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6 Benefits of Switching to Collaborative Software

6 Benefits of Switching to Collaborative SoftwareThere was a time when emails where the sole form of communication for businesses. Working means getting up and going to the office daily. Talking to customers means getting on the phone and dialing people one by one. But times have changed and everything can be done remotely and with ease. The development of collaboration software has paved the way for teleworking. There is no need to go to the office and communication is not compromised in any way. It used to be a problem that when collaboration is done, team members need to be in the same space but that is no longer the case. Collaboration has evolved and it is very possible to have video or audio conferences from different parts of the world. Collaboration has never been this easy and it is all thanks to the best online collaboration tools available. Here are some of the reasons why you should switch to collaborative software for your companies.

Saves Expenses

A survey done by McKinsey in 2010 has found that companies who use collaborative software or networked enterprise gains higher margins and more market share. Not only will collaboration tools save money for the company, it could also gain more money for it. Here are some reasons this software can save you expenses and gain you more money.

  1. Less travel costs. Because cloud collaboration does not require its members to go to the office, the expenses used for travelling is gone. Previously, for people to have a collaboration, the members need meetings face to face. But the use of a collaborative software has ensured that you can be anywhere geographically and still collaborate effectively. The files and documents you need would be in the cloud. Your commute can just be from the bedroom to your home office. This doesn’t just save money for transport it also saves you time.
  2. Because this software is available on the cloud, it can be done anywhere. That means increase productivity for your employees.
  3. You don’t need as much staff as you do when you have traditional collaboration. Because your employees can work from anywhere, it saves on some staffing costs. There would be no need to get a receptionist or information desk or janitorial services for an office. This saves you tons of money.
  4. Phone calls and other one on one communication can cost a lot of money. With the use of the top collaboration software, this can be reduced. There would be conferencing tools in the software and there is less need for one on one communication. Customers can log on to the platform and read or schedule some sessions together.

Improve Learning Efficiency

Professionals in every workforce should not be complacent and stop learning. There are seminars available for continuing education. A collaboration software also allows its users to improve their learning efficiency. Here are some strategies to employ so collaboration team members can improve their learning.

  1. Be prepared. When you use the software, it is best that you are prepared. Even though your meetings might not be face to face, you should be still on your best performance. Review your reports and practice giving them. This is also one way to improve your learning.
  2. Stay organized. It is easy to stay organized with the use of the software. Files and documents uploaded are easy to find and search. New updates and ongoing projects can be seen first thing when logging in. Team members can easily see what is required of them to do and what messages apply to them.
  3. Be punctual. Even though you will mostly work from home, you should still make it a habit to work on certain times. This is an effective strategy to work and learn. You wouldn’t want to miss anything by being late and your hours are more regular if you work on time.
  4. Take notes. Everything might be on the cloud already, but taking notes can help you remember things you have read. A research done by University of Indiana reported that writing down letters in children improved their brain activity. Everything you need is there on the cloud, but writing down stuff can help with your learning and memory retention.

Quick Access and Knowledge Sharing

The use of an online collaboration software means that you just log in and ever information need is at the end of your fingertips. This is one benefit that you won’t get with other software or the traditional collaboration. With the software, training modules are available anytime, so you have quick access to information that you need. Likewise, it is easy to share your knowledge with this collaboration tool. You can brainstorm with your team members with the use of the conferencing tools. Sharing and accessing knowledge is very easy with the collaboration tools available for you.

Another benefit is that, you don’t just have quick access to the knowledge bin but also the experts. The top performers of your company are just a click away and you can talk to them immediately. The software will allow you to see the availability of certain people so you know if you can set up a meeting with them right now or not. You wouldn’t have to set appointments unlike in traditional collaboration. If you have questions, you ask now and get your answers now. This saves time for everyone.

Employee Satisfaction

The above mentioned benefits of social collaboration software already satisfy employees. Workers can cut on their travelling expenses. They can work anywhere they want, even at home which gives flexibility to employees with children. A lot of unnecessary expenses can be saved and learning never stops. Why is it important for your employees to be satisfied? Here are some reasons.

  1. Improved productivity. When your workers are working relentlessly that means more profit for you. Happy employees make for efficient employees. Keeping your workers happy and satisfied will eventually benefit you and the company. A research by Glassdoor reports that it isn’t only the salary that satisfies employees but a number of things.
  2. There is better communication between team members when they are satisfied. They feel comfortable enough to engage in meaningful conversations. Gallup poll reports that friendships at work can also improve satisfaction of employees. The top collaboration software allows for faster, clearer communication and it can be done through telecommuting.
  3. There are more effective solutions that your employees can come up with. When they feel that their ideas are welcome, they can come up with even better ideas. This goes hand in hand with better communication. When your employees are comfortable enough to communication with everyone, they come up with great ideas and solutions.
  4. When employees are satisfied, there are fewer turnovers. They are happy with the work they are doing, so there is no need for them to seek better employments. When they are empowered, they stay for the long haul and encourage others to do the same.

Promotes Success

The use of social collaboration software has opened ways to new types of collaboration and working styles. The use of the software has been key to the success of small business owners and even large scale companies. It has improved satisfaction of employees which in turn increased productivity and returned higher margins for the company. There ismuch software available and it might be confusing for a business owner which one to use. Read articles on what to look for in a collaboration software to know which will suit your business needs. You should also look up reviews of collaboration software to know how the other users have fared with their software. There might be information in the collaboration software reviews that you won’t find in any other sites that promotes the product.

Reinforces Customer Relationships

Customer relationship is the core of all businesses. If you want to be successful in the sales business, you have to satisfy your customers. With the use of cloud collaboration tools, this will be easier achieved. Contacting your clients is more efficient with the software. Social networks are used by business owners to promote their products, but it wasn’t really created for business purposes. Using a collaboration software will allow you to still promote your products socially but in a more organized and professional manner. The software will help with connecting you to your clients and aiding and improving document management like contracts and receipts. It has improved the overall efficiency of the workplace.

Many things are possible because of the development of the collaboration software. What can’t be done before can now be easily done and there is not even a need to go the office. What attracts users to a collaboration the most is that it allows employees and employers to work anywhere they want. Just a connection to the internet is needed and everything is set. Nothing will have to be compromised; the team works even better when they get to work at home or their local coffee shop.

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