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5 Ways Business Intelligence Software Can Benefit Your Business

5-ways-business-intelligence-software-can-benefit-your-businessThese days there is no business that is not dependent on technology, particularly in tools that facilitate business operations. These tools, which are more popularly known as business intelligence software, help to efficiently run the business. Thus, every owner should know that only the top business intelligence software can make possible any enhancements that your business deserves to have in this modern age of technology.

With the use of business intelligence software reviews, one can actually determine which BI tools are suitable for the business and which ones can actually help to propel the company toward success. Moreover, good business intelligence software for your business can help your business become at par with it greatest competitors. Your business can actually do this with the right BI tools.

The ideal business intelligence software for your business is one that facilitates all business operations such as company websites, search engines, online libraries and many others. These BI tools were once only used by the experts in Information Technology as well as data analysts who would normally conduct extremely complicated business analyses and business decision making processes for the company. However, now, it is important that all concerned business users from the data analyst to the executive should be able to harness the knowledge that will make them use BI tools efficiently.

If you do not know the basic qualities of good business intelligence software, you will be way behind the competition ladder when compared with your corporate rivals. Thus, there is a need for you to be able to spot the wrong ones and more importantly the best that can maximize all the good qualities of our business.

Here are five ways that every good business intelligence tool must possess before you decide to purchase it:

Helps Answers Critical Questions Fast

The best BI tools can actually help companies extract important facts from a massive volume of information at a fast speed. Without this feature, businesses will undergo such a long time to gain access to internal data. However, with the right business intelligence software for your business, you can make a fast and efficient business decision by only using the right BI tools that will be able to conduct fast in-depth analysis of selected internal information.

The ability for the a good BI tool to be able to provide business users with rich and up-to-date information in order to make them engage with the data directly for further investigation is an indispensable function. Thus, there is a need for suitable BI tools that can actually provide the business user with the chance and information to help him make a more informed business decision, whether this decision is about giving a discount to a customer or increasing advertising.

Faster and more efficient decisions are the result of purchasing business intelligence software that has been carefully analyzed for its quality. If you purchase the wrong BI tools, there is a chance for you to waste your money on software that will not be responsive to your current needs as well as to immediate opportunities and sudden threats involving your company. In short, good business intelligence software is one that is readily and immediately useful. It should be one that can ensure productivity by shortening the time gap between thought and action.

Good BI tools can help business users make fast decisions by extracting data from common reports and integrating multiple sources of data into a meaningful whole. Good BI tools can actually provide instant adhoc reporting and analysis to be able to retrieve specific data. They are also capable of providing reduced system response times with the use of various strategies that can integrate data fast.

Aligns Business Activities with Corporate Goals

Ideal business intelligence software is always capable of aligning business activities with the goals of the company. If companies do not align with company’s strategy, the consequence is that they will incur huge direct costs as well as huge opportunity costs.

According to Myron Weber of Northwood Advisors, the best way to establish metrics and key performance indicators for your business is to align it with strategy and to use the right BI software to provide the business with visibility and to drive accountability in it, as well as to make all its activities and outcomes aligned with its the strategic objectives that the company has specified. That is why it is important to seek reviews of the right business intelligence software in order to

Moreover, good business intelligence software determines and improves market intelligence in order to raise the status of the business. Market intelligence refers to the information that has relevance to the company’s markets as gathered and analyzed in order to provide intelligent and well-informed business decisions that can potentially benefit the company. In fact, the right BI tools for the company can actually determine market opportunity and can specially develop metrics for market development as well as market penetration strategies.

Thus, improvement of market intelligence by the right BI tools always keeps the company activities aligned with the objectives that the business organization has set. Improvement of market intelligence involves conducting intensive market research and the systematic gathering of data as well as recording, analyzing and interpreting it into information that is essential in acquiring markets and customers.

If there are no good BI tools that will help align the business with corporate goals, then there will not be any strategy or informed business decisions that will concern how a company should increase profit, revenue and market share. The point is that good business intelligence software aligns the activities of the business with corporate goals in order to help the company achieve high returns in terms of profit and at the same time prevent bad decisions from being made.

Furthermore, decisions in business expansion and avoidance of risks in decision making are also results of proper aligning with corporate goals. Your company can then compete well with its rivals, can better satisfy your customers, and can naturally establish a good reputation in the corporate world.

Reduces Time Spent on Data Entry

According to Max Dufour of Harmeda LLC, every strong BI system for your business can actually help to eliminate the time spent the usual copy-paste operations involving data and calculations. This is because with the right bi software, business users can actually quickly generate reports which consist of leg work that has mostly been performed behind the scenes. Time saved in preparing the report could actually be allocated to better activities like the analysis of outcome and drive. The overall purpose is naturally to make profitable decisions.

Improvement of internal analysis is also crucial in reducing time spent on data entry. When good business intelligence software can help your company look within the company structure in order to determine ways to improve existing structures, systems, policies and procedures, you can always expect increased revenue as well as better productivity.

When internal analysis is improved and enhanced by good BI software, time spent in data entry is reduced. This is because improvements in internal analysis involved the retrieval, analysis and consolidation of business data when it comes to all business transactions and financial systems. Moreover, good BI tools can present data through intuitive visualizations , thus the gap between the analysis part and decision making is significantly reduced.

Helps Specify Areas for Cost Reduction

According to Dwight de Vera of Arcplan, a company that provides businesses with BI solutions, ideal BI software investment actually pays for itself when it helps business decision-makers to identify areas of the business for cost savings.

The cutting of excessive inventory, which also means cutting the costs for its maintenance, is actually one of the best ways through which a company can immediately transform its bottom line for the better. With a good BI solution, the company can be provided with better visibility when it comes to the inventory of products and services and at the same time, it gives them a chance to make better and well-informed decisions regarding what to order. This is to prevent the goods from getting stuck in the warehouse shelves.

The right BI software can also assist business users in the control of costs by allowing them access and collection of data related to major productivity factors, as well as the maximization of production efficiency from the factory floor, the supply chain and up to the distribution network. This ensures cost reduction in almost all areas of the business.

Boosts Overall Productivity

According to Tom Lambotte of GlobalMac IT, it is only the right business intelligence that can help one see the traffic happening on a network as well as the time spent by employees on activities that do not involve work.

Thus, the use of the right BI software can actually provide insight on what employees are downloading that actually reduces productivity significantly. In fact, when a new intern in one company downloaded 24 GB of Netflix within a month of work, the BI software determined it and then completely blocked Netflix. If this had not been done by the company, the impact would be around $10,000 in terms of lost productivity.

 With the right BI software, there is always quick access to company tools for all employees. This empowers employees to become adept at handling their jobs as well as all other responsibilities concerning their employment. Naturally, this can boost employee productivity. With such a level of empowerment coming from BI tools, the employee is therefore fully equipped with the software to help the company not only reduce costs but become at par with its competitors.

If you have the right BI software for your business, you can find answers to critical questions fast, you can reduce time spent on data entry, boosts overall employee productivity, specify areas for cost reduction, and help align your business with corporate goals. If you go to, you can find in there all the latest business intelligence software to suit your needs.

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