. High-resolution images should be no more than one per page.

5. Add a Progress Bar

Remember that no one likes long sign-ups and checkouts. So, if after the mobile app development process your app still requires a lot of time to load, then you need to add a process bar. It will let your customers know the number of screens required to complete the process while they are on a particular page.

6. Add an Option to Favorite Products

Your customers may not want to buy the first thing they see in your store. They may want to browse through several options before making their final choice. Allowing them to favorite options while going through your products will make the process enjoyable and easy. Allow them to revisit their list, so they will have the time required to shop comfortably.

About 70-90% of people around India are right handed. So, place the major areas of your mobile app within easy reach for right handed people.

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