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6 Benefits Your Business Will Get When Using VoIP Software

6 Benefits Your Business Will Get When Using VoIP SoftwareIn the business world, traditional phone systems are now being replaced by Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) systems. It is not surprising considering the fact that this brand new, high technology system offers a lot of benefits to small, medium and large companies. Are you also getting interested about business VoIP software? Do you also want to have the best business VoIP software for your company? If you answered yes to any of these two questions, then this article will be a lot of help to you. It will talk about how this kind of system will be beneficial to a business and what factors you should consider when choosing one for your company.

VoIP Software Benefits

Before deciding whether you need a certain thing or not, you should know what benefits you will be getting from them first. This is why our first topic will be about the advantages that businesses get from using VoIP system. Below are some of the many things you can actually rip from it:

  1. It reduces costs

One of the things that businesses aim for is to cut their operation costs. VoIP is one of the many answers on how a company can reduce its costs. Call charges are expensive, especially long-distance and international calls, right? What can we do to minimize this expense? Should a company limit its number and minutes of calls? Of course, not! Communication is very important in business. What we can do is to look for an alternative for the standard phone system that can help us reduce the call expenses. The best alternative is none other than VoIP business phone software. It lets business communication flourish at a minimal cost.

  1. It supports old technologies

The best thing about VoIP is that it does not make the older technologies, such as fax, useless. In fact, it also makes use of it. It just makes the operation and flow of these technologies much easier and smoother. According to Nexogy, with VoIP, it is possible to send and receive faxes through e-mail. There is no longer a need for paper and toner. Isn’t it conventional? VoIP is all about adapting the great benefits of old technologies and turning it into something better and greater. No wonder why it is the key to the future of the business world.

  1. It offers conventional features

When you read business VoIP software reviews, you will find out that VoIP is loved by entrepreneurs because of its conventional features, such as enhanced 911, call waiting, call rerouting, call filter and more. These features are what make the operation of their business go smooth. With these features, they can offer both their employees and customers complete satisfaction. Ever since VoIP has been introduced in the market, both employee and customer satisfaction have gone up.

  1. It provides better communication among executives and employees

Whether we admit it or not, it has always been a fact that business owners and executives sometimes have to leave the city where their headquarters is located to attend errands or even just to have a vacation. What happens when they are away? Is the operation going to pause for a while? Of course, not! The show must go on with or without them. The best thing is that it is now possible to set-up a conference meeting online through the use of VoIP. Video conferencing and network services are the key points of VoIP that make it possible. A case study by Anita Campbell shows how VoIP software business helped The New York Blower Company (NYB) have a better medium of communication with mobile supervisors.

  1. It is user-friendly

Another strong point of VoIP is that it is user-friendly. It is very easy to install, use and troubleshoot. Even beginners can do it without any problem. Those people who are not technology geek and those who only have little technical know-how knowledge do not have to worry. It simplifies everything that even those who are not computer-savvy individuals can use them. Below are some of the reasons why it is user-friendly according to ShoreTel:

  • There is no longer a need for separate cabling or traditional phone systems.
  • It is very easy to add additional components.
  • One can alter and maintain the system with minimal hassle.
  1. There is no geographical boundary

There is no need to limit your calls to a certain area. An area code or country code is no longer bound to a certain area. This means that even when you are living in a certain country, you can subscribe to another country’s phone number. To put it simpler, you can subscribe to US or any country number wherever you are in the world. Thus, if your business is operating in the US and you are in another part of the world, you can still use a US number to make it more conventional for business partners, executives, employees and even customers to contact you.

The six things mentioned above are just a few of the many benefits a company gets to enjoy when they invest in VoIP software for business. There are still so many advantages that are not included in the list above because if we discuss everything, this article will be endless. You can check on different reviews on business VoIP software to know more about the benefits of using VoIP in business.

What to Look for When Choosing VoIP Software?

After knowing the advantages of using business VoIP software, it is not a surprise that you now want to get and use it to grow and improve your company. Before deciding to purchase one, it is a must to understand what factors you have to consider when choosing VoIP system for business. Here are the basic factors to look for:

  1. Budget

It is always important to check your budget first. After all, you can’t buy what you can’t afford, right? Switching from traditional phone system to VoIP means you will have upfront costs. You need to consider your internet connection and your current company equipment. If your bandwidth is enough and if you have updated equipment, then you do not have to worry about these things. If you think your internet connection and equipment are not that good, you have to invest in these first. Don’t worry! Only the upfront cost is quite high. After this, your company will be able to save big time.

Avoxi says that budget is important because it will also be the basis in choosing call features for your VoIP system. Remember that some companies let you customize the VoIP features according to your preference. The more features you want, the more it will be expensive. However, it is rest assured that it will definitely be worth the investment.

  1. Kind of VoIP

It is a must to understand the different kinds of VoIP. You can choose the best business VoIP software only when you understand the differences of its varieties. Once you get to know the different varieties of VoIP, you have to ask yourself whether what you need is a hosted system, an on-premise system or a managed system. Once you determined what your company needs, you can easily pin point which VoIP to buy.

  1. Features

While there are companies that let you choose what features you want to enjoy, most VoIP plans have defined features. In fact, some service providers offer more features than the others. That is why you have to really check. Assess whether the features they are offering are what your company truly needs or not. You need to guarantee that these features will be a lot of help in your business operation to get the most out of it. Remember, VoIP isn’t just for display. It has to be functional.

How to Find the Best VoIP for Your Business?

There are so many fishes in the water. What we mean is that there are so many choices to choose from when buying business VoIP system. The question is “how to find the best VoIP?” Well, you better check business VoIP software reviews. By reading reviews of previous and current users, you will have an idea on what to expect from certain VoIP system. You will be given hints on whether it is a great service provider to deal with or not.  Service providers that rank higher than the others are usually the best ones to choose considering the fact that their service has already been proven and tested to be highly satisfactory. Do not hesitate to check on reviews and rankings! You just have to type in a few words and click, then you will find what you are looking for.

If you have any comment or suggestion regarding business VoIP software, please feel free to comment below! It will be highly appreciated. Do not think twice about giving your inputs as these will also help others who are thinking about using the VoIP system. You can also check on the lists of’s VoIP ranking.

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