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6 Best Cloud Storage Services for Small Businesses

If you are running a small business, cloud computing may just be the solution for you. The first reason is that it can save you money. It makes full use of physical server hardware, so you’ll need less to achieve more. The next reason is that it makes collaboration easy. It enables people to use the same master document to work on and also allows you to manage individual progress. Furthermore, it allows great flexibility. Your employees can access the files from any device, no matter where they are. Finally, it enables you to integrate with cloud-based providers, which can help you with operations such as accounting and marketing.



Dropbox is a cloud storage service that you have certainly at least heard of. When you sign up, you get the app, 2 gigabytes of free storage, file syncing and sharing, as well as security features like mobile pass codes and two-step authentication. Dropbox enables you to store, sync and share data on all devices, by using either the app or the website.

If you are looking for more storage space, you can opt for a paid subscription that starts at $8.25 on a monthly basis and provides you with 1 terabyte. Furthermore, you can get a business account for $12.50 a month, providing you with unlimited storage, better security, team management tools and more.

Zip Cloud


Zip Cloud is another service that supports syncing of data via all possible devices. It enables you to store photos, documents, music, etc. It offers a business plan at the price of $35.94 a month which provides you with 100 gigabytes of storage, five computer licenses, completely automated backups, unlimited user accounts, free mobile applications, team collaboration, and tech support. If you want to get more, you can go for the plan that costs $71.94 a month, and get 500 gigabytes of space and 20 computer licenses.



Carbonite is a very comprehensive service that offers you data protection, accessibility and recovery for a good price. You get easy restore options, automatic backup, high security and access from anywhere at any time.

Carbonite can store documents, emails, images, graphics, videos, spreadsheets, and other files related to customer relationship management. There is a plan for individual users as well as for businesses that have server needs, with the prices ranging from $59 to $899 annually.



ADrive is a cloud service that enables you to transfer files over SSH via SCP, SFTP or Rsync. It is flexible for all kinds of devices, and you can access your data whenever you need to. You can edit documents with it online, manage accounts for multiple users, and access multiple sessions.

You also get a desktop app and an easy search tool. Furthermore, ADrive provides you with online collaboration, remote file transfer, high security, and file history recovery. There is a plan for individuals as well as a business plan.



Box is a simple cloud service for sharing big files and folders. You simply upload them and can share them with others via a link or embedding on your website. For free, you can get a single-user account with 10 gigabytes of storage and a maximum upload size of 250 megabytes.

If you want to share your account, you can opt for the $5 a month plan that provides you with 100 gigabytes and an upload size limit of 2 gigabytes. It’s available for all devices, and offers business and enterprise plans with extra storage.



IDrive is a cloud service that enables you to make computer backups and provides you with extensive options for sharing and syncing files. It enables you to share files by using online file syncing, email, mobile access, Facebook and Twitter, and remote management tools.

IDrive allows real-time backup of multiple devices. It is highly secure, encrypting the files with a 256-bit AES encryption that incorporates a user-defined key not stored on its servers. There are plans both for individual users and businesses, starting from $74.62 on a yearly basis.

Cloud computing is a great solution for small businesses, because it provides you with lower costs, better flexibility, improved collaboration and greater integration. The best thing about cloud is that you can have it maintained by any support provider from around the globe. For instance, let’s say you’re from London; you don’t have to hire a local company but turn to expert IT Services Sydney instead. Likewise, you eliminate the need for on-premises data centres. It is obvious that cloud is the future and we have only scratched the surface.


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