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5 Ways to Determine and Resolve Your Project Management Issues

5 Ways to Determine and Resolve Your Project Management Issues

As a project manager, it is expected that you face problems every once in a while. Armed with a project management tool, you should be able to face any obstacles in your projects that come your way. The goal of this article is to determine any problems early on and resolve them before it will have a big impact on your project. Here are the ways on how to solve your project management issues.

The Six Stages of Project Management

Before we discuss how we can identify and resolve any issues in project management, you need to know the six stages of project management. Using a project management software tool will definitely make your project management life easier when undergoing these six stages:

  1. Definition of Goals. Find out what your project goals are and consider the things that can make your project successful.
  2. Preparation. You need to prepare your documents and resources as early as this stage to get ready for the next stage.
  3. Planning Process. Make a list of the tasks that needs to be done in your project. Consider the time, the scope, cost, and the overall quality of your project.
  4. Project Execution. Most of the actual work is on this page. You and your team need to make sure all your tasks meet the requirements and deadlines.
  5. Monitoring and Quality Control. Track the progress of the project. Take necessary action to make sure that everything is under control. If there are issues, keep on reading to find out how to resolve them.
  6. Completion. This is the last step. The actual project is now done and everything should now be in order. The output will now be generated and produced. Documentation and results should be done for analysis and further reference. Congratulations for a job well done.

Make sure to choose a software that has all these steps and is aligned with your business goals. Take a look at’s Project Management Software Reviews to find out which one is right for your company.

Aside from using a project management software, the key to a fruitful project is to be an ideal project manager. A project manager should possess qualities that can make their team become champions and the project an overall success. To do that, a great project manager leader has three main qualities that they need to enhance when doing projects. These are the following:

  1. Being Knowledgeable. As they say, knowledge is a powerful thing. To gain more knowledge is by taking the time to learn the techniques and spend time with the resources you have available. Experiment if you don’t have enough resources. It’s not a bad thing if you fail, but learn from your mistakes. Challenge yourself. Attend seminars and conferences to enrich your mind. Try to produce a learning environment at work by encouraging others to share their ideas and organizing some friendly competition once in a while. Work hard and be patient. Continue to feed your mind and apply what you’ve learned through action.
  2. Take Responsibility and Action. You need to make sure you set your tasks priorities and start working on them right away. The tasks should be done as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality. Deliver outstanding content and make sure you meet all the deadlines. Start with small steps, but be consistent. Lead by example and always do your best.
  3. Personal and Social Skills. Always give out a positive vibe at work. Take time to give praise and appreciate your team. It’s definitely a great way to boost productivity in the workplace. Always listen to what your team has to say. Practice communication skills. Be respectful and attentive with your team by showing interest and giving them gentle reminders.

All of these will add up to your character. Other skills that might be helpful in your projects include ethical, conceptual, and interpersonal skills, which are helpful in evaluating situations and act appropriately. Being able to lead, motivate, influence, negotiate, coach, and communicate well to team members is also important. Sound decision making, being aware culturally and politically, and knowing how to manage conflicts are also necessary in a project manager. You can use the top project management tools to help you in your project management journey.

Depending on the project, issues in project management can be resolved very quickly. However, some issues need time and dedication to fix it. Use the best project management software for your company to help you determine and fix them as soon as possible. In addition, these steps below will help you keep the project going even if it has obstacles and help you prevent them from happening again. These are the five steps you can do to solve your issues.

Determine the Problem

You first need to know what exactly the problem is so that you would know what methods or techniques you can do to solve it. Be specific what the problem is. If you are unsure, you can ask other people or your team.

Find Out the Cause or Causes

Once you determine the problem, find out how it happened. Ask yourself when and why did it happen to stop whatever it is that’s causing it. By analyzing what is the cause, you can assess the situation and prevent it from happening again. Use analytic reports from your project management tool to help you out.


Make a checklist of the things you can do to solve this problem. Get creative. Use mind mapping to help you think out of the box because it’s an intuitive way to systemize your thoughts and ideas. It also holds a vast number of data, which encourages you to look at the overview of your project. Avoid having unclear instructions and be specific.

Choose the best solution

Once you have the checklist, narrow down the list and select the best solution. Analyze carefully by defining each factor that can help you solve the issue. Make sure everyone agrees with it before executing the plan. Always keep in mind the three foundations of a project. They should be done on time, it is within the budget expectations and the project’s overall completion is very satisfactory. In short, these three are time, costs, and quality.

Take action

Once you’ve figured out what to do, it’s now the best time to act. Make an action plan first and implement it afterwards. Work with a sense of urgency because you still need to meet the deadlines of your projects. Do not micromanage. Focus on what needs to be done. Update your team by having short meetings, updates, and always remember to make follow ups to find out what the progress is. Working on a solution takes time, so it has to be done step-by-step. Let each team member know what they are doing and help each other out if it’s a big task.

Using these simple steps can increase and resolve your project management issues. However, it takes patience, time, and dedication to the project, from start to finish. Read’s reviews of project management tools to help you select the software to help you resolve these issues as soon as possible.

Additionally, make sure you have a tracker that has a list of all the issues and the resolutions that was done to fix it. Encourage everyone in the team to report any problems, challenges, or concerns that they might encounter. Let everyone have clear lines of communication because it can significantly lessen mistakes and saves you time.

A good tip when reporting problems or issues is to use “traffic lights” in the report. This gives everyone a clear view of what’s happening to it. A red one means that the project cannot be continued unless the issue has been resolved. A yellow means it’s a potential danger or the solution has recently been implemented. The project can be continued carefully. A green one means that everything has been clear and there is no longer an issue.

The goal of managing your projects and fixing issues is to lessen the harmful or negative effects it can have on your team or on the project. To maximize your project’s potential, it is recommended to use all of the features of project management software.

As a project manager, you have to set up the project goals and make sure the objectives are met. You need to monitor the progress of your projects and check if there are potential risks. You also have to utilize all the resources and make sure everyone is working as a team. It is recommended to use the top project management tools to be able to help you do all of these things in your projects.

Resolving project management issues is not only about responding to current events but it’s also about the time spent in your responses. Don’t just use a band-aid solution in dealing with problems. If there is an unexpected event, it’s best to avoid any poor responses and plan ahead before it happens. So why not take a look at’s Reviews of Project Management Tools and choose a software to help you fix your project management issues?

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