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5 Ways on How to Unleash the Power of Campaign Management Software

5 Ways on How to Unleash the Power of Campaign Management Software

Why use campaign management software is an important question that should be answered if you want your business to achieve its full potential. People who are in the field of business would agree that marketing is not just a science but also an art. To have an effective marketing strategy means devising complex but flexible client communication strategies to get your message across to target customers. These strategies often deal with limited resources – a challenge that any marketer should face.

Business people nowadays are lucky because technological solutions are available to help them make an artistic yet scientific marketing plan that could improve their business in different ways. What does campaign management software do will help companies improve revenues by increasing the response rates of the customers. Aside from that, the workload is also decreased by creation of sophisticated, personalized, and timely campaigns that could easily be adjusted depending on the current needs in the market. Read further to know how marketers are able to take advantage of customer analytics with the help of campaign management software.

Function of Campaign Management Software (CMS) in a Gist

A campaign management software is a tool used by marketers to see the vital data in their marketing campaign. Using this software, they are able to identify the possible outcomes in their various marketing efforts. For example, it has a user-friendly dashboard that displays the analytics on how your social media campaign platforms are doing. A different screen or information is displayed for each social media platform so you could easily see how you are doing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or whatever social media that you are using.

Knowing what a CMS does is not enough to help you understand to use it to its full potential. Below are five tips on how you could use the said software in helping your business grow:

  1. Determine Your Needs and Ask Questions to Know the Right Software

How campaign management software works depends on the features that each product offers. Expensive software is expected to have tons of capabilities that can pave the way for different opportunities for your business. However, not all of the costly software is ideal for the use of everyone. It is crucial for any marketer to have an identified set of needs to be able to find the right technological application for him. Why pay and use a costly computer program that is meant for millions of clients when your data reflect that your customers merely reach a thousand?

What are the volume of your marketing programs and its frequency? Do the improvements in your marketing strategy could justify the expenses that you are going to incur in the procurement of the software? For example, do you have a clear vision on how the program could provide chances for acquiring additional revenue?

What are the promotions you have at hand? What are the possible promotions that could be triggered by seeking the help of campaign management software? Is it able to provide an opportunity for reaching out to multiple contacts and close a deal? Where to find campaign management software that is able to do these is the challenge to the marketers.

Only a few people may design the marketing strategy, but the end users are many and are in different departments. As such, it is important to check how many groups and what departments will be involved in the implementation of the marketing program. Ask how many users need to access the system and if the software could provide access to all of them. What is the sense of acquiring a system that could not be used by people except for those in the top management positions?

What is the status of your database system? Most computer programs are designed to access a database and use the information available in directing the marketing to the right direction. If your database needs upgrading, are you willing to upgrade it? While pondering on this aspect, keep in mind if the possible expenses could justify the return on investment that would open up for you.

  1. Integration With a Customer Relation Management (CRM) System

The CMS alone is not capable of generating its own data. The raw data that it will interpret need to come from somewhere else, and the common system that has the information needed is the CRM. It is another tool used by businesses to gather marketing relevant data. Insights on how to improve customer relations are a great way of increasing the return on investment (ROI). A satisfied customer has a high chance of coming back and recommending your business to his or her peers.

The CRM is the tool most commonly used by businesses. If you are planning to use CMS, you had better check if it is possible to integrate it with the CRM that you have so it can access the essential information needed in making reports. Who uses campaign management software are the same people who use CRM. Integration of the former to the latter is important because the CRM has the data needed in making analytical reports.

To give you a better understanding, the CRM can give the data regarding the demographics, contact details, interests, and others of the clients that have visited your business. The raw data may not make much sense, but you can instantly see how they can affect the future of your business once the CMS is done with the analytical reports.

  1. Does it Offer Customization for a Higher Chance of Increase in ROI?

Based on statistics, 40% of clients are more willing to buy a product if they perceive that it is tailored to their needs. Sending customized messages to your target client plays a big role in not only securing more customers but also the most important part, which is closing a deal. As such, it is crucial that you must make use of this feature to the fullest so that you can make a segmented list of your recipients. contains crucial information about different campaign management software that could help you in this regard.

Generic marketing efforts are less likely to perform compared with the customized ones. Clients are bombarded with different marketing campaigns every day, and it has become a necessity for marketers to devise a way on how to stand out amidst the hectic competition. If the CMS is integrated with the CRM, it can easily generate the essential information that you need to know. For example, you get to know the age bracket and the location of responsive customers; thus, you can send them a customized message that could convince them that you are indeed the best choice for them.

A teen that plays basketball is interested in participating in a game. However, his parents were the ones who paid his dues through their preferred mode of payment, which is a credit card. Given these, you may send a customized message to the teen and a separate message to the parents because they have different interests. You may highlight in the message to the parents about giving a discount if they register early. This is only a rough example of what a campaign management software does.

On the other hand, it could be that the teen is also a football player. You may make a customized message that the first team to register may receive a free shirt. With this, the teen could invite his football team or other friends to enter your cause. You can see here the actual power of making customized messages that are possible if you have a segmented list of your audiences. Try checking out the reviews of campaign management software published at for more details on the available CMS in the market.

  1. Achieve a Wider Audience by Maximizing the Feature of Your CMS

The data collection together with the profile of both the outbound and inbound tactics that you have can drastically increase a business visibility and reach. This will give you a detailed report on the areas that you have a low reach; thus, you can increase your efforts in that regard. It could be that particular lists of recipients are not responsive at all so you may have to review your approach to them.

Making customized messages is one, but you could also change the time when you send your email or think of other marketing strategies that could help you bring them on your footsteps. A wider reach means an increase in your database and lead flow that could later transform into sales. How to use campaign management software to its fullest depends on your effort to optimize all its features.

  1. Find a CMS That is Optimized for Search Engines

Based on the study by Conductor, 47% of website visits are caused by organic search drives. It is essential then to find a marketing automation platform that is capable of streamlining SEO tasks. Look for an on-page evaluation tool that can make sure that your blogs, web page, and other online content are being optimized for search engines. The traffic that it can bring to your site does not automatically translate to sales, but it is a good start to let more people know about your existence in the field. has an extensive database of reviews about different CMS that can help you learn the features of each.

At the end of the day, there is no generic “best” software for everybody because the judgment on what the best features are is relative. If you want to have an idea on what other customers think about a specific product, you may check out the reviews about campaign management software available at With this, you will learn about the situation of other businesses and their experience about a specific product.

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