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6 Reasons to Get Ad Agency Management Software

6 Reasons to Get Ad Agency Management Software

Some of the main functions necessary in creative advertising agencies are task monitoring and resource optimization. There are several tools to choose from but an advertising agency management software specifically made for these organizations will guarantee an increase in productivity and provide leg room for more creative endeavors within your company.

In advertising, there is so much room for creativity and planning. Several developments are being presented almost regularly and it makes it all the more challenging. You sometimes find yourself too busy to even deal with that PPC issue that you’ve been having.

The best thing about advertising agency is that it helps you have more time for other important things in your business. It has so much convenience to offer.

Here are a few reasons to help you decide on getting this program:

  1. Defines clear business scope

One of the key benefits of going for an advertising agency management software is being able to lay the foundation of your organization. It’s similar to setting your rules in stone and letting the whole world see it. Your business gets to run on a clear set of standards, purpose, and principles.

Rules are strictly enforced with the help of this tool. You can easily store them in the system and you can easily consult it without having to memorize hundreds of items in your code of conduct and other business terms.

Moreover, clients will also have a better idea of what they can and cannot demand from you if your scope and limitations are visible to them. This helps set their expectations straight and makes you less vulnerable to unrealistic requests. The level of social media popularity, for instance, can be clearly defined if your client wishes to.

To put it simply, the agency can now structure their goals and responsibilities and project this structure to their clients in a clearer manner. This will eliminate misguided expectations and provide a narrow, more specific path towards what they – the agency and the clients – both want to achieve as working partners.

  1. Manages resources efficiently

 An advertising agency management software contains a resource management feature, which enables the allocation of resources across different projects. This ensures that the project can be completed on time with enough resources and any conflict can be highlighted and resolved instantly. To add, stakeholders outside the team can see the allocation of resources and make informed decisions when dealing with it. The resource management feature leaves no room for guesswork when it comes to managing projects. Additionally, the organization will be able to more accurately estimate the cost or expenditure involved in allocating / reallocating of resources.

Since stakeholders are able to take advantage of this feature, they can see exactly what the team is working with; therefore, they’ll be able to make reasonable demands that work within the bounds of the team’s resources.

Of course, there is always the alternative to go for a stand-alone software for this functionality, but it wouldn’t have the same advertising-specific perks. It may limit your freedom as a business leader.

  1. Maximizes productivity

With the use of a project dashboard, the organization can properly monitor the productivity of its employees. It gives the higher management a wider angle of their entire progress. They can perform necessary measures to ensure that those who are lagging behind can catch up and they can also encourage the efficient workers to work more or provide rewards to increase morale. Of course, this means that they can easily reassign unfinished tasks to others with ease.

Certain features like to-do lists make it easier to keep track of the agency’s strengths and weaknesses. Consequently, other departments can easily view others’ status so that they can make adjustments to their schedules as well. With the use of file sharing, work can be done on-the-go and projects can easily be moved from one department to the next as soon as they have completed their work on it.

This tool also eliminates the manual updating of spreadsheets just to be able to track the progress of each project. Everything is in one, a centralized database which everybody can access. Stakeholders will know exactly where a certain project is at and they can view that information at any given time.

With other added stand-alone software, you can also invite more people to your team if you’re planning on making your organization bigger. For example, an online recruitment software can help facilitate an automated hiring process for you.

  1. Promotes transparency

Using the right tool, the agency’s creative team will be able to save and organize all company files, correspondence, and reports, which are all essential in establishing a connection between you and your clients. Files can be sorted based on the department that they belong to and clients from that department will be able to easily view those files and provide feedback instantly. Because of this, clients become part of the creation process and that, in itself, is already a huge factor when it comes to gaining your clients’ trust. They see the progress that you have been making and they know that you are working on it.

This also works for employees. The chain of command is clearly established and there will be no room for doubt when it comes to proper protocol. Additionally, since everything is stated and stored within the database, you and your coworkers are protected from exceeding client and purchasing limits. This also applies to segregation of duties. It will be clearly stated for all to see and therefore, must be strictly implemented.

  1. Simplifies planning

With its structured and functional design, an advertising agency management software makes planning much easier. Everything can be organized and be followed systematically. For instance, there is a group calendar that employees can access which promotes timekeeping and at the same time, it also contains features such as workload reports. The workload report keeps track of planned work hours for each person in a given time period. This helps make the workload assignment much easier.

Additionally, users can generate reports at a single click. Works in progress can be monitored closely and status reports can be given right away without lengthy preparations before a meeting. Adding certain tools can even make this twice as easy. For example, a call tracking software can make an advertiser’s job a whole lot easier by being able to perform trials in a marketing campaign.

  1. Creates better value for the business

 A better set of business processes is vital in projecting better value to a company’s clients. Since you are able to take control of everything, you can easily deliver tasks on time and come up with contingency plans. Being able to track all details within the project helps improve teamwork. The transparency feature keeps stakeholders in the loop, and this is helpful in maintaining rapport and trust across all users. In addition, your employees’ satisfaction increases as you are able to compensate them according to their productivity. “Happy employees” means higher morale. In addition, you can help add to their skillsets through more training. If your employees are content, they put more value on their individual roles and continuously strive for improvement.

Speaking of employees, since tracking is done easily, they have more freedom to work freelance or remotely. Daily operations become integrated more precisely. When it comes to productivity, an overall boost is already a given.

An advertising agency management software is a one-stop, cater-to-all tool that can provide tracking, monitoring, and collaborative features to your business. It lets you and your clients keep up with workload assignments and progress reports to guarantee that your employees’ productivity and your company’s resources are all maximized to yield optimal results. It is specifically tailored to creative agencies and substituting it with the run-of-the-mill management software will limit your capacity to control every aspect of your organization.

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