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6 Reasons Why Your Food Business Needs a Catering Software

6 Reasons Why Your Food Business Needs a Catering Software

Catering services are more than just preparing mouth-watering cuisines and arranging compelling designs in the venue to create the needed atmosphere for a particular event. Businesses engaged in catering services are also strained by demanding tasks like keeping track of business expenses, managing employees’ invoices, following up prospect events, and sending convincing proposals to potential clients.

Seemingly, catering services need to undergo through a lot of stressful situations before their customers can achieve the most memorable celebration. But with the help of catering software, these stressful conditions can be put in a limit.

Catering Software and How It Helps

A catering software is a computer software that is particularly designed for catering companies to help in managing food and beverage and to assist in arranging special occasions. Because the business of catering should be done in an uncompromising time frame, catering companies may not want to waste even a fraction of their valuable time.

Now, what is catering software’s role in today’s catering services? Software for catering business can help companies to limit the time lost in doing tasks that can be made faster and easier.  A few of catering software’s functions include handling record orders and invoice billing.

Common Problems Catering Services Encounter

Because managing a catering company is not all fun and games, it is inevitable to encounter certain hitches right along the way. Here are some of the most common challenges catering companies often bump into before they can come up with a successful catering event:

  1. Unexpected happenings – A wide-ranging sequence of unforeseeable events is the primary trouble which catering services face. This may include the change in weather and even missing kitchen utensils. Plus, it doesn’t help that situations like these are quite inevitable, which make them likely show up in every catering event. Most catering beginners may find these unexpected hitches as stressing, but these situations can actually be dealt and resolved with careful planning.
  2. Staffs leaving – The workforce plays a great part in every kind of business. In fact, they are even considered as the engine that makes the company run. Now, when staffs leave, the company will most likely be left with so many tasks to finish within a very limited amount of time, thus making things more stressful than they originally are.
  3. Plans and decisions – Making plans and decisions may be easier said than done. After all, it takes no sweat to say that a catering company needs to make careful planning and take cautious decisions, but the truth is this may be the most difficult to do. Because, firstly, how are you supposed to know if you’re making the right choices? As a caterer, it is important to have the ability to know the amount of food that must be prepared for the guests. Your plans and decisions are the primary things to consider if you wouldn’t want your catering business to be put in the smasher.
  4. Patience and ability to cope with situations – Contrary to popular beliefs, the catering business demands a lot of time and work. Hence, it takes a no-brainer to realize that patience and the ability to adapt to situations are the most important qualities that will lead every catering company to the peak. However, maintaining your composure may become a problem, especially when you are bombarded with piles of tasks that you need to do.

Catering Software: Why Your Catering Business Needs One

The catering industry is a promising industry to be involved in. After all, the world never runs out of special occasions.

The industry has reached $12 billion in its total industry revenue, which is the outcome of the 9.3% yearly growth in the past 5 years. In fact, more and more people are working for catering services with over 235,000 employees in over 11,000 catering companies. This success is due to a more enhanced way of catering service most businesses do today.

These days, there are a lot of opportunities open for the catering industry which companies can enjoy. All that’s needed is a good strategic plan and the right equipment.

Apparently, a software for catering industry is made available to help catering companies not only in opening new opportunities but also in lifting some loads of work from their shoulders.

Here are six reasons that show exactly why your catering business needs a catering software:

  1. Cost-reduction – Catering software allows companies to immediately calculate the costs needed for a specific catering event, thus saving time and money.
  2. Help create compelling proposals which will appeal to potential clients – Proposals are vital factors that will determine whether a prospect client would want to get into business or not. With an efficient catering software, coming up with compelling and professional proposals that will make the client say yes is made easier.
  3. Mobility – Most of the time, work stops when you’re frequently doing tasks that will require you to travel from one place to another. But with a catering software, being a caterer that is always on the move is not a problem. This software can be downloaded to one of your laptops or mobile devices. Hence, you can monitor your business even when you’re on the road.
  4. Easy navigation – Unlike other computer software, catering software does not require users to be tech-savvy individuals who know a lot of computer-related matters. Developers of the catering software are aware that you are a caterer and not a computer programmer, so it is specifically designed for your convenience. Since it is easy to navigate and you will be provided with clear instructions on how to get started, you can make the most out of it.
  5. Monitor money activities – The software also allows users to access and document the business’ financial reports. Hence, tasks like auditing are made easier.
  6. Keep all your gathered data and information in order – The logical arrangement of important data is done automatically by the software itself. So, you won’t have trouble finding important information at times when you need to.

These reasons have made the life of many catering service owners a lot easier. Plus, the work has become more manageable. Truly, a reliable catering software can open loads of opportunities for a catering business.

How to Find the Right Catering Software

Although all catering software aim to reach the same end, which is to enhance the level of service a catering company can provide, in reality, not all of them will be able to give these catering companies the good results they are all aiming for. So, how can you find what is the best catering software when there are a lot of catering software out in the open?

Here are some tips to guide you when looking for the right catering software fit for your business:

  1. Research – Make some research about some catering software brands found online. Decide what exactly it is that you want to get from a catering service and gather brand names which you can choose from.
  2. Read product reviews – Reviews are effective sources of product information as they are given by past and current users who have already experienced the product itself. There are catering software reviews which you can find online to help you get started.
  3. Allocate a fixed amount of budget – Aside from the quality features a catering software contains, the budget is the other important matter that must be deliberated. When considering the budget, you opt to check first the status of your catering business as investing in extra-expensive catering software might become a strain. If you are a freshly starting business, there are budget-friendly catering software for small business which you can look up on the internet.
  4. Inspect its features – The software’s features are primarily what you are paying for. It is important to scrutinize clearly the type of services the catering software has to offer so that you will know if it is fit for your catering business’ needs.
  5. Engage in online community discussions – Through this, you can connect with other users who have already utilized the product you are eyeing. Also, you will be free to ask questions about its quality and performance.


Catering software has definitely helped the level of service catering companies are doing today. It does not only assist in making the work faster but also improves the level of performance catering businesses give to their clients.

Before, catering companies will have to deal with a lot of demanding tasks just to come up with a successful event, but now, an amount of weight has been taken off their shoulders. Your catering business can also gain some paybacks from investing in a reliable catering software.

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